Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 15th to 21st, 2017

Thursday: Void Moon from 1:40 to 6:17 am EDT. Moon shifts to Pisces and is in harmony with Mars in Cancer. Our water sign traits activate, including sensitivity, artistic expression and appreciation, protectiveness, nurturing and sentiment and sometimes sadness.  The Gemini Sun opposes Saturn retro in Sagittarius. Deal with responsibilities and consider whether to take a second look at educational or travel plans and possibly revise.  Make this a date night or be with the ones you love. Today's color is Green.

Friday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune, and aligns with Venus and Pluto. Personal feelings and relationships are number one.  Acknowledge and honor emotions. Honor differences of opinion. Minimize criticism or deliver it gently and tactfully. Wear Light Blue.
Come to Yin Yoga at Riverbend Yoga Yarmouth, Maine 12-1 pm.

Saturday: Pisces Moon void from 7:33 am to 1:56 pm EDT. Take care with everything and everyone. Be kind. Moon square to the Sun and Saturn. Honor agreements. Deal sensitively with tough situations.  Continue to reconsider or revise any plan that no longer seems wise. Aries Moon with no aspects for the afternoon and night.  Today's color is Red.

Sunday: Aries Moon squares Mars and opposes Jupiter. Mercury opposes Saturn in Gemini/Sagittarius. Disagreements and anything sudden will require patience and problem solving. Waiting may be the wisest course. Try to avoid anger and impulsiveness. Void of course Moon 10:19 pm EDT until 1:04 am on Monday, Adjust to your time zone.  Today's color is White.
Wind down with 5:30-6:45 Deep Stretch at Greener Postures in South Portland

Monday: Taurus Moon 1:04 am EDT. Stability and stubbornness as Venus squares Neptune and Mars squares Uranus. Open up to self expression, especially through music and all of the art forms.  Don't hold back your talents or your feelings (out of fear or judgment). There's some high strung, wound up energy in the air and with Mars in Cancer this may be an emotional release. Do calming things and help keeps others comfortable and safe, particularly those going through hard times.  Today's color is Pink.
Start the week with energy! 6-7am Heated Flow at Greener Postures in South Portland

Tuesday: Taurus Moon with harmonious aspects to Mars, Neptune and Venus. Moon and Venus meet for sensuality, healing and love. Announcements and news are likely as Mercury and Uranus join forces. This leads to original thinking. Some words or news may burst impulsively or without much thought. Venus and Neptune favor romance. Today's color is Green.
You'll love 9-10 am Gentle Yoga at Scarborough Yoga (433 route 1 in Scarborough, Maine)

Wednesday: Summer Solstice arrives when the Sun moves to Cancer at 12:24 am EDT. Mercury also moves to Cancer for reunions, sentimental feelings, and nurturing relationships. Void Moon 12;28 am until 6:44 pm EDT, and then a shift into Gemini Moon. The New Moon in Cancer is on Friday for the USA, Saturday in other time zones. The Sun meets Mercury at 10:14 am at the cusp of Cancer. Be gentle with communications. Enjoy and prioritize family. Family news is likely.  Today's color is Yellow.

Summer Solstice and New Moon Yoga, free, with music by Happy Folk on Congress Square Park, downtown Portland, Maine on Thursday the 22nd at 5:30-6:45 pm. Please come out and enjoy summer!

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