Friday, July 1, 2016

Weekly Astrology July 4th to 10th, 2016

Monday: New Moon in Cancer

New Moon happens at 7:01 am EDT, & the Moon meets Sun, Mercury and Venus today. There's more ease and happiness in the zodiac these days. Make peace with your own emotions and take care of the inner child. Comfort food, the comfort zone, soothing surroundings and sentiment help create the feel good vibes.  Jupiter and Neptune add healing, romantic and relaxed aspects. If something hasn't been quite right, it's a good time to start again.  Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Cancer to Leo Moon

Mercury and Neptune align in Cancer and Pisces. Communicate creatively. Enjoy the water. It really is a nice day to be on vacation as the Moon travels Cancer, sign of home and Leo, sign of fun. Moon is void of course 2:29 am to 12:28 pm EDT and then in Leo. Recreational plans, children, entertainment and playfulness are favored activities.  Today's color is gold.

Wednesday: Leo Moon,  Venus trine Mars, Sun conjunct Mercury

This week is pure astrological gold with vibrant Leo Moon, Sun and Mercury in Cancer, and harmony between the relationship planets, Venus and Mars. News, especially joyful news, breaks. New Moon prompts fresh starts all week. Venus and Mars in water signs help dispel tension and mellow things for smoother interactions and more passion and love.  It's also a highly creative time. Today's color is yellow.

Thursday: Leo to Virgo Moon, Sun and Mercury oppose Pluto

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From 8:07 am to 6:41 pm EDT, Moon is void of course and then in Virgo after 6:41. Void of course Moon is fine on a day where you have little planned and might even help with relaxation. However, forgetfulness and laziness could make the day challenging. Reach out for assistance as Virgo Moon favors service and helpfulness. It could take a few hours to get what you need in place.  Analytical thinking and problem solving activate once Virgo Moon moves in. Act thoughtfully and carefully with those Pluto oppositions. Notice what's subtle, the undercurrents, and trust your intuitive voice. Mercury and Jupiter align in the early hours of Friday, so tonight is good for socializing, reaching solutions, and figuring things out.  Today's color is brown.

Friday: Mercury sextile Jupiter, Virgo Moon square Saturn retrograde

It's a day of expansion and refinement.  Mercury and Jupiter highlight agreements of growth. Growing a business or adding to a home or developing a health focused plan are some examples.  Virgo Moon puts emphasis on the smaller details and refining skills or systems in place. Saturn throws in wise and cautious messages, from Sagittarius (not a sign of caution, but Saturn is retrograde). I see this as a reminder of when going too far or too fast didn't bring the desired result. Consider what you learned in the past, or observed in someone else's life,  as you move a project or plan ahead.  Emotional patterns also come into play if you're facing what you fear. Fear usually comes from uncertainty. Is it better now to hold on for a while longer or to let go and see what happens? You cannot grow without eventually letting go. You decide when it's time. Today's color is navy blue.

Saturday: Virgo Moon conjunct Jupiter

The Moon harmoniously aspects 5 planets today! The Jupiter conjunction is a monthly occurrence that's nearing an end as Jupiter moves on to Libra on September 9th.  There are many beneficial, pleasurable, practical aspects to the Moon contacting Mars, Venus, Pluto and Mercury as well as the Sun. Move with momentum, intention, flexibility and care for others. Enjoy friendships, the land you live and breathe on, and perhaps a problem set aside or resolved. New Moon energy is still with us, so it's a good time for a new beginning or another attempt.  Void Moon begins at 11:28 pm EDT until 4:32 am EDT. Today's color is green.

Sunday: Libra Moon

Good vibes continue as they have since late June. The Sun aligns with Jupiter and Mercury trine Mars today. Again, agreements and plans for growth, prosperity, and forward movement combine with nurturing relationships and having heart, empathy and awareness of others as you do any of the aforementioned.  Libra Moon is about partnership, one on one interaction, complementing and balancing each other, and mediating where harmony is needed.  Virgo, Scorpio and Cancer host the Sun and planets most involved and may experience the benefits very directly. Today's color is blue.

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