Thursday, April 28, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology May 2nd to 7th, 2016

Monday: Pisces Moon

Waning Moon in Pisces begins the business week. A mix of planetary influences indicate that creative energy swells while analytical work and negotiations are challenging (at best). With Mercury retrograde, get back to personal projects and priorities.  Future scheduling and planning is unreliable, but you can still do it knowing that dates may need to be adjusted later.  Nurturing, healing, planting and other ways of connecting to earth and water are favored.  The past may come up for resolution. Today's color is green.

Tuesday: Pisces to Aries Moon, Sun trine Jupiter

The Sun and Jupiter harmonize in Taurus/Virgo. This favorable aspect puts blessings on many things today, including health and abundance.  Aries and Leo are favored financially.  Sagittarius and Leo also get good career vibes and shine in the public eye.  Taurus and Virgo fare well overall. Pisces Moon is void from 1:08 am to 1:04 pm. The Moon and Mercury retrograde lead to surprise reunions and requests for second chances. Aries Moon starts at 1:04 pm and by tonight the Moon is approaching a trine to Mars retrograde in Sag. Keep interactions simple and avoid showing anger. Things could flare up quickly or unexpectedly all through Wednesday. Wear orange.

Wednesday: Aries Moon

The Moon aligns with Mars and Saturn while both retrograde in Sagittarius. Unresolved business and matters of truth come up. Uranus chimes in from Aries and Pluto from Capricorn. Ideally this brings an enlightened idea, but it may not be received well enough to fly.  Alternately, this could be way too much fire. Be careful with anger, tempers, and strong reactions.  Today's color is white.

Thursday: Aries to Taurus Moon

Aries Moon is void from 12:17 am EDT to 1:17 pm. All bets are off. The Aries meeting of Uranus and Moon overnight can create shock and sudden onset of feelings or reactions.  That's rarely welcome or useful. Try to tame your own responses and not add to a volatile mix, if it exists around you. Taurus Moon at 1:17 pm leads to New Moon at 3:30 pm on Friday. Today, rethink your priorities and course of action. Do something cozy tonight and stay in trusted territory if possible. Wear pink.

Friday: New Moon

Taurus New Moon is official at 3:30 pm EDT, and today the Moon meets both Venus, planet of love, and Mercury, now retrograde, along with the Sun. Pluto, Jupiter and Neptune harmonize with the Moon. It's an auspicious day and many things will go easily, but do not forget that five planets are retrograde. Avoid trying too hard, pushing where there doesn't seem to be any yield, or acting on impulse. The retrogrades are meant for processing and there will be silver linings and clear reasons why delays and things occurred. Do your best not to miscommunicate.  Enjoy the earth, people around you, and sensual pleasures including healthy, delicious foods. The Moon is void of course from 10:10 pm on. Today's color is yellow.

Saturday: Taurus to Gemini Moon, Sun trine Pluto

Sun trine Pluto is a chance to check in with yourself. Are you being realistic and showing your true colors, or are you hiding things or pretending problems don't exist?  Face yourself directly today. The Moon moves into Gemini at 12:35 pm, and opposes Mars. Emotions could be difficult to deal with. There's no winning an argument. It appears that everyone loses in that case.  Today's color is black.

Sunday: Mother's Day, Gemini Moon

Gemini is sign of siblings. Cooperating with yours is a good idea for a happy Mother's Day. Planets indicate challenge today and it may present as mental, intellectual or relate to boundaries. Know your limits, but act with sensitivity as much as possible.  Be clear without being harsh.  Today's color is blue.

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