Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Mercury Retrograde Upside Down Time

tarot card from Light Seer Tarot
Wednesday yoga series at TULA in South Portland, Maine 4:30 - 5:30 pm
Hang like that girl! Turn your perspective upside down and all around with Ropes, Slings, Chairs, a great class for yoga teachers and frequent practitioners accustomed to their yoga practice. Feel something different. Do more with support or do less and support in rest.
There's room for weekly drop ins in this series. Sign up online in advance to assure your set of ropes, sling and yoga chair. TULA is on Ocean St in the Mill Creek area of South Portland. Parking is plentiful in the lots and on the street.
Let's hang!

Mercury retrograde starts on the 17th in Pisces and moves back to Aquarius before stationing in the water bearer's sign on March 9th. We start in water and return to air. Sounds like evaporation to me! This could be your chance to take a watery, emotional situation and get logical with it. Or some will need to live in the present emotion for a little while and feel relief and more clarity as the emotion takes its course and wanes again. This is a beautiful time to immerse in creative process and allow something from your imagination and dreams to manifest.

Check back for blog posts as I'm giving a go to integrating my blog with Robin's Zodiac Zone, making it all one. No worries, your astrology forecasts will still be here every week!


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