Friday, March 29, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone March 31st to April 6th: Mercury Direct, Aries New Moon

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Sunday: Mars moves to Gemini, an expressive, extroverted sign for Mars' fire energy. Air and fire elements combine for working out your best business deal or enthusiastically writing a book, music, or manual. This effect lasts several weeks. Today the Aquarius Moon aligns with Jupiter, more air and fire elements. Outgoing, innovative, and inspired is today's vibe. At 11:02 pm EDT, the void time begins as we prepare to start the school/work week with sensitive Pisces Moon. Today's color is Light Blue.

Monday: Pisces Moon time from 10:48 am EDT until Wednesday night. This looks like a period of recovery, in any form. When you're recovering, you take it easy, slowly add activities on, and take care of yourself first (I hope!). Use these days before New Moon in such a way. We're getting over Mercury retrograde feelings, noticing how we're adapting or whether we're making further changes, and seeing what a new season is like. Happy April 1st. The Fool in the Tarot deck carries little baggage so he/she can move freely. Is there something you can just drop and not look back for? Moon square Mars and aligns with Uranus. There's a wild, free streak trying to break through, making itself known, shaking things up quietly from the ground up. Venus contributes to a fine date night or time for creative projects. Today's color is Pink.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon meets Venus, Neptune and Mercury! Mercury and Neptune also directly meet. Wow what a Pisces day, and with Mercury newly direct it's likely you'll feel retracing of experience, perhaps one from recently that comes up for clarity, resolution or intuitive insight. Allow for creativity, consider reconciliation, and attune and respond to your own needs and emotions. For some there will be decisions of an emotional nature. Make sure realism is part of your plan since Neptune can offer rose colored glasses. Today's color is Green.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon waning toward Friday's New Moon. It's a strong day for reconsidering and reflecting. Wait a couple of days before taking final action or making your statement. Void Moon 11:36 am EDT. Do the most important things that require clear focus before then. It's a great time for an afternoon or evening off. The Moon changes signs at 10:56 pm EDT.

Thursday: Aries Moon in harmony with Aries' ruling planet Mars, which currently tours the sign Gemini. If you need inspiration with words, writing, negotiating or speaking, this may help you tap into communicative energy. Preparing to speak or announce something is even more in favor as New Moon is tomorrow. People may rush around today, seemingly 'getting ready' even if it's sort of uncertain what they're preparing for. Feel centered amidst the activity, without losing your footing or sense of what's important. Today's color is Red.

Friday: New Moon in Aries. This New Moon calls to action. Today also requires the willingness and effort to get past internal or external obstacles. Believe in yourself, build someone else's confidence or reassure. Make sure you truly mean what you say or agree to. New Moon 4:50 am so there's no need to wait, go forward. Jupiter aligns with the Moon for good fortune and openness to new things. Void Moon starts at 10:15 pm EDT until mid morning Saturday. Today's color is White.

Saturday: Taurus Moon from 9:06 am EDT on. Feel yourself  (or help someone else) get feet on the ground and steady. The propel forward is strong and serious now. Uranus throws a curve, something unanticipated, and if it throws you off balance, get used to and practice steadying since this is a monthly occurrence while the Moon is in Taurus. We're still adapting to Uranus in Taurus and the way it's shifting energies, in a sign of earth. Think ground up, center in the earth. If weather permits, get outside today and do some early spring yard work or clean up. Act with intention and only promise if you know you'll follow through. Today's color is Yellow.

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