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Astrology Forecast August 25th to 31st, 2016: Mercury Retrograde Begins

Photo at Sunflower Farm where we celebrated summer Full Moons with the goats & yoga

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This week, waning Moon in Gemini, Venus's last days in Virgo, & Mercury retrograde themes guide us. 

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Thursday, August 25th: Gemini Moon opposes Saturn and Mars, square to Neptune in Pisces. Opposing opinions, lots of talk, strong debates. Make words official or legal. Expect to be challenged. Yellow is today's color.

Friday, August 26th: Gemini Void of course Moon 8:30 pm until Cancer Moon 11:06 pm EDT. Mars square Neptune. Moon square Venus, Jupiter & Mercury in Virgo. Strong effort and convincing data will be necessary to make progress or decisions. Reasons to procrastinate may be legit. Light blue.

Saturday, August 27th: Cancer Moon trine Neptune, sextile the Sun, Venus conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. An auspicious day. Healing vibes. Great day for relationship growth and harmony. Find agreement. Creativity peaks. Today's color is Pink.

Sunday, August 28th: Cancer Moon. Beware of being pulled into old patterns of thinking and influenced by emotions related to the past. Avoid blaming others. Take care of each other. Cook nurturing meals or comfort foods. White.

Monday, August 29th: Venus to Libra 10:07 pm EDT. Mercury conjunct Venus. Moon to Leo at 4:11 am (void from 2:23 to 4:11 am EDT). Heart to heart communication. Flexibility with others and with agreements. Good for designing and doing detailed work. Venus in her home sign favors harmony and justice, dancers and musicians for the next month. Another auspicious day. Act on intuition, do creative work, keep some flexibility in decisions as Mercury retro begins in Virgo tomorrow. Purple.

Tuesday, August 30th; Mercury retrograde in Virgo 9:04 am EDT. Leo Moon trine Mars in Sagittarius. Active, dynamic day. Avoid major purchases or changes to your appearance, such as hair color or tattoo. Spontaneity must be balanced with care. Orange.

Wednesday, August 31st: Void of course Moon 12:20 am to 11:22 am EDT. Virgo Moon 11:22 am Move carefully through the morning. Steady or slow pace. Be thoughtful, organized and careful with details. Avoid big purchases. Revise systems or schedules temporarily. Brown.

Horoscopes: Venus leaves Virgo for Libra, her home sign, a couple of weeks before Jupiter departs the same sign. Mercury stays in Virgo for the quarterly retrograde beginning on Tuesday. Late summer transitions are in full swing.

Aries: On Sunday, Venus’s grand entrance to Libra starts an auspicious year of love and partnership for Aries and Libra. If you’re in long term relationship or contracted cooperation already, you’ll feel it first. Details and schedules take a backseat, and relationship building comes first.

Taurus: Two final Virgo convergences favor you, Taurus . Establish the terms of relationship, take vacation or be part of a friend’s celebration this weekend. Venus in Libra, after Saturday, helps relationships with colleagues and adds interest to your work. Mercury retrograde preview involves reestablishing communication with an old friend.

Gemini:  Jupiter and Venus place so much love and intention around your family and home, something superb is bound to materialize. It’s possible you’re in the midst of happy news or a beneficial move. Your entire physical living arrangement continues to evolve. Leave room for positive changes.

Cancer: You’re the topic of happy conversations or the messenger of good news. Finalizing details, celebrating success, and reuniting with siblings or distant friends are all positive results of planets converging in Virgo.  If you’re going off to school or abroad, you’ll do it in style. Enjoy the upgrades this week brings.

Leo: You’re the zodiac’s pick for prosperity and abundance. Job opportunities and well paying projects come via Venus and Jupiter. A one off gig can lead to something more lucrative.  Hold nothing back. Creative license and high interest material put you right in your element. If you’re hiring, seek candidates who share your style and flair.

Virgo: A trio of planets join forces in Virgo. They aim to shine light into dark corners, awaken what’s been dormant, and beam generous amounts of love and open mindedness your way. Erase fear of the unknown as you move into the next Virgo eclipse shift.  A life changing conversation is the precursor of what’s to come.

Libra: Invite someone of interest on a date or to collaborate. Venus enters Libra on Monday for successful pairings. Consider common vision, but also see differences as a strength. Partner with one who makes up for what you lack. Think yin/yang. Venus initiates more harmony and foreshadows over a year of expansion coming right up.

Scorpio: Surrounded by friends, be part of a special event, tribute or late summer party.  Immerse in the joy and generosity of friends or colleagues. If a conversation or forgiveness is overdue, make it happen with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter encouraging harmonious relationships.  Mutual support is your theme as you give and receive, and everyone wins.
Sagittarius: An interview, tryout, licensing exam or public appearance is set up incredibly well. Three planets boost you to the next level of leadership or professional life. If you’re a student, an internship or mentor appears and proves to be so influential to your success. This is the culmination and reward of a long process. Make the most of opportunities this week.

Capricorn: The trio of planets in Virgo call you once more to distant places. A journey takes you somewhere beautiful, maybe home. The Jupiter/Venus connection is strong for happy landings wherever you roam late this summer. Mercury has another life changing plan in the works as well. It may be a month until you get the final word.

Aquarius: Rebirth, regeneration, and resources are themes as three planets exercise influence for your health, bank accounts, and settlements of any kind.  If your life is in good shape, enjoy the bonus instigated by Venus and Jupiter. If you really need someone or something to come through for you, move that process along while the stars are strongly on your side.

Pisces: Uncommonly beautiful alignments impact your love and relationship life. Venus and Jupiter deliver on promises, deepen commitments, and encourage a healthy relationship between you and your most significant other. A hope becomes real.  It’s also an exciting time to develop a business plan with someone as devoted to your passion as you are.

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