Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone October 20th to 26th, 2016

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Thursday:  Gemini Moon void from 7:17 to 11:28 am EDT. Void of course Moon is a transition time, sometimes less grounded or reliable for intelligent decisions and other mental processes. People are more likely to be forgetful or late. Mercury opposite Uranus. Quick fixes and unexpected news this morning. Moon and Sun in harmony at 7:17 am, social and curious. An extrovert's morning, an introvert's afternoon. Family business becomes important for the rest of the week. Today's color is white. 

Friday: Cancer Moon square Jupiter, trine Neptune, opposite Pluto and Mars in Capricorn. Mutual effort is required to settle problems or relieve anxiety. Themes of family and justice take priority. Productive solutions result from willingness to compromise or clear the air. Light blue is today's color. 

Saturday: 4th quarter Moon in Cancer, Void Moon 3:14 to 3:44 pm EDT ( a quick one!). Leo Moon 3:44 pm through Monday evening. Sun to Scorpio at 7:46 pm EDT. Moon square Uranus, Mercury and the Sun. Settle disagreements and repair damages, at least temporarily. Work through disagreement or tough problems so you can enjoy fun instigated by Leo Moon. A good day to work on Halloween costumes or other whimsical, holiday, or celebratory planning. Yellow is today's color. 

Sunday: Leo Moon. How much fun can you build into this day and weekend? Moon aligns with Venus and Jupiter for goodness.  Socially oriented Saturday. Saturn in Sagittarius reminds us to balance freedom with keeping promises and being loyal. Orange is today's color. 

Monday: Leo Moon void from 8:21 am to 11:16 pm EDT. Void Moon day is social, slightly lazy or unfocused. Mercury moves to Scorpio 4:46 pm EDT. When Mercury moves it can be best to stay put, be patient, relax, and know that the word you're hearing, or the plans, could change by tomorrow. Uranus aligns with the Moon to inspire or enliven, sometimes with a bit too much jolt. Avoid errors in judgment today and double check for both safety and certainty. Purple is today's color.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon, Venus in Sagittarius square to the Moon and Neptune. Venus seeks romantic adventures while in Sag. This could lead to small or bigger flirtations and/or deceitfulness.  Travels and feelings of freedom appeal to this Venus cycle.  While Virgo Moon pulls us to grounded work and tasks, Venus lures us to escape and play. How others deal with life and love may bother us (more than it should?) today. Do what you feel is right. Expect some criticism if it doesn't jive with someone else's point of view. Pink is today's color. 

Wednesday: Virgo Moon void from 2:33 pm to 9:51 am on Thursday. Get work done earlier in the day if you can. Exercise off stress. A good workout after 2:33 pm is well timed! Venus aligns with Jupiter for travels and adventures with your lover or best friend.  This can be a lucky, prosperous, good news kind of aspect too! Build in some celebration, relaxation, and joy! Green is today's color.


Aries: Respond to a job opportunity or manage conflicting interests. A career matter can’t wait. As questions about allies or competitors arise, act as the manager and the voice of authority. The sweet softness in your life comes from travels this fall. Book a getaway before the turkey roasts and the snow flies.

Taurus: Stress leads to growth when it’s just enough and managed well. Keep perspective on the temporary nature of current stress. The Sun and Mercury move to Scorpio, on Saturday and Monday, for honest communication and decisions with the one you love most. Get something off your chest and feel relief.

Gemini: Get finances in order this week. Create a plan or a budget you can live with. In dividing assets or resolving debt, the Sun and Mercury favor action beginning on Monday. The Sun also shines for health and healing processes for the next four weeks.  Saturday leads you into an introspective period of regeneration and reflecting without any urgency or rush.

Cancer: Your horoscope week begins with Cancer Moon, a time of feeling deeply.  Family, relationship, and career are on your mind.  It may take some time before you’re clear and definitive about any sort of change. Realize what’s not in your control and relieve some pressure. The Sun and Mercury shift to Scorpio for lucky timing ahead.

Leo: Take a realistic look at your daily routine, and see if change would benefit you. Mars is practically forcing productivity. Work, exercise, and sleep optimally, according to your own body clock.  Mercury and the Sun draw your energy inward to family and home. Tune in to both this weekend as Scorpio time begins.

Virgo: Time a statement, presentation or important conversation to sync with The Sun and Mercury’s moves on Saturday and Monday. From Monday on, Mercury helps you with wording and shines for best outcomes with contracts and test taking too. An autumn trip or a new vehicle gobbles up some savings, but makes you smile.

Libra: It’s been a month of standing your ground and speaking your truth.  Late this week, some of you will schedule job interviews or tryouts of some kind. Take all you’ve learned and be confident and authentic in who you are.  If it’s a match, you’ll be chosen or accept.  Turn your focus to prosperity, money and things that create comfort for you.

Scorpio: Venus casts a magic spell so financial matters go smoothly. A little luxury expense or a significant raise or job upgrade could be the result. The Sun starts Scorpio time on Saturday and Mercury follows on Monday. Both instigate problem solving and thinking things out. As you prepare for Scorpio New Moon, outline the steps toward a personal goal.

Sagittarius: Big events take place behind the scenes, hidden from public knowledge. You may be central to the proceedings or still a bit unaware of what’s going on. Pay attention to subtle communication and clues. Venus inspires you to look and feel your best, so you’ll be ready to make your entrance or departure in style when the right time comes.

Capricorn: Venus favors inner peace for you during this fall season.  There’s a definite social trend in progress that involves surrounding yourself with a different bunch of people and possibly a new love interest. Simultaneously, you need quiet time to be creative and take care of yourself. Listen to your heart.

Aquarius: You’re looking good to land the gig or starring role.  Prepare now, and keep in mind that the very end of the month is most stellar for a bold move or making a finished product public. This weekend, soak in some sweet, romantic or purely fun vibes as the Moon dances in Leo and Venus brings around your most fun friends.

Pisces: Scorpio time is delicious for Pisces’ adventures. The Sun and Mercury suggest you satisfy a hunger for travel and different experiences within the next few weeks. Venus and Saturn position you for a career or leadership offer you can’t refuse. Have some fun before accepting a rewarding yet demanding role.  

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