Saturday, May 7, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology May 9th to 14th, 2016

Come to a deeply restorative yoga practice including Yin and Restorative postures to release stored tension and the kinks and twists that result from everyday life, habitual movements and challenging emotions. Crystal bowl sounds and tuning fork vibrations have a mysterious and healing effect throughout practice. Aromatherapy options can be worn as a patch, or you can decline the aromatherapy option. Scents and oils go directly into the skin, not the air in the room.

Friday, May 13th 6-8 pm at Greener Postures in South Portland to sign up (or in either GP studio)

I'd love to share this practice with you. No experience is needed.

Monday: Jupiter Direct in Virgo

Jupiter is retrograde for about 50% of your life, so in a way there's nothing unusual about the period of time we just went through since fall. If you were able to learn, grow, expand upon something, revive a project or relationship, or finally connect with the health advice or diagnosis you needed, wonderful! Those things may all move with more fluidity and less effort now. Of course, 4 other planets appear to be moving backwards in the heavens (yes, it's really an illusion and illusion can be a problem now). But overall, if you're a Virgo, work in service to others, are manifesting your own life purpose, and trying to attract more prosperity and make healthy changes, Jupiter direct is a little bonus to help keep the flow going. Jupiter turns direct today at 8:14 am EDT in Virgo.

The Moon is void of course in Gemini, a scattered and spacey time when mental challenges are tough. Relaxing, exercising and focusing on organization are good ways to spend the morning. At !:24 pm EDT, the Moon ends a 12 hour void time and shifts to water sign Cancer. The Sun meets Mercury, and it's time to revise a statement or be willing to change your strongly held opinion. People will speak ab out their deepest, most firmly entrenched beliefs. Venus aligns with Neptune for romantic gestures and creative endeavors.  Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon

The planets are very communicative today, with a wide variety of influences. Moon opposes Pluto in a monthly pattern that requires acknowledging emotion even if you cannot act on the feeling.  Family and home are priorities.  Venus forms a lovely trine to Jupiter in Taurus/Virgo, enhancing love and relationship. The Moon aligns with Venus and Mercury retro, turning attention back to things or people you care for deeply, even if there's been estrangement or a leaving.  It may be only in the mind that you experience any of this. There's no need to act unless you're ready and willing. Sentiment is strong today, and reminiscing will be natural.  Today's color is pink.

Wednesday: Cancer to Leo Moon

In the wee hours, the Moon and Sun align, then Uranus adds impact from Aries. Check emails and messages right away in case of last minute changes. At 3:34 am EDT the Moon is void of course until 5:32 pm EDT. Be gentle and take your time with things today. No pushing or coercing. Tonight's Leo Moon inspires some fun, competition and action. Play games, go out and see friends.  Wear orange.

Thursday: Leo Moon, Mercury trine Pluto

Warming Leo Moon aligns with Saturn and Mars retrograde in Sagittarius. Old business can result in headaches and heartaches, but this is a revision time and Leo Moon adds optimism and a can-do attitude. Some things will require more effort now, including travel arrangements, long distance business and getting shipping timely and right. Sagittarius, you may be experiencing this quite a lot. For all of us, patience and warmth go a long way. Where might you take a more easy, playful or amused attitude rather than focusing on complaints and frustrations. Events and decisions take their own sweet time now. Mercury retrograde and Pluto align and we can be productively reflective and thoughtful today, possibly seeing things in a different light. Awareness can be a quiet, solitary process. Give yourself time to think or to not think about anything at all and let fresh ideas move in on their own, when you're not trying so hard. Today's color is gold.

Friday: Mercury conjunct Venus in Taurus, Venus trine Pluto

Reconnect with the past. It'll happen unintentionally too. This looks like a day of reunions, forgiveness, overdue conversations, and chance encounters.  Live for the day, enjoy reconciliations and getting together, but keep promises for another time. See how things go. Be caring and genuine. The morning is best for shopping or business transactions and meetings. The afternoon void of course Moon is 1:02 pm through 1:52 am EDT on Friday. Have some fun. Aspects are quite good and maybe this will be a loving and lucky day for you! Today's color is yellow.

Saturday: Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon begins at 1:52 am, and the Moon squares Mars in Sagittarius. Mars is retro and the details of things, like travels, tests or contracts come up for some problem solving.  It may be inconvenient and some will over react, triggered by Mars.  Otherwise, do practical things like clean, organize, and sort. Be careful you don't toss something you'll wish you held onto.  Take a grounded approach. Today's color is brown.

Sunday: Virgo Moon conjunct Jupiter

Virgo Moon meets Jupiter, now direct, in their first encounter like this since late summer. There are many other aspects, but this is a day of growth, prosperity, attention to both details and the big picture. Envision and manifest.  Mercury retrograde is in harmony with the Moon, bringing up past personal or work things for new resolution and understanding.  Today's color is green.

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