Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekly July 20

The Moon is in Cancer, the sign of tomorrow night's solar eclipse. Solar eclipses fall with New Moons, and this week will be another time of big changes and news. Today is like a preparation day, and it's a good day to rethink plans and come up with alternatives. However making things permanent is probably a waste of energy since the eclipses will continue to change everything through August and into early September. Get your thoughts and priorities in order now though. It will help with decisions to come. Mercury and Mars work together in Leo and Gemini today, activating ideas and stirring up the brain and the heart. Consider all possibilities and be open minded since this is a time of learning and maybe of opportunity. In some cases those opportunities will take us far from home or into brand new territory. The eclipse is in Cancer, so Cancer prepare for inevitable change. Scorpio you are most likely to move far from home or make major travel plans now. Career options are also about to open up for you and this needs to be your priority. Capricorn, relationship status changes and commitments of all kinds are forecast for you this summer and activate more with tomorrow's eclipse. Aries, moves and changes of residence and family situations are likely for you, so if you have any idea about this already, do what you can to prepare. Wear black today.

The New Moon in Cancer is tonight at 10:34 pm EST. All of yesterday's forecast applies for today so re-read that and continue where you left off yesterday. Today we have Venus square to Saturn making commitment difficult and challenging us to structure our relationships, maybe make promises, or yield to the wants or demands of those close to us. Ultimatums will be common today. Gemini and Virgo, you host those planets so you may feel it alot, along with Cancer and Capricorn who experience this eclipse most directly. There's a serious attitude in the air. News and unexpected events are likely tonight and all week long. The eclipse is exact at 10:34 pm as the Sun and Moon meet. Leo and Cancer these are your ruling forces and tonight's events maybe be powerful and range from upheaval to resolution at last! A New Moon is a clean slate, and starting over is favored, especially with family relationships, living situations, and changes of residence. Sagittarius, reason to travel and educational opportunties are likely for you and the news could come as soon as now or anytime in the next few weeks. The Moon is void only for about an hour from New Moon time to 11:27 pm, and then in Leo for a couple of days. Wear white today.

The Leo Moon's energy and optimism are emphasized even more as the Sun moves to Leo at 12:36 pm EST today. Leo time of year is meant for fun and festivities, vacation, time spent with kids or acting like kids do. Today is a perfect day for performances and big events. Leo is the sign of heart and generosity, so charitable work or contributions are favored. The Moon and Mars work together in Gemini and Leo for a very outgoing, expressive day. Mercury and the Moon also meet and we'll tend to say what we feel, regardless of what anyone may think. It's also a very good day for learning, memorizing, being creative, and playing games that require intellectual skill or strategies. Today is a great vacation day, but it's also a good time to make contact with someone who can give you work, teach you something valuable, or help you network in your field of interest. Kids may be demanding, but in a happy way. Go to the playground, the beach, or out for fun tonight. Scorpio, career opportunties and other reasons to be in the limelight should be kicking in. Libra, being with friends, going out to events and parties, and relying on each other is in the forecast. Surround yourself with your best allies and friends. Virgo, things should be looking brighter in general, like changing a lightbulb and realizing the old one had gotten very dim. Wear yellow today.

The Moon is in Leo until 11:22 pm EST. Today Jupiter and Neptune oppose the Moon which can bring both attraction and conflict. Taurus and Scorpio will feel this most in matters of career versus family and home. There are strong tugs for Scorpio where career is concerned, and Taurus may also feel that career or family has to be put first this month. The solar eclipse urges Scorpio to move in career matters, Cancer in personal situations, Sagittarius and Gemini in financial status and with employment. Pisces may just feel a change of luck, hopefully in a good way, bringing new people and things into your midst. The caution for today is try not to be too idealistic, overly trusting, or overindulgent. Trying to find a working middle ground is a god idea. Leo and Aquarius, it's a pretty big relationship day and you may be asked to commit to someone or something. Go for a trial basis in relationships and partnerships since the next eclipse on August 5th shifts things in a way that can't be predicted now. The Moon is void of course from 4:28 pm through 11:22 pm tonight which is good for relaxation and fun, but not for important decisions. Situations and people may not really be as they seem so reserve judgment for another day. Wear purple today.

The Moon is in Virgo, a sign of scrutiny, analyzing, and perfectionism. Today the details will be important and relaity checks are necessary as the Moon forms a trine to Pluto. While the tendency is to be fussy and demanding, it's a good day for a final product, to show results, and to get to the small nuances of things. For this reason, working with financial information is favored as much as putting the final touches on a painting. We cannot escape real problems under this Virgo Moon, but it's a great time to trouble shoot and aim for best outcomes. Perfectionism will be rampant! Aries will be nitpicky about work and health. Libra, you may have too much nervous energy and putting it into cleaning or home projects may work well. Virgo, Mars brings some aggravations, forming a square to the Moon in your sign. Gemini, you are likely to notice this with family members and home related situations, and Taurus money matters have to be faced today. Tonight, we're likley to have alot on our minds and it may not feel the the usual Friday. Commitments and obligations fill the early part of the weekend. It's important to follow through. Feelings can be hurt easily tonight. Wear navy blue.

The Moon meets Saturn in Virgo early and we feel the weight of whatever has to be done this morning. Venus is square to the Moon, aggravating relationships for most any sign. Tread lightly and put lots of thought and consideration into things. We'll be hard on ourselves on other people if they break promises or don't meet our expectations. Today is very changeable too. Ser priorities, accomplish some things, and otherwise go with the flow. Uranus and the Moon oppose and stir things up tonight. We may not even be able to predict our own actions or reactions! The Moon is void from 7:14 pm to 1:25 am. Wear black today.

The Moon is in Libra, square to Pluto and in harmony with the Sun this morning. Balance, fairness and being in touch with reality are recommended today. Share responsibilities, do what's fair and avoid being too frivolous or superficial. This can be a day of decisions about what's right. It's also a decent day socially, and Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini will enjoy being surrounded by good friends or even meeting new ones. Tonight the Moon and Mars are in harmony and there's lots of mental and intellectual energy in the air for interesting conversations, discussing possibilities, and coming up with multiple solutions or plans. Good chemistry is forecast for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius especially. Venus and Neptune encourage dates and new attractions tonight. Wear pink today.

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