Friday, January 3, 2020

January 5th-10th, 2020: Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

Sunday: This week leads us to Cancer Full Moon and a lunar eclipse on Friday the 10th. Today the Taurus Moon is in harmony with the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn and with Neptune in Pisces. A beautiful mix of practical and sensual, cozy and communicative, creative and constructive, it looks like a sweet day or night for almost anything. Daytime hours are more geared to planning, work and productivity (maybe in the kitchen or outdoors), while evening is romantic and favor magic, fantasy and dreams. Wear Blue.

Monday: Void Moon 7:08 am to 9:11 pm EST means shopping and expenditures, decisions and firm plans are best put off until tomorrow. Today, go with the flow, swim with the current, and avoid arguments especially under Gemini Moon tonight. Notice if your wheels or conversations are spinning unproductively, and if so step back and reassess. There's a time and place for everything, they say, and under this void Moon that everything might be rest, pause, patience or something purely fun. Watch out for words that are unintended or could come across sharply. Today's color is Yellow.

Tuesday: Gemini Moon opposes Mars which is why last night could have prompted unintended disagreement or debate. Same possibility today, so don't be tempted into topics that are taboo. People may feel critical or act out of sorts. The Sun forms a sextile, a harmonious aspect, to Neptune which may be optimistic or just wishful and imaginative. Could a brainstorm inspire you to actual action? This Sun aspect will need a little more juice to bring something to reality, but just maybe...Daydream some. Today's color is Light Blue.

Wednesday:  Neptune influences us yet again, in harmony with Mercury the communication planet. Creative writers, artists, filmmakers and other creators can take hold of this energy and dream up something wild, colorful or out of this world. Some may make promises they won't keep though so be careful what you believe and whom you put faith in. Gemini Moon aligns with Venus for a very social and friendly or romantic effect. We may be easily charmed today, and so it's a good day to ask someone out, be granted yes answers, and make new acquaintances. Void Moon time starts at 5:16 pm EST and the Full Moon is closing in. Wear Pink.

Thursday: Cancer is our Full Moon sign, and there's a lunar eclipse coming along with it at 2:21 pm on Friday. The Moon in her ruling sign,  the most emotional sign, makes this an even more potent eclipse. Eclipses usher in change, the kind that happens fast and without advance notice. Lunar eclipses often relate to the women in our lives, like mothers, also to completion and closure. This one is set up to be very emotion oriented and stir up feelings about family, home, and other personal concerns or priorities. Intuition heightens, trust your gut. The Moon opposite Jupiter brings up questions of how big, where in the world, and what has experience taught that needs to be remembered now. Wear White today.

Friday: Lunar Eclipse 2:21 pm EST in Cancer while Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are across the zodiac in Capricorn. There's heaviness and weight to decisions now. This Full Moon could bring disappointment or overwhelming feelings which may include obligation and responsibility. Some will feel like they need to grow up fast or step into 'big' shoes. Information or news or secrets previously held may be released. The eclipse darkens, then sheds light. The Moon illuminates. This one illuminates emotions and things passed down in our families and may relate to family relationships. Decisions you thought were way off may suddenly need answers now or very soon.  The Sun meets Mercury and announcements cannot wait. Uranus turns direct in Taurus. All of this action and activity will go on for days. Void Moon 6:58 pm EST into early Saturday. Wear Gold.

Saturday: Leo Moon time starts at 7:16 am EST. Emotional hangovers will be common today. Leo Moon may help a bit, getting us active, out from under the covers, or seeing the light at the end. It's a complex mix though, as Moon and Uranus square as Uranus has just become direct again. Could feel like the earth is shaking or breaking wide open, and that could really go either way. If you've been hoping for a good shakeup and wildly unexpected changes,  you may enjoy this. The Moon aligns with Mars in Sagittarius for an active, mildly competitive, and supercharged post Full Moon time. Channel your fire into something positive. Otherwise, things could unravel. Wear Orange.

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