Friday, April 5, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone April 7th-13th, 2019: Jupiter Retrograde

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Scarborough, Maine January-May 2020. I'm teaming with Kristine Keegan and Andrea Gleason to offer a rockstar teacher training. If you're considering training, we'll have all the information for you, soon.

Kristine is a Reiki Master and offers Reiki 1 and II training in addition to teaching Yin, Vinyasa, Yoda Nidra and Restorative Yoga. Find her at Yoga with Kristine.

Andrea Gleason is a business owner and yoga teacher. She owns and manages Maine YogaFest, Scarborough Yoga and sheJAMS. Find her Yin Yoga classes at Scarborough Yoga 4 times weekly.

Train Local. Maine Yoga...

New Moon as I write this! Initiate, Announce, Act.


Sunday: Mercury and Saturn align. The Moon is in harmony with both planets plus Venus and Neptune. It's a day to form agreements and make commitments. Also, act in practical, thought out ways and make those types of decisions. Today's color is Pink.

Monday: Void Moon 4:29 am to 5:15 pm EDT. All the planetary/lunar aspects point to ease. This is a day for routine work, outdoor activities, and perhaps a bit of leisure. It's not a strong day for meetings or for producing or going over fine details, at least until Gemini Moon moves in at 5:15 pm EDT. Go with the flow. Tonight, write a paper, fill out paperwork, study or socialize in an easygoing way. Today's color is Yellow.

Tuesday: Gemini Moon. Make an announcement, share news, develop a plan. Be careful with petty aggravations if they arise. Mars and the Moon meet so words must be chosen carefully and sensitively. Today's color is Blue.

Wednesday: Jupiter retrograde 1:01 pm EDT. Now forget I told you that since Jupiter is retrograde for half our lives and we'd never get anything done if we waited it out. Lots of planetary action today. Mainly, Venus and Neptune meet in Pisces, romantic and heart centered. The Sun and Saturn square in power signs, Aries and Capricorn so there may be issues about control and efficiency, methods or terms. Gemini Moon void 1:27 to 11:31 pm EDT. Avoid spending money then. Try to be on time and remember commitments. Cancer Moon moves in late night. Today's color is Light Blue.

Thursday: Cancer Moon aligns with Uranus in Taurus. Family may surprise us today, for example by breaking out of a rut or pattern. Stay close to the earth and water. The answers are in nature.  Today's color is White.

Friday: A very busy Cancer Moon with 6 aspects to planets and the Sun. Other action between planets included, everything is on the table for discussion, renegotiating, and sorting or settling. Since it's Cancer Moon, emotional, home and family matters are priority. Void Moon 7:23 pm EDT.
Today's color is Black.

Saturday: Leo Moon begins 3:50 am EDT. Leo Moon generally favors shopping, parties and performances. Yet there are two squares dominating the day. One indicates stubbornness or strong opinions that may be unyielding. We need to check our egos or ignore others' on ego trips so as not to engage in silly arguments or power struggles. The Sun squares Pluto and that may be a trigger too. Moon aligns with Mars for adventures if you're free of issues with others or even within yourself. Keep those adventures healthy and safe. Today's color is Orange.

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