Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekly August 3

The Moon is in Capricorn and it's a day to get things in order. Orders are also in the forecast and authority figures will play a prominent role. Mercury and Pluto insist we face reality, and using good discretion especially in conversations is a very good idea. Saturn and the Moon also align for organization, respect for authority and reasonable judgment. Make cautious decisions and conservative moves, but there's no need to hold off especially if you've gotten good advice. Tonight approach things realistically. With the Full Moon and an eclipse coming on Wednesday do the best you can to prepare for changes and continue to work out several possible courses of action. Wear black.

The Moon is in Capricorn void of course from 9:21 am to 5:08 pm. Make only very cautious well thought out moves and stick to routine as much as possible. Getting to the nitty gritty details is a good idea as long as you can make changes later if necessary. With the eclipse and Full Moon pending, people may be moody and Capricorn is emotionally reserved generally, so any kind of drama will be a problem to certain signs, like Capricorn and Aquarius. Changes of schedule and plans is likely so as much as possible go with the flow. Meet a deadline and act with ambition, but avoid pushing too hard. The Moon moves to Aquarius at 5:08 pm and it's a good night to collaborate, hang out with, or reach out to friends during this Full Moon warm up. Aquarius Moon time brings out inventiveness and originality. Improvise. Wear blue.

The Moon is Full in Aquarius tonight at 8:55 pm after the lunar eclipse minutes earlier, at 8:39 pm. The lunar eclipse is about emotional shifts and changes of heart are in the forecast for the next few weeks. Aquarius will feel this very personally while Leo relationships are impacted. Taurus and Scorpio also experience the eclipse at trigger points and strong feelings and changes regarding moves, changes of residence and career moves and unplanned for events are likely for both signs. These four signs need alternate plans and flexibility around things that were considered solid or done deals. Eclipses force us to give up control while the universe does the work and this can be very difficult for the fixed signs who think they've made up their minds and gotten it all under control. Friendship and the groups and communities we belong to are ruled by Aquarius too, and sudden urges to leave a group or find your place within one makes sense too. Aries may feel that as much as Aquarius. Unpredictable and unsettled astrological weather will come and go now right into September when Mercury will be retrograde too. Tonight is good for social plans and being with good friends. Do the best you can to meet deadlines, but realize you may have to revise things later. Wear white.

This is a very optimistic day during a very unpredictable time! The Moon meets Jupiter and Neptune helping moods and maybe even sparking a stroke of luck, especially for Aquarius. Sagittarius you should like this too and it's a very good day for making good connections with people, for joining a group or making a new friend. Jupiter is generally good for business, travel plans, and learning too. Those of us affected most by eclipse action may see silver linings to unplanned for changes. Leo, this is good for your closest relationships and seeing things in a new light. Aquarius, it helps you get a clearer sense of what to do next and how to work out things in the best possible way. The Moon is in harmony with Mars too, which helps us take action and not remain stuck. Reaching out, asking for advice or favors, helping friends out, and working as a team rather than solo are all good course of action. Gemini, consider educational and travel opportunities as these planets give you a chance to expand your world. Taurus, career matters, situations that put you in the spotlight and the public eye, and a chance to prove yourself capable are in the forecast for you this week. Pisces, financial matters can improve and all money matters taken care of now before Mercury retrograde next month. Many changes are in the air and being flexible is the only way to go. The Moon is void of course from 8:19 pm on. Wear turquoise.

The Moon is in Pisces from 5:34 am on until Sunday afternoon. Pisces feels things deeply and senses things we can't see or prove. After this week's lunar eclipse change is heavily in the air, and with the Moon in Pisces tuning into our dreams, intuition and perceptions can help us figure things out. Venus is very active in the zodiac today, and relationships are in flux since this weeks Full Moon, so aim for forgiveness, and as Venus and Mercury align, have those talks about where things are going. The Moon is opposite Mercury, in Pisces and Virgo, and though you may not see eye to eye or be in complete agreement, some things can be resolved now. If you need to air things out do it soon since we are a few weeks from Mercury retrograde, and September is not a good time to do that, overall! Today, go with the flow, keep things unscheduled if possible, and be with people you care about. Expressing how we feel is in the forecast today and tonight. Venus in Cancer is sentimental and being with good friends is most favored. Wear green today.

The Moon is in Pisces, square to Mars, challenging the status quo, pushing us to revise decisions we thought we'd made for good, and stirring up all kinds of emotions. Mars is in Gemini, attracting us to like minds, and those instant friendships based on common interests can be formed on days like this. Brainstorming and working through things together is favored. Acting and performing on an improvisational basis can be fun with Mars and the Moon is such versatile signs! But the norm is definitely challenged and anything goes! This may not work as well for very structured situations and personalities. We have to be flexible today! The Moon is opposite Saturn and some of us will have demands imposed. Trying to please everyone might be necessary, but may not work completely. Wear blue.

The Moon is in Pisces void of course from 8:44 am to 4:23 pm. Taking it easy is the best plan. Do anything recreational and try to avoid stressful situations. It's not a good time for important decisions or conversations or promises. We change our minds easily on days like this, from what to have for dinner to what our future plans are! The Moon and Uranus can make things more chaotic as they meet. Later the Aries Moon might help pull anyone out of the emotional black hole the eclipse created for some. The Moon and Pluto square tonight for extra energy and motivation especially around problems and situations that need to be resolved. It might not be easy but tonight it's worth some effort. Wear red.

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