Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 8th to 14th, 2016: Jupiter to Libra, Mercury retrograde

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Right now we're between two eclipses with Mercury retro in Virgo. It's an unusual combination, so do what you can to maintain or restore  your balance...frequently! Robin

Thursday the 8th: Purple is today's color. Sagittarius Moon meets Saturn, aligns with Venus in Libra and squares Neptune. People will appreciate being taken seriously. Try not to be dismissive.  Pick and choose what you trust and believe. Team up with a partner for travels or other adventures.

Friday the 9th: Jupiter moves to Libra after a stay that began in August of 2015. Jupiter in Libra focus is harmony and justice now into autumn of 2017. Libra, consider this a year for opportunities and a growth spurt in knowledge and experience. Jupiter looks out for the best where partnerships are concerned and provides a healing force where there's relationship challenge. 2nd quarter Moon is in Sagittarius, and the Moon is void of course as of 8:51 pm EDT. The Moon and Mars energize, but may also increase bold or harsh attitudes and actions.  Avoid tactless or temperamental people. Red is today's color.

Saturday the 10th: Moon to Capricorn at 8:55 am EDT. Saturn squares Neptune highlights realities and escapist tendencies. Break things down into small tasks or pieces you can understand. Try not to bail out on what's important or skip out on responsibilities.  Black is today's color.

Sunday the 11th: Capricorn Moon meets Pluto. Green is today's color. Venus in Libra is square to both the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. Justice is called for. Be fair as you divide responsibilities and better manage a workplace or household. Notice what's subconsciously communicated and other undercurrents that inform more than what you can see or hear.

Monday the 12th: Void of course Moon 6 am EDT to 5:28 pm. Mercury square Mars. Sun conjunct Mercury. This is a very uncertain day especially for having accurate information imparted, conversations that require clarity, purchases, building and constructing, or mediations.  Today is about reconnecting and announcing overdue news. Gold is the color of the day.

Tuesday the 13th: Aquarius Moon, Sun square Mars in Virgo/Sagittarius. Use some restraint and a very thoughtful approach to decisions. Think forward while learning from the past. Commit to a course of action though you might revise the plan later since Mercury is retrograde.  Be logical. Today's color is turquoise.

Wednesday the 14th: Void of course Moon 11:31 am to 10:23 pm EDT. Morning ( or before 11:31 am adjusted to your time zone) is best for focus and reliability. Great day for an afternoon off or for routine work. Also mix business and tasks with socializing and fun. Some things will happen or be initiated quickly. Think before you act or respond. Pisces Moon time starts at 10:23 pm EDT.
Today's color is light green.

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Horoscopes: We’re at the peak of Mercury retrograde in Virgo, a time for revision and reconnection with long lost friends.

Aries: The revolving world of Mercury retrograde brings a project or idea back to life. Take a different approach this time. Jupiter starts an optimistic relationship year. Your perspective on love and commitment is due to shift. Open your mind to the relevance or return of people and things from your past.

Taurus: Reconnect with friends, hobbies and projects you’re passionate to pursue. Get back to things you love during Mercury retrograde. Slow down and take breaks from the action.  Jupiter prompts love to blossom and travels to be fun. You’ll thrive in a highly creative learning environment and will procrastinate or neglect boring tasks.

Gemini: Return to places you’ve called home,  where you feel at ease. There’s  a chance you’ll be helping out or visiting family.  Jupiter’s Libra year is lucky. Begin by open your mind and letting go of negative perceptions and limitations. Love is not only possible, but may feel better than ever between now and next autumn.

Cancer: Home and family take higher priority for a full year.You’ll improve or move your living quarters or do more business from home. Welcome additions to the family including a baby or a relative who needs to stay with you for a while. Brainstorm ways to make your home bigger, safer, or more vibrant in the months ahead.

Leo: The Sun and Mercury lead to a bonus that’s been in the works for you. A gift or bump in salary are two possibilities. Look into trainings, conferences and fields to major in. You’re set to succeed as teacher, presenter or student in the months ahead. Leo’s audience or client base expands exponentially too. “Pass Go” and collect hundreds or the equivalent in value this week.

Virgo: The Sun and Mercury retrograde lead you to revisit what’s positive. The Sun always has an optimistic slant, and this time friends, plans and projects come back to brighten your world. Decide what’s worth reviving. Take a second look and see promise now in something you gave up or lost track of. Also, consider better job prospects from this week forward.

Libra: Jupiter moves to Libra on September 9th, giving you 13 months of extra luck and love. Pursue the areas you want to grow into while the big planet is on your side. Some Libras will fall in love, others will have their first baby. Some of you will excel in school or a new profession. The Sun and Mercury spark brilliant ideas and give new life to a dream this week.

Scorpio: You’re most likely in the zodiac to connect with an old friend or revive a romantic relationship. While Mercury is retro, you may just dive in though it’s best to make no promises. This lover or friends seems to read your mind, finish your sentences, and answer questions before you ask. Reach out to the person this reminds you most of.

Sagittarius: Reconsider that job offer you keep refusing or lead you never follow up on. Mercury and the Sun have one last blast in your career sector, and it’s time to move on or renegotiate. Look for ease and enthusiasm in a new situation. Ace the tryout for a lead role on stage or playing field as well.

Capricorn: Mercury retrograde and the Sun bring on a major life change, perhaps one that’s overdue.  During this eclipse month, you’re gently pushed to finalize the details and make a move. Travel abroad or across country for a temporary or long term stay. Immerse fully in school or training. Your options increase now and for months ahead.

Aquarius: A project, property or legal agreement involving another person or group just might settle while Mercury is retrograde. Get clear on the terms and finances involved. The Sun and Mercury favor prosperous, promising outcomes, with room to adjust for growth later on. Your Jupiter in Libra year brings travels and opportunities to learn or teach in your field of expertise.

Pisces: September eclipses influence you strongly. Cruise through changes with a calm mind, and keep your plans private until it’s truly time to share. A sensible, yet heartfelt, discussion helps you clarity the direction of a personal or business relationship. Take your time since there’s a Pisces eclipse just ahead, and by the end of the month you’ll take the definitive step..

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