Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekly June 22

The Moon is void of course in Gemini from 8:20 am to 1:12 pm creating scattered energy and indecision. Go with indecision until this afternoon since the Moon solidly in Cancer and the New Moon at 3:35 pm is better timing! This morning we’re likely to witness erratic behavior, find schedules to be unpredictable and in some case experience lots of nervous energy and anxiety. Do relaxing things and don’t be pushed into decisions. Socially it’s a good morning to reach out and catch up, with best intentions and in some cases thoughts of collaboration as the Gemini Moon and Jupiter in Aquarius align. Come up with wild ideas and later see what still makes sense. The New Moon in Cancer is a fresh start. It’s good for any changes around family and home especially. Aries, look for a new place now or prepare for the move you’re making soon. Libra, this is a career Moon for you so go for promotions and recognitions. Gemini, get finances in better order and look for new work. Cancer, this is a new beginning in whatever way you need it, so create the right situation for yourself and seek opportunities of all kinds! The Moon is opposite Pluto near New Moon time, so relationships and reality checks are in the forecast. We may want to sidestep and avoid problems and conversations tonight, but the New Moon can work with you for resolving things. People may be defensive or elusive tonight. Wear white today.

The Moon is in Cancer and the Sun is opposite Pluto so the urge to act quickly is in the air. We can sometimes be too aggressive or confident under these circumstances though, so slow down and think today. It’s a prime time for changes and new directions, but Cancer is a pretty conservative sign with a focus on security and comfort level. Make sure those pieces are in place as you take action this week. Saturn throws in a dose of wisdom and good advice and it’s worth listening to someone who knows more than you today, like it or not. Later in the day Mars and Venus are in harmony with the Moon and all our instincts will be to play it safe and take care of the people and things we care about most. Tonight plan family dinners or make a date with someone you don’t always make enough time for. Today’s color is light blue.

The Moon is void of course in Cancer from 7:24 am to 12:50 pm. Cancer tends toward moodiness and feelings can shift quickly this morning. We’ll tend to be sensitive and reactive. Tread a little bit lightly until afternoon. Save shopping and big decisions until after 12:50 too. The Leo Moon brings a more optimistic spin this afternoon and night. On the heels of Monday’s New Moon, this is a good day for long term decisions. Leo is loyal and makes her own rules. There’s a little bit of rebellion in the air tonight. Doing things your own way is in the forecast, but be willing to try new approaches or teach something since Leo Moon is a good time for learning. It’s a good sign for performers too, and Leo and Scorpio belong on stage tonight. Wear purple.

The Moon is in Leo in harmony with Mercury in Gemini. It’s a very social day and a perfect time to make contacts for business or make new friends. Generosity, confidence, and willingness to talk things out is in the forecast today. Gemini, you especially need to keep communication open and be willing to solve long term problems and reach out to make good connections. Leo, teaming up with good friends and people close to you is the forecast. It’s a networking day for all, and Taurus you can use this to create profitable situations from new work to additional income while Aquarius you’re likely to be more interested in fun and friendship. It’s a good vacation day for you Aquarius. Do something fun! Cancer, you’re likely to be brewing up something, possibly something with financial potential, but you may not be ready to tell the world quite yet. Tonight the Moon is square to Mars and Venus in Leo and Taurus for a very stubborn streak, but being too inflexible could stall you. Leo and Taurus you’re most likely to be in the middle of this-try to yield some for best outcomes. Tonight, work and positive attitudes with each other are required for you two signs especially. Powerful forces are at work for long term commitments and strong new projects and plans. Put both motivation and well thought out plans together-not too much impulsivity, not too much holding back-find that balance and team up with your most trusted allies. Today’s color is yellow.

The Moon is in Leo and we have another void of course Moon time-the third of the week at this time of day. It’s like the universe telling us to start the day slow and settle in. The Moon in Leo this morning is great for mixing simple business with pleasure-visit clients, have work parties or breakfasts, and build in some fun. It’s about making everyone feel good! Mercury is square to Saturn which can be rough on some-maybe Gemini and Virgo most. Some escape from reality and routine are in the forecast this morning. If you have important business, try and wait until 1:46 pm when the Virgo Moon kicks in. Some of us will find we have to work late, attend to significant details, and stay on top of responsibilities. Follow through is important this afternoon and tonight. It’s an optimistic night though! The Moon and Sun are in harmony in Cancer and Virgo for good feelings, and though it’s not a wild party night astrologically, it is a nice night to be out or at home with close friends. Today’s color is navy blue.

Saturday and Sunday
This particular Saturday is not one for slacking off or bailing out on friends. Do the right thing as the Moon and Saturn meet. It’s not always the “fun” thing, but today it’s to our advantage to step up and show what we’re made of, help someone out, be of service, and also use good discretion with decisions and personal matters. The Moon is in Virgo until 5:24 pm on Sunday. The Moon is square to Mercury in Gemini and hard work will be involved in problem solving and trying to come to agreements. With a square if you can muster the energy to put the work in, it’s worth it! The Moon is in harmony with Mars and Venus in Taurus so good food, cooking, and other sensory experiences are favored this weekend. The Moon moves to Libra on Sunday at 5:24 pm which is great for Sunday night plans with friends, meeting new people, and planning a date. Be fair and responsible to each other. Wear black Saturday and blue on Sunday.

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