Thursday, February 22, 2018

Robin's Zodiac Zone February 25th-March 3, 2018

Sunday: Cancer Moon. Venus square to Mars, Mercury meets Neptune, and the Sun aligns with Saturn. A wide array of influences. The common ground is in emotions and relationships, the ability to be compassionate while not losing good boundaries, and to see things as they are. Today's color is Blue.

Monday: Cancer Moon void of course 4:51 to 11:52 pm EST. Offer or receive hope and nurturing. Easy does it during the void hours. Leo Moon begins 11:52 pm EST. Full Moon warmup in progress. Purple is today's color.

Tuesday: Leo Moon and Venus in Pisces aligns with Pluto in Capricorn for practicality and sensitivity at once. Act from, and take care of, your heart. Today's color is Pink.

Wednesday: Leo Moon. Mercury squares Mars and forms a sextile with Pluto impacting communication. Conversations and negotiations may be challenging yet worthwhile. Try not to speak in anger. Let is dissipate first. Void Moon time 6:13 pm to 12:57 am EST. Today's color is Yellow.

Thursday: The resonance of a month of eclipse activity is clear as the Full Moon shines in Virgo at 7:51 pm EST. Venus and Jupiter in harmony is very helpful and may bring good fortune, kindness and harmony in relationships where feelings have been strong, imbalanced or uncertain. Neptune is across from the Full Moon and we must question anything that seems out of place. Listen to your intuition and do not trust blindly. Ask relevant questions and hold nothing back. Today's color is White.

Friday: Virgo Moon continues. Mercury in harmony with Jupiter adds the words to the feelings. Agreements may be made, temporary or long term. You can be flexible without being too loose in your expectations and terms. Nurture self and others. Compassion does not mean being a doormat. Look deeply into your heart and soul and do not be distracted by what you think you "should" do or feel. Release self judgment and instead take care of what needs your attention most, including what's going on inside. Healthy solutions are favored. Void Moon 6:50 pm EST. Today's color is Indigo.

Saturday: Libra Moon time starts at 3:20 am ending the void of course hours. Moon and Saturn align for justice, fair and equal thinking and outcomes. It's a day for objectivity. Today's color is Black.

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