Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 22nd to 28th, 2017

Thursday: Robin's Zodiac Yoga 5:30 pm with Happy Folk music on Congress Square Park Portland, Maine. It's free. Bring your mat! Astrology theme for Summer Solstice and Cancer New Moon!

This is the day prior to Cancer New Moon. It's time to shed an outdated belief or move on in your heart, and create space for love, romance, healing and reconnecting. That can include reunions or forgiveness and may also mean  making room for a  housemate, family member or other person who needs care and nurturing.  The Moon is in Gemini, aligned with Jupiter in Libra for fairness and positivity in relationships. It may also be fun and stimulating to be with people you didn't know well, or at all, before today. Socialize. Expect that others will need flexibility and freedom to express feelings and ideas.  Today's color is Light Blue.

Friday Cancer New Moon 10:31 pm EDT, meeting the Sun of course and approaching Mercury for a conjunction in the early hours of Saturday. Early in the day, things are changeable or could feel unstable as Uranus harmonizes with Gemini Moon. Gemini Moon opposes Saturn retro and that may feel like pressure to give your word or to sign a contract. Take your time if possible.  Endeavors are best started after New Moon, and through the days ahead.  2:45 pm to 6:07 pm EDT, the Moon is void of course. Late day Cancer Moon leads to heartfelt or other necessary conversations.  The protective and caring urge could come across as controlling or criticism. Do the best you can to be clear.  Today's color is White.

Saturday: Cancer Moon with a variety of planetary aspects. Venus aligns with Pluto. Understanding is a key word today. Can you understand something more clearly, ask for clarification,  or empathize with others' emotions so as not to judge harshly? How does understanding apply in your life right now? Do you need someone to show more understanding, and if so can you gently ask for that? Today's color is Blue.

Sunday: Cancer Moon aligns with Venus for harmony and love. Almost simultaneously, Mars and Jupiter form the sharp corners of a square. This sets up action around what's fair or requires more justice or balance. Family and partnership situations that are out of sync are most implied.  Consider what's fair in terms of sharing, judgment, and with resources or responsibilities. Cancer Moon void from 2:44 pm to 6:06pm EDT. Leo Moon follows and may bring more optimism and sense of fun for Sunday night or Monday.  Today's color is Gold.

Monday: The Leo Moon aligns with Jupiter for socializing, fun and acts of generosity and love.  Mars and Neptune align which may soften some edges and help us overlook what we cannot change. Creativity may peak. Be compassionate and notice who you enjoy being around. Positive people will lift you up, so find them. Today's color is Purple.

Tuesday: Leo Moon with varied aspects. Mercury is a major influence with a square to Jupiter and a trine to Neptune. Mercury meets Mars on Wednesday so that's approaching as well. Strong reason to form agreements, sign contracts, communicate pressing information or feelings, and issues of justice all come with these aspects.  There's no specific reason to be wary about agreements or legal matters right now. Saturn is retrograde, but that's true fairly often during the year. Evaluate timing. Does it feel right to move forward or resolve something now? Family and home related matters take precedence. Leo Moon void from 5:12 pm to 8:41 pm EDT. During those hours play it safe. Virgo Moon moves in. Tonight may be romantic or a good time for magical and imaginative work or play. Today's color is Indigo.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon. Mercury and Mars meet. Avoid defensive behavior or words. Listen and notice what you're protecting from feelings to people. Is that useful or could opening up and being more flexible ease a strain or emotional pain.  Can you avoid being passive aggressive and communicate about feelings without blaming? Problem solve under Virgo Moon. Today's color is Yellow.

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