Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone October 27th to November 2nd, 2016

HI everyone! During holiday time I have two offerings for you. Take care of yourself during the holidays and darker season. Give yourself something to look forward to! Both are at Scarborough Yoga.

Sunday, November 27th (about 5 spaces left) Restorative Yoga with Reiki hands on healing by Amy Gerow. Sound healing with crystal bowls and solfreggio tuning forks and an essential oil option for those who choose. 1;30-3:30 pm Register at this link. 

Sunday, January 1st, 2017! Yoga for Prosperity and Abundance Workshop 2-4 pm Sign up now & snag the early bird spots at a special price.

Yoga Nidra every 3rd Friday at Greener Postures South Portland. Class pass or usual drop in rate. November 18th, December 16th,... through springtime. Restore and tune inward.

This week's forecasts:

Thursday: Virgo Moon until 9:51 am. The Moon stabilizes in Libra, sign of balance and justice. The real story today is Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio. Information is worth pursuing. Dig for facts, research and ask for honest answers. Family news for Virgo and Leo. Excellent, interesting career and public life day for Aquarius.  Scorpio, you're at the center of news and information as well as intimate conversations.  Today's color is silver.

Friday: Libra Moon conjunct Jupiter, sextile Saturn, and Venus, square Pluto. Fair and favorable resolving of legal or relationship issues. Room for growth. Serious intention behind decisions. Face fears with an objective point of view.  Pair with someone a little bit different from you. Today's color is green.

Saturday: Libra Moon void from 6:09 am to 10:01 pm EDT. Not a reliable day for judgments and decisions. Put off shopping for anything major. Save receipts. Reserve the right to change your mind later. New Moon is tomorrow, 10-30-16. Reflect before taking action. Scorpio Moon moves in 10:01 pm EDT. Today's color is Maroon.

Sunday: New Moon in Scorpio. Mercury trine Neptune in Scorpio/Pisces. Creative and insightful time. Read your tarot cards or consult with someone wise. Research and gather information relevant to a pending decisions. Time to make your move and mean it. Promises now are meant for keeping. Moon conjunct Mercury. Understand and make sense of your own feelings and moods.Today's color is white.

Monday: Scorpio Moon void of course 10:44 pm EDT. Halloween features the Moon and Sun in the most true sign of the holiday. Connection with thing you cannot see. Sense, perceive. Passionate and strong feelings.  Get moving on what's most important and be intentional. Today's color is black.

Tuesday: Moon void of course until 10:43 am EDT. Sagittarius Moon moves in to push things forward. New Moon energy still powerful for fresh starts. Sun trine Neptune is creative and romantic. See things for what they are. Some will move into denial and try to run away from reality. Today's color is purple.

Wednesday: Sagittarius Moon conjunct Saturn, square Neptune, sextile Jupiter. Get past unrealistic expectations or ideals. Saturn and the Moon meet for wisdom, honesty, and clarity. Jupiter in Libra reminds us of what's fair and encourages growth. Expand perspective to allow for new insights and realizations even if they contradict what you've been believing all along. Today's color is light blue.

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