Sunday, June 30, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 30th-July 6th, 2019: Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Sunday: Gemini Moon opposite Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius. Ideas and plans requiring support and expansion are highlighted. This opposition may clarify reasons to scale back down or at least not to go overboard. There may be obstacles when traveling or the car may suddenly need repair or require an output of money. Today's color is Light Blue.

Monday: Gemini Moon squares Neptune, meets Venus and is then void for a few hours starting at 5:48 pm EDT. Overall it's an outgoing, potentially romantic or friendly day. Writing and self expression may be inspired. Dualities may be apparent. Do not be fooled by a sweet talker. The Moon is void, waiting for the shift, from 5:48 to 9:24 pm EDT and these hours are for relaxing and enjoying each others' company, primarily. They are not ideal for big spending or decisions. Cancer Moon moves in, and New Moon comes with a solar eclipse tomorrow. Also, Mars moves to Leo at 7:19 pm EDT. Mercury and Mars both are now in the Lion's sign for courage, heart, and big events and performances. Today's color is Pink.

Tuesday: Solar eclipse in Cancer. There's plenty of positivity with this New Moon. Consider all opportunities and options. Notice if you are being handed a gift and do not be too proud or stubborn to says yes. Uranus aligns with the Moon creating surprising turns of events, and family support or new could be one of those effects. Our roots may be disturbed this month with two eclipses in signs of family, roots, home, water and earth. It may be time to move to more fertile ground and to create the right conditions for continued personal or professional growth. Keep family relationships and dynamics in mind as you move through this first eclipse. Moon and Sun meet at 3:16 pm, eclipse time, putting our souls and forms in synchronicity. Be aware of your body as your vehicle and your tangible form for soul work and bringing your unique gifts and offerings to the world. Drink plenty of water and bathe in it too. Stay close to the earth and waters this week. Wear White today.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon. It's a time when family, our origins, our biology, and traditions come to the forefront. The Moon is opposite Saturn and Pluto and aligned with Neptune in water sign Pisces. Some will feel very creative and reflective, doing inner work or channeling healing, art and other expression. Some may be dealing with a major, deep set fear or conflict. There are connections to the Full Moon eclipse in two weeks also. Confrontation that must happen soon may be clear even if it's not quite time. Things are happening, shifting, changing both below and above the surface. Venus moves into Cancer too, a more settled, loving, sentimental, and family oriented sign for the planet of beauty and love. The heart center is stirred. If it's time to soften more, forgive, or even rest and recharge, allow it. This is not the time to push, at all. It is a New Moon of receiving more than doing. When action must be taken, can you assure yourself that heart and head are both involved and working together. Mercury retrograde is about to begin. Move slowly and steadily. Void Moon 10:25 am to 11:19 pm EDT. Make no unnecessary decisions or statements. It's a god day to simply be. Leo Moon arrives at 10:25 pm for July 4th holiday. Today's color is Purple.

Thursday: Leo Moon, the sign of festivity, gatherings, parties and shows of all sorts. The Moon meets both Mercury and Mars. With Mars we need to keep ego in check and not argue or express anger unnecessarily. With Mercury, we maybe able to connect with in conversation, enjoy humor and entertainments. Being on either side of the stage is a great way to spend this Leo Moon. Uranus squares the Moon and may create strong conflict or need to change up plans. It can also be dynamic, creative and enlightening. Today's color is Gold.

Friday: Leo Moon void of course from 2:24 am EDT and all day until 12:25 am EDT so for some of you, the Moon changes signs during the evening (adjust times for your zone). Jupiter aligns with the Moon for adventure, spontaneity and expansion. People may be in good moods and open to ideas and fun. Today's color is Orange.

Saturday: Virgo Moon 12:25 am EDT, aligns with Venus in Cancer and Uranus in Taurus. We may continue to hear of changes sparked by the solar eclipse. Today is meant to be earth and water centered like the days that just passed. Gardening, fishing, playing outdoors or doing home centered tasks and improvements are all favored and may come naturally. Be with the ones you love most. Truly connect.  Ditch your cell phone and be together in person without distraction. Old school. Today's color is a rich Brown.

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