Monday, July 20, 2009

Cancer Eclipse June 21st

The 2nd of three summer eclipses hits late on the 21st, with the Cancer New Moon. New Moons are times to plant seeds for the future, yet this Solar Eclipse pushes for a growth spurt you may not have been planning at all! The best laid plans may be scratched or shattered with an eclipse, and this one has much to do with family situations and the place we call home. On the other hand, it's a chance to grab an opportunity, let go of the past, and learn from experience. Sun sign by sign here's how the eclipse is likely to affect you most. If you know you're rising sign, be sure to read that too, and if you're Moon sign happens to be Cancer, expect emotions to be stirred up as a big internal shift occurs this summer.

Cancer is sign of home, family, nurturing, parenting, mothering, security, food, home, and emotions, ruled by the Moon. These areas play a big factor in changes happening this summer. This will be a sensitive time when we are strongly affected by feelings of those around us as well as dealing with our own reactions and emotions. Remember, eclipses are less about planning and not about control at all. They are about adjusting, adapting and offer potential healing and growth, though their suddenness can be shocking and shake up the balance initially.

Aries: home and family shifts are due. moving. letting go. family members come and go, move home or away. work with changes to improve your living circumstances.

Taurus: communication breakdowns. words you speak, write, or publish now have far reaching effects. family news particularly from siblings. transportation issues or the need for new plans in how you communicate and commute.

Gemini: employment, money spent and earned is a big factor. financial changes.

Cancer: personal changes. present or see yourself in a new way. sudden need to change direction.

Leo: internal processes at work. emotional and mental health. dreams and imagination. preparation time. Leo and Aquarius will be more directly impacted with the August 5th eclipse.

Virgo: friendship and community. shifts in your social circle and the groups you belong to. need to rely on and be relied on by close friends.

Libra: career moves and a chance or need to reinvent your image. how others see you is a factor.

Scorpio: major opportunity to move, be educated or travel abroad. unexpected reasons to move for career or school. leaving people and things to follow new paths

Sagittarius: financial settlements, partnerships, money and investments. how to equally share and divide is the matter at hand. love affairs in your personal life begin, change or end.

Capricorn: relationship status changes and one on one partnerships impacted

Aquarius: changes with work, basic daily routine, priorities, and health practices

Pisces: love and friendship, children, and a change of luck

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