Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Full Moon in Taurus November 3/4, 2017

Taurus Full Moon arrives at 1:23 am on November 4th, one day before we turn the clocks back here in the northeast. The animals prepare for the cold season, and we experience even less daylight beginning this weekend. As the animals gather and prepare their homes, we too prepare our homes for both the celebrations and stormy weather winter may bring.

Taurus is the sign of prosperity and abundance, finances, comfort and stability. The most sensual of the earth signs, this Taurus Moon is  influenced by Neptune while Venus, planet of love is a potent force across from Uranus at the time of Full Moon. Experiences of romance, imagination, creativity and beauty are accentuated. Neptune also relates to spirituality and ability to believe what you cannot see. Metaphysical experiences could increase this week and through the weekend. It's a powerful time for meditation or renewing any practice that takes your focus from the external world, chaos and pressure.

Taurus Moon and Scorpio Sun oppose in the most stubborn, persevering, and relentless of signs. What goes on will be huge, passionate, and extensive. Changes made will take strong hold and show long term promise and results.  Knowing this, take your own word and actions very seriously. It'll be difficult to reverse your position or alter the course later on.

Venus opposite Uranus means surprise developments in relationships and perhaps in matters of justice, law, and judgement.  Venus is harmonious, reflecting and highlighting Libra qualities and values. Uranus is volatile, out of bounds and original.  You may find it hard to believe or process the changes or decisions some people make a bout their relationships and partnership life.  Saturn and Venus also align and point to freedom and responsibilities of being in partnerships. Some of this will need to be renegotiated during Full Moon time.

Aries: Abundance and partnership
Taurus: Individuality and routines
Gemini: Inner focus and Health. Changes among friends.
Cancer: Allies and Romance. Career/Home activity.
Leo: Career, Recognition, and Learning/Communicating
Virgo: Travel and Education, Philosophies of Life & Spirituality
Libra: Marriage and Commitments, Health and Routines
Scorpio: Marriage and Commitments, Broadening Perspective
Sagittarius: Routines and Health, Love and Friendship, also attention to pets
Capricorn: Love and Creativity, Home and Career
Aquarius: Family, Recognition and Honors, Friends and Love life
Pisces: Money, Windfalls or Expenses, and Communication including sibling relationships

Essential Oils I suggest for this Full Moon include Frankincense which is so aligned to the sign Taurus. Sensual and a luxury, Frankincense has many benefits and qualities you can benefit from and it's wondrous to take in aromatically or on your skin. I also like Rosemary or any of the woodsy oils like Fir or Spruce for this earth sign Moon.

Stay grounded and enjoy the senses during Taurus Moon. Notice in which ways you are resourceful, abundant and loved.

Peace & Prosperity!

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