Friday, December 27, 2019

2020 Begins: Robin's Zodiac Zone 12/29/19-01/04/20

2020 starts like this:
Capricorn Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto
Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces, Uranus in Taurus

5 planets and the Sun in Earth element
Earth is tangible, grounded, sensible, and present moment
2 planets are in Water element
Water is emotional and may lean into or act from feelings of past time
1 planet is in Air Element
Air is mind and communication energy and full of ideas and thoughts

The New Year begins with a Pisces Moon, supremely sensitive, emotionally focused, creative and adaptable. This looks like a sentimental start to the calendar year.

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Sunday: Smooth sailing with no lunar aspects during this Aquarius Moon. See Saturday's forecast for more about the weekend and how it unfolds. Aquarius Moon will linger until mid morning Monday  with social tendencies and also favoring team work and intellectual activities. Wear Silver.

Monday: Void Moon time is transitional and sometimes indicates a pause. Take it slow and ease in to activities and plans from 5:24 am to 10:41 am EST. The tone of the day unfolds as Pisces Moon moves into harmony with Mercury and Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus (earth). Mercury and Uranus also align in the earth signs. News and developments may take you by surprise. Career, work, and organizations are some likely areas for change and news. The Moon is in a sensitive sign, so announce things gently or with forewarning. Today's color is Light Blue.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon aligns with the Sun and meets Neptune for a lighter and romantic feeling on New Years' Eve. Enjoy smaller gatherings. Pisces Moon prefers not to be overwhelmed. Sentimental and warm are the keys to this New Years Eve. Green is today's color.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon aligns with Pluto, Saturn and Mars. We may get serious about intentions and convictions and want to engage in life decisions and plans. Also there's tender feelings to tend to especially if you feel pressured. Void Moon in Pisces is 9:14 to 11 pm EST and then Moon shifts to Aries. Orange is today's color.

Thursday: Aries Moon squares planets in Capricorn. Mercury and Jupiter, two of those planets, meet in a power filled conjunction. Moving forward with plans, committing to contracts, educational plans or new employment are some effects. These decisions may not come without inner conflict and negotiation. Avoid getting into power struggles. Growing pains arise at times like this. Wear Red.

Friday: Mars moves into fiery Sagittarius and the weeks ahead feel like 'get up and go!' Aries Moon finishes up those squares with planets in Capricorn for more of yesterday's vibes. The Moon also aligns with Venus for excitement in new relationships, fun and action around romance, reigniting sparks, and for good times with friends as well. Void Moon 8:18 pm EST on. Purple is today's color.

Saturday: Taurus Moon from 11:15 am EST through the weekend. The Moon meets Uranus and aligns with Jupiter. Expect some combination of uprooting, rearranging, and seeking growth, spaciousness, and knowledge. Hands on approaches and work are favored today. Wear Green.

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