Friday, June 21, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 23rd-30th: Mercury in Leo (Retrograde Coming up!)

Mercury retrograde is July 7th to 31st in Leo and Cancer. What would you like to initiate or structure before that time...the sooner the better as this is the last "good" week for those Mercury influenced decisions and actions. Mercury moves into Leo on Wednesday of this week.

Waning Moon all week long.

Sunday: Pisces Moon. Venus opposes Jupiter, relating to abundance, expansion and heart opening as well as to learning, travel and communications. There's likely some sorting to be done and maybe some adjustments in terms of magnitude such as a scaling down or back. The Moon squares both planets indicating effort required. Moon and Neptune retrograde meet and it's doubly important not to be too frivolous or too trusting of anyone who hasn't earned it. Neptune will square Venus overnight and romantic relationships may be tricky or deceiving too. Notice dualities and trust instincts over words. Today's color is Pink.

Monday: Pisces Moon aligns with Uranus, Mars and Mercury. That's kind of a wacky combination or planets aligning with a sensitive Pisces Moon. Protect your boundaries and hold them strong if you're pressured or unjustly judged or experience something like backhanded praise or passive aggressive behavior. Creativity could burst forth today. Void Moon 7:10 pm to 10:38 pm EDT. Aries Moon follows. Orange is today's color.

Tuesday: Aries Moon squares the Sun. It's a day of sorting, weeding, and letting go. Perhaps you also feel good about works in progress. We may feel very independent and in our own grooves today. Wear Red.

Wednesday: Mercury shifts to Leo and prepares for an upcoming retrograde that will start in Leo and retrace degrees of Cancer. Our summer signs and times also include eclipses in July. July is characterized by the shaking and stirring eclipses bring. More on that coming up soon. (Astrology for Summer Eclipse is this Saturday 10:30 am at Maine Yogafest & if you want to come to learn more & prepare, there's still space! The physical yoga will be on the gentle side.) Mercury is outgoing, showy and magnificent in Leo, suiting performers, politicians, teachers, and kids! The Moon goes through paces with Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Pluto today. Socially and for events, the day looks favorable. For hard decisions, it may be a mixed bag. Wear Yellow.

Thursday: Aries Moon void 3:51 am to 9:32 am EDT, then Moon in Taurus. From the action and creativity of fire to the structure and sensuality of earth. If you've been feeling ungrounded or moving too fast this could be a welcome turn. Uranus is dynamic and unpredictable and meets the Moon while also in harmony with the Sun in Cancer. Sun and Moon are in harmony too. Cancer and Taurus you may really notice the effect in terms of change from outside or within yourself. Uranus gets us out of the comfort zone, generally. This could be an opportunity, incoming news, or some issue you'll have to work out or around. Today's color is a very rich shade of Green, maybe a blue green is best!

Friday: Taurus Moon in harmony with Saturn for building and constructiveness and with Neptune for romance and sensuality as well as imagination and magic. Todays' color is Blue.

Saturday: Void Moon in Taurus from 2:38 pm to 5:09 pm EDT. Avoid major purchases or commitment during those hours. The early hours may be constructive and productive with the Moon and Mars aligned. Gemini Moon in harmony with Mercury in Leo for a party night tonight. Wear Gold.

Find me at Maine YogaFest this weekend in Portland, Maine! And Wild Vibes in South Berwick on July 27th for Shamanic Yoga Journey!

Versatile Yoga Teachers workshop is this Friday, June 28th at east End School Portland, the Maine Yogafest site, from 8:30-3:30. 6 Yoga Alliance credits offered.

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