Thursday, February 13, 2020

Mercury Retrograde & Feb. 16th to 22nd Forecast

Dear Zodiac Zone friends,
Mercury retrograde time is here. So is the last half of winter season!
Pisces, emotional, sensitive, artistic, vulnerable, inner child, end of life, waters, the past, subtleties
Aquarius, genius, intelligence, logic and creativity, vision, circulatory, groups, friendship, objectivity
Mercury is retrograde between these two signs from February 16th to March 4th in Pisces followed by 5 days retrograde in Aquarius before stationing direct on March 9th.
Pisces and Aquarius approach the world and think/feel very differently. Expect lots of flip flop of opinions and courses of action during this cycle. I feel it's a good time to focus on your vision, allow yourself and others to revise, and tune deeply into your heartfelt purpose. No matter how far or deep you are into a process, relationship, or situation, it's rarely too late to change course. There are exceptions, and in those cases, a shift in perspective, a reaching for support, and the adaptability of Pisces is necessary. If pride is getting in your way, transform it. Ego prevents smooth sailing, and what we can't or don't acknowledge now, finds us later anyway. If it's time to let go of an idea or plan, let it happen, with grace.

Sunday: Mercury retrograde begins officially at 7:54 pm EST. The first day can be a doozy. Avoid misunderstandings. Clarify information. Let others feel their feelings. Try not to be dismissive. Sagittarius Moon square Mercury may result in impatience or insensitivity as well as travel issues. Mars changes signs too, moving to earthy Capricorn at 6:33 am EST. Courses of action may change. Reality check time. Remain clear headed as tides turn. Today's color is White.

Monday: Mercury retrograde until March 9th means take it slow. Avoid impulsive actions or diving into plans or purchases that weren't well researched or though out first. We start in the emotional sign Pisces, so you may notice moods including self doubt in your self or others. Sagittarius Moon all day, with only one planet involved, Neptune. Neptune throws in uncertainties or denial and illusion. Clear thinking may be difficult today. It feels like navigating under foggy conditions. Keep life simple. Use your intuition, and also check the facts. Wear Purple.

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon void from 4:03 to 5:37 am EST and then Moon shifts to Capricorn. Pisces time begins at 11:57 pm EST, so most babies born today are Aquarius! Change is in the air and some of that is literally up in the air. We may have to be content with not knowing or doing, for now. Mars has a different idea, meeting the Moon in Capricorn for action around organizations and systems. Uranus aligns with the Moon and system or leadership changes may be necessary of happening. Everything needs time to process and settle, whether it's welcome or unwelcome change. If you can keep changes minimal, that might not be a bad idea. Today's color is Black.

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon, Sun in Pisces. Mercury in Pisces aligns with the Moon. I feel this is a helpful aspect as it combines two different yet compatible sensibilities. Adjustments can be made with more ease. Actions and emotions sync up. Jupiter favors growth and prosperity. Neptune adds to the creative influence. Venus in Aries is one reason why some will go their own way rather than go with the flow of change in their current situation. Venus in Aries forges new territory, often solo. This may be experienced as a split between aligned minds and one departure. Wear Blue.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon has her monthly meeting with heavy duty Saturn and reflective, shadowy Pluto. All 3 of those adjectives describe today's goings on. It may help that Jupiter aligns with Neptune in another Capricorn/Pisces angle which feels fertile, abundant and fills us with inspiration and creative energy. Void Moon, the transitional time, is 9:18 am to 2:42 pm EST when Aquarius Moon sets in. Tonight, negotiating through unforeseen events and developments is likely. Nothing is written in stone these days, so realize one change may be followed by another. Today's color is Silver.

Friday: Aquarius Moon aligns with Venus in Aries for team efforts and restarting projects. Campaigns come to mind as an area of concentration. Some will meet with or join groups aligned with their personal convictions. Mars aligns with Uranus for taking actions. Remember Mercury is retrograde so if the actions have long term impact, choose wisely and always leave room for later adjustments. These days just before New Moon also lean toward reflection, indecision, rest and the pause between things. Wear Turquoise today.

Saturday: Aquarius Moon is void of course beginning Friday 11:08 pm until 1:27 am on Sunday. This is good vacation day though travel delays or changes require flexible arrival and departure times. It's a day for best friends to get together and to follow up on inspired ideas. Pisces Sun in harmony with Uranus in Taurus favors creative thinking and imaginative ideas and alternatives that deserve consideration. Be optimistic about potentials including happy surprises. Dark Moon tonight. Do something special with light, flame, water, intentions, and vision as you prepare to refresh and move forward consciously. Bathe in salt, swim, light a green, light blue or white candle, write in a journal, draw your plans and dreams. Wear Green.

Pisces New Moon is in Sunday at 10:32 am EST!

Many thanks! Robin

Appreciation, Thank You

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