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Robin's Zodiac Zone August 18th to 24th, 2016: Full Moon in Aquarius

Yoga for August Full Moon is on the 18th, Thursday, at Sunflower Farm. By donation! Join us! Photo from RoZoYo®
 July Full Moon Yoga by Julie Bernier

Sunflower Farm, home of Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Cumberland, Maine, hosts Full Moon Yoga and visits with the goats this week on Thursday at 5:30 pm. Donate for yoga and the farm and experience this wondrous place on a Full Moon evening. Drink in the beautiful August light while we move through an astrologically aligned flow.  Hold and play with the baby goats after yoga! Aquarius Full Moon Yoga with themes of stability and community. It'll be so much fun! Allow yourself a little time to drive out to the farm, about 30 minutes out of Portland.

This is week 2 of a slightly different format with more info for your own sign. 

Happy Full Moon, everyone! Rapid, but stable, changes come with this Aquarius Full Moon supported by Saturn and Uranus. Alternative approaches obliterate old methods as we see what's not been working. Go for original ideas and change things up! 

Aquarius is the sign of the ankles and circulation. Do what you can to strengthen either or both. Yoga is always a good option, schedule is at always. 

Hope to see you at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland Center for Full Moon Yoga (tonight, Thursday August 18th)  or for Robin's Zodiac Yoga Thursday mornings on Congress Square Park at 7:30 am, through August, while we can be outside in the sun and under the Moon.


Thursday: Full Moon in Aquarius 5:27 am EDT. White is today's color. Unique people, unexpected changes, original ideas. Void of course Moon 5:27 am to 12:34 pm. Pisces Moon 12:34 pm on. 

Friday: Pisces Moon. Highly sensitive. Trust issues and themes. Light green is our color. 

Saturday: Pisces Moon Void of course 8:21 am to 3:18 pm EDT. Hold on important decisions. Aries Moon 3:18 pm on Activate and feel a resurgence of strength, energy and enthusiasm. Orange is our color.

Sunday: Aries Moon trine Saturn and Mars. Decisive and strong willed. Today's color is Red.

Monday: Sun to Virgo 12:38 pm EDT. Aries Moon void of course 7:48 am to 5:19 pm EDT. Taurus Moon follows. Mercury meets Jupiter in Virgo. Excellent time for contracts and agreements. Yellow is our color. 

Tuesday: Taurus Moon. Long term decisions. Solutions. Grounded approaches. Green for today.

Wednesday: Taurus Moon void of course 3:38 to 7:40 pm EDT. Gemini Moon follows. Mars meets Saturn. Forceful energy. Don't be overpowered or controlled. Avoid bullies. Social plans favored in the p.m.  White is today's color. 


Aries: Mingle with progressive thinkers and eccentric friends. Let your preconceived notions go as Aquarius Full Moon casts a surprising light, changing your vision. This socially oriented Moon leads to inspired collaborations, friendships, and support from unexpected sources. Experience connection and common vision this week.

Taurus: The unique quality of this Full Moon alters one of your goals or plans. Like looking through a different lens, you see a broader spectrum and change of focus. You may have to recreate in order to follow a more colorful, adventurous path. The more you’re willing to scrap and take chances, the more inspired you’ll feel.

Gemini: Full Moon attracts unlikely friends and allies. See a relationship in a different light. Where you’ve been stuck or unable to shift a pattern, suddenly there’s progress.  Notice whom and what you’re drawn to and how different it is from your previous experiences. Take an adventure with that in mind.

Cancer: It’s a Full Moon of money, with loans,l settlements and property in the forefront. Make agreements legal with both electronic and paper copies.  An unexpected professional opportunity requires a quick response. Travel, even a short trip, turns out different and better than you anticipated. You’ll feel the universe work in surprising ways this week.

Leo: Travels with your partner or best friend could be the coolest during Full Moon. Be ready for anything as the planet of surprises shifts your experience. This Full Moon encourages commitment, loyalty and love. If you’re working hard and can’t get away, no worries. Planets align for your financial gain, including distinct possibility of a new, well paying gig.

Virgo: There’s a ton of emphasis on Virgo life and priorities during this final month of Jupiter’s superpower.. Aquarius Full Moon signals a cycle completed, the end of a work or health concern, and is the harbinger of unusual news. Any financial impact should favor you. Most importantly, don’t hesitate with what you want since your timing is now.

Libra: If you’re spending an unusual amount of time planning versus doing, you’re in sync with planetary forces. It’s right for you to set the stage for a best possible scenario. You’re getting ready for significant growth and new experiences.  Before you go off to school, change career or immerse in demanding work, celebrate with friends near August 18th Full Moon. A happy surprise awaits.

Scorpio: Life at your house is due to change during this Full Moon. News surrounds real estate, house mate, cohabitation or renovation. Your parents might sell the family home. Mars and Saturn appear to add to your earning power and also your financial responsibilities.  New developments might take you off guard, but ultimately you’ll see the reasoning or silver lining. Write the final page of a chapter eloquently.

Sagittarius: Seek closure during this Full Moon. Have that final meeting or overdue conversation, and try not to let emotions overpower you. How you express yourself and handle business counts toward the outcome. Uranus promises a strange or fortunate twist on how you expect things to go.  Mars and Saturn influence you in a serious direction you’re suddenly ready for. Go.

Capricorn: Saturn, your ruling planet, provides forward motion in multiple areas of life. Obstructions in your path are removed, one by one or simultaneously. This Full Moon of favorable news about money, employment and health, also influences home. Financial aspects align at the opportune moment, making available the resources you need.

Aquarius: Aquarius Full Moon comes once a year, with important developments, closure, and personal change. Around August 18th, get clarity or closure in a way you hadn’t foreseen.  This month’s been much about relationships, friends, and finances. One or more of those come through with the green light, answer yes, or elusive piece of information you need.

Pisces: Mercury and Jupiter have a rare meeting that influences relationship life. Revolving around commitment, these two lead you to declare love, renew vows, or make decisions as a duo. On a business level, you could enter the next, most important partnership of your life. Career aspects are strong. Powerful intuitions guide your steps within a few days of August 18th’s Full Moon.

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