Thursday, September 21, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone September 24th to 30th, 2017

Sunday: Scorpio Moon. Void Moon 3:33 am EDT all day long. Mars opposes Neptune. Can you channel feelings and emotions creatively and constructively. Beware of criticizing others because you're out of sorts. Maroon is today's color.

Yoga with Aromatherapy 10 am Willard Beach Studio South Portland (drop in $18)
Deep Stretch at Greener Postures South Portland 5:30 pm

Monday: 12:01 am EDT, Sagittarius Moon. Mercury squares Saturn. Strong reasoning for resolving and moving forward. Purple is our color.

Heated Flow 6 am at Greener Postures South Portland and 12 noon at Greener Postures W. Falmouth

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon.meets Saturn. A long standing problem may be solved or let go of completely. Use wisdom. Black is today's color.

Gentle Yoga at Scarborough Yoga 433 US Rte 1 9 am
Southern Maine Community College Yoga 12:30 in 129 HUB

Wednesday: Void Moon 7:08 am to 12:24 pm EDT. Capricorn Moon begins then. Take it easy in the early hours. Get fierce and focused from 12:24 pm. Incorporate Green ( I like the dark shades for Capricorn, like pine needle green).

Southern Maine Community College Yoga 4 pm in 129 HUB
Gentle/Moderate Yoga at Bridge Studio at Art of Awareness in South Portland 5:30 pm (90 minutes, drop ins welcome. Lovely studio with windows to the water and a yoga for all bodies approach)

Thursday: Capricorn Moon for productivity during this mid point between New and Full Moon. End procrastination. Deal with things you dread or put off as the Moon meets Pluto. Pluto stations direct today. Jupiter opposes Uranus for the Wow effect. You may hardly be able to believe or comprehend what's happening this week. Indigo is today's color.

Friday: Capricorn Moon void of course begins at 8:14 pm EDT. At 8:12 Mercury opposes Neptune then moves to Libra at 8:42 pm. Be truthful. Question others' motives or words at the same time. Can you make peace with a situation and stay objective? Blue is todays' color.

Yin Yoga at Riverbend in Yarmouth (across from NYA and Clayton's) 12-1 pm

Saturday: Aquarius Moon begins at 12:40 am EDT. A harmonious day, good for gatherings and community. Fly in formation, move as a pack. Today's color is Silver.

Sunday, October 1st, Todd Glacy joins us for Sacred Sound and Robin's Zodiac Yoga for Full Moon. Peaceful Warrior theme for upcoming Aries Harvest Moon. to sign up. Scroll to October 1st on the classes calendar. Meditation, Yoga, Sound Healing and an extended gong savasana. Refresh and renew in this autumn practice. 1:30-3:30 pm
the Bridge Studio (this hardly does it justice, but you get the idea)

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