Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Full Moon in Aries October 5th, 2017

The Warrior Full Moon arrives once a year during the Libra season of harmony, illustrating the polarities of the zodiac that are always present and reflected in our lives.  This Full Moon is square to Pluto, planet of secrets, mysteries, our most deep inner thoughts and fears. Some will experience incredible transformations and realizations as a result of serious discomfort and welling emotions. This Moon cycle is an opportune time to get real, free yourself of judgments and anxieties that come from within or from years of conditioning. With courage, you may deal with unhealthy relationships and habits and recover parts of your wholeness and true self that have been lost.

This Full Moon is at Aries 12 degrees, represented symbolically in two ways to reflect on. One is An Old Woman Hears the Stars Talk to Her at Night. In this depiction, I see a wise and experienced, individual listening to universal messages and heading the intuitions received. There's a dark and lonely quality that's been present, though she acknowledges she isn't really alone. Her guides and the signs provided are always there.

Secondly, A Triangular Shaped Flight of Wild Geese shows us the cosmic order that comes with this Full Moon. And there's a gathering or formation of like minded souls in a natural flow, uniting and migrating together. The natural laws that transcend any earthly law show themselves in the actions of the animals and the environment.

At New Moon time, in Libra on October 19th we see another symbol of birds blending their polar opposite energies.  More on that in an upcoming post.

Themes of the Full Moon include Courage, taking a Peaceful, but Strong Stand, Releasing Fears and Letting Go of old business or habits, Venturing Out on your own to find the energy or group you resonate with, and Listening to the Signs and Messages that come through the Darkness.

Full Moon warmup begins October 2nd and the effects linger into the 9th.

Much luck and love to you! May all beings be happy, safe, healthy and free.


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