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Robin's Zodiac Zone September 15th to 21st, 2016

Two more free RoZoYo® yoga flows on Congress Square Park Portland! BYO Yoga mat.
Mondays 4 to 5 pm for the rest of September. Thanks for a fun season of outdoor yoga!

September 25th, Sunday 2-3:30 pm Yoga Nidra (completely restorative and guided) with Journey to a Spirit Guide or Animal. This workshop is about half full and does require preregistration.
Sign up & more info at this link.

October 1st, Saturday 1-3:30 pm New Moon Yoga with Readings for all signs at Freeport Yoga Company. Register in advance, please, to assure enough space. Libra New Moon practice to balance and clear the air after two eclipses & Mercury retro! Rejuvenate & move energy around.
Sign up here or in studio.

Full Moon Yoga for the Warrior Moon at Greener Postures South Portland on Saturday, October 15th 12:30-2:30 pm. Live drumming and gong with Todd Glacy providing the soundscape. This will be a one of a kind practice with yoga mythology, astrology and sound in a personal exploration of the Virabhadrasana poses and the warrior within.
Sign up at either GP studio or online here.

Okay, it's eclipse time! Here goes!

Thursday the 15th: Pisces Moon nearly full. Moon and Neptune meet. Moon squares Saturn. Can you maintain focus on what's real and not run away or deny? That is today's challenge. Channel stress or emotion into music and art. Express yourself without insensitivity to others.  Light blue.

Friday the 16th: Lunar eclipse in Pisces 3:05 pm EDT. This is the 2nd to last of the Virgo/Pisces series. The next is in 6 months.  Changes. Clear communication is needed but may be hard to facilitate. Transformations and growing pains. This change or this news may not be easy. Adaptations are required. Ease in. Do not be overpowered. Ground in routines. It's an emotional one for sure. Breathe well through the next few days as eclipse events continue to unfold.  The upside to this; a creative peak. Silver is our color. (Void of course Moon starts at 3:05. Try not to plan too much or expect too much after that time)

Saturday the 17th: Moon to Aries 12:22 am EDT. Mars trine Uranus. Quite a wild day. Use caution. Enjoy adventures while keeping your head up and eyes open.  Take no unnecessary risks, and be careful around fire and heat.  Some will be energized. It's an extreme day on either end of the spectrum. Orange is our color.

Sunday the 18th: Aries Moon meets Uranus, Venus opposes Uranus and the Moon. Focus on relationships, fairness, and responsibilities to each other.  Everything might seem like a bit too much right now. Avoid pointless arguments or topics you know will antagonize. Void Moon starts at 4:11 pm. Pink for harmony today.

Monday the 19th: Taurus Moon begins at 12:58 am EDT. Venus and Mars align which may help relationship strain. Fairness to each other is of the utmost importance, especially through changes and separations.  Philosophies of relationship pop into our brains and conversations today. Is your role or your intention about partnership of any kind changing right now? Put intention behind your actions. Build things and follow the plan. Brown is today's color.

Tuesday the 20th: Taurus Moon in harmony with the Sun in Virgo, Mercury and Pluto. Mercury retro aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. Revisiting, sentiment, inner focus. Ideas. Deal with practical things and pay attention to "random" thoughts that may lead to problem solving or creating something.
Re-create with more information or awareness. Blue is today's color. Void Moon 11:32 pm EDT.

Wednesday the 21st: Last full day of summer season. Gemini Moon 1:53 am EDT. Let go of outdated ways of thinking or old grudges you can be finished with. Move on in your mind even if you're waiting 'til Mercury's direct to depart or finalize something. Allow the mind to wander, creatively and in a relaxed not frantic way. Negotiations and meetings of a serious nature may be difficult yet necessary. Brainstorm today. Finalize in the future. Yellow is our color.


Like a book or film with a surprise ending, this week’s lunar eclipse delivers unanticipated twists. Final breakups, resignations and other once-and-for-all type news trigger emotional peaks. As Mercury retro opposes the Full Moon, make every effort to avoid misquoting or misinterpreting this week.

Aries: Temporary confusion or mental angst provokes anxiety, overexcitement or lack of sleep. Keep major decisions to a minimum since information can change in the blink of an eye while Mercury is retrograde. Take care of emotional drain with good boundaries and self care. Be tactful and wise as you prepare to break free.

Taurus: During this lunar eclipse of friendship, some move closer, others go. You may create distance or boundaries with one or two  due to money issues, infidelity or another breach of trust. On the plus side, a bud, mentor or associate could give you a great lead or introduction that changes everything in the best possible way.

Gemini: Eclipses fuel changes around both your home and professional life. This extends to shifting your goals and rethinking priorities. As a boss or colleagues departs, you move around with different roles and responsibilities. Give a bit of time before deciding it your situations are suitable. Meanwhile, Venus instigates flirtations and fun.

Cancer: Career, education, travel and home are all under the influence of late summer eclipses.  You’re once removed from many of the biggest changes the season brings. For example, Pisces or Virgo friends or significant others influence your present experience. Exciting or eventful travels or relocation are likely for you or for a family member as a storyline concludes.

Leo: You’re most likely to land the major contract or receive news of property or other legal settlement. Mercury direct, after the 22nd, is a better time to sign and finalize if you can buy yourself some time. Check your invoices and account statements for any kind of imbalance or privacy issue. Finally, prepare for some wild fun and, potentially, a spontaneous trip.

Virgo: Events circling around your lover, spouse or close associate shift the energy around you. You could be feeling moody, uncertain or excited, whether news is positive or negative, Exhaustion may accompany September’s duo of eclipses. Transitions push the extremes of breaking up or deepening commitment and other indelible, personal change.

Libra: Different things occupy your time. A heavier schedule means extra affort to stay healthy and balanced. Too little to do might make you depressed. The eclipses bring extremes to be reconciled.  Jupiter just started a year long tour, hitting every degree of your sign, in the name of positive change. Lighten up, flirt and divert during a final Venus/Libra week.

Scorpio: A Pisces eclipse centers on love, creativity and  kids.  Stay focused and close to whom and what is dearest to your heart. Offspring, young or older, require extra support or attention through changes. Scorpio love lives turn in one direction or the other. Use your instincts more than control, and follow a natural course and creative flow this week.

Sagittarius: Friday’s eclipse signals transitions including moving, settling a property issue, and other potent changes in your household. Stay close to residence and connected to family matters this week. Mars and Uranus join forces in spontaneous, unexpected ways, so this week and next are anything but routine.

Capricorn: Shine brighter,  step into an honorable position, and be recognized for your talents in the coming months. A whole year of Jupiter’s influence forwards your career and leads you to new roles. This eclipse leads you to new surroundings, city, wilderness or classroom. You’re going places you could not have considered last year.  

Aquarius: This Full Moon eclipse initiates change in your earning power and related collaborations. Negotiate fair compensation. An associate’s status change impacts your working conditions, and Mercury retro leads to communication issues for another week. Attend to creative licensing, trademarks, and how your intellectual property is credited or shared.

Pisces: This Full Moon eclipse continues  a two year series in Pisces and polar opposite, Virgo. It’s normal to feel a bit rattled or unsure about career, your significant relationship, and how to move forward. The universe is taking care of it though. There are fewer debatable decisions and more that become obvious when you least expect it. Take the path that’s clear.

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Happy beginning of Autumn on Thursday the 22nd!

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