Friday, March 2, 2018

Robin's Zodiac Zone March 4th-10th, 2018

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training is April 6-8th at sister studios Breathing Room and TULA in South Portland, Maine. Details and registration is at Click workshops link. Yoga teachers and other individuals interested in immersing in and understanding this restful, healing practice are all welcome to attend.

Sunday: The Moon wanes in Libra. Sun meets Neptune in Pisces and Mercury meets Venus in the same sign. You may notice the two sides to everything. Forgiveness and heartfelt communication are favored. Tune to your creative impulses and intuition. Light Blue is today's color.

Monday: From 1:19 to 8:23 am EST the Moon is void of course in Libra. This can make for a shaky or spacey start to the day. Check appointments and set your alarm if needed. Overnight changes may mean plans B and C or quick responses to urgent matters this morning. Scorpio Moon draws our energy inward and helps focus as the day goes on. People may act 'no nonsense' or serious more than usual. Today's color is Black.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon. Venus and Mercury both move to Aries, the action starting sign. Clear the way for what's new and just ahead. Moon in harmony with the Sun and Neptune helps confidence and creative thinking. Moon and Pluto lead to reflection. Today's color is Red.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon void of course 3:55 am to 5:03 pm EST. The Moon aligns with Jupiter for positive developments and an expansive perspective. Sag Moon aligns with Venus and Mercury in the evening for newness, adventure and enthusiasm.  Purple is today's color.

Thursday: Jupiter turns retrograde at 11:45 pm EST. This could influence expansion plans, travel or college application processes for example.  It's not an easy retrograde to plan around, nor is it really necessary. Mercury retro begins on the 22nd and the shadow time begins about a week ahead of that, so do get necessary agreements and commitments and system upgrades done now. Sagittarius Moon square to Neptune in Pisces challenges our ideals and philosophies. Today's color is Light Blue.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon, waning in 4th quarter, lends itself to clearing clutter. Open and cleanse the mind of negative or limiting thoughts. Listen to something inspiring and hopeful. Moon meets Mars in a burst of fiery energy for getting things done or hitting the road for a change of scenery. Move mindfully amidst the volatile aspects to Mars and Uranus as well. Void Moon in 9:27 pm EST. Today's color is Red.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon time starts at 4:52 am EST. Moon squares Venus and Mercury in Aries and meets Saturn. This may be a challenging day. Don't blow things off as unimportant. Changes in the guard, in leadership, and in balance of power. Black is today's color.

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