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Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly April 11th to 17th, 2016

April 30th at Scarborough Yoga, discover and experience how each sign of the zodiac and every planet correlates with your body, mind, and spirit as we celebrate 3 years of Robin's Zodiac Yoga, RoZoYo® with a sequence that moves around the zodiac and body in a special way.

10am-12:30 Yoga & Gallery style readings for all
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Monday: Gemini Moon

Gemini Moon squares Jupiter overnight setting us up for problem solving. Get right to it. It appears there's no time to waste today. Writing, meditating, setting up terms and contracts are favored. Intellectual energy dominates the day. Try not to let anxiety result from overanalyzing, which could be a tendency. At 2:57 pm EDT, the Moon moves void of course. Do business and your best thinking before then. Debates are likely as the Moon opposes Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius. Solutions could come rapidly though as the Moon aligns with innovative and speedy Uranus in Aries and with the Sun for decisiveness and quick action.  Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon, Venus trine Mare

After an overnight void of course time, the Moon moves to Cancer at 4:07 am EDT. Watch yourself for mistakes during the v.o.c. when locking yourself out or leaving doors unlocked, misplacing things or bigger errors in judgment are more likely.  Cancer Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces, and Neptune aligns with Mercury in Taurus. A nurturing, creative, sentimental feeling results. Take care of whom and what you cherish.  Venus and Mars align in Aries/Sagittarius, exciting for lovers traveling together, for new relationships, and for moving on things which require partnership agreement and may include spontaneous action.  Many things go over well today. Harmony from these aspects reaches all signs. Wear light blue.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon

Cancer Moon has mixed influences today. Mercury and Jupiter are in harmony, in earth signs. This helps us get things done and eases conversations. Intimacy, growth in understanding and caring are some effects.  Pluto is across the zodiac in a monthly opposition to the Moon, and Uranus and the Sun in Aries square Cancer Moon. These aspects often recreate patterns of fear, tension, and anxiety. If you know those things could come up, maybe you can head them off with preparation and healthy boundaries or personal habits. Talk yourself out of an emotional pattern you could do without. Responses are important today. Try not to engage in old arguments or known triggers especially with family or within  yourself. Void Moon begins at 11:59 pm EDT and lasts into mid morning. Today's color is white.

Thursday: Leo Moon

At 9:53 am EDT, Moon moves to Leo. Mercury aligns with Jupiter for ease in agreements, promotion of good health, and important conversations.  Leo is the zodiac's optimist and we have the practical aspects to take positivity into action.  Communication and prosperity as well as public speaking and performances are favored. Do something great today! Wear gold.

Friday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon is active with several aspects, continuing yesterday's optimism and adding a need for serious intent and strength or courage. Make a bold, long term decision before Mars and Mercury retrograde kick in (Sunday and April 28th in that order.) Saturn adds wisdom and the voice of experience. Take your time (hours, not days!) with the terms of a long term decision. If it's not ready yet, maybe wait until at least late May. There's fun to be had, as well. Today's color is purple.

Saturday: Leo to Virgo Moon

Leo Moon lines up with Aries Sun and Uranus. Today's qualities and events take on a competitive, original, dynamic tone.  Fast paced and with reckless abandon in some cases, the world could seem a bit wild.  On the upside, spontaneity is favored. On the other side, keep your head on straight as others may not.  On the road, for example, keep your eyes and ears open.  Enjoy a good time on a social day. From 1:48 to 7:23 pm EDT, the Moon is void of course (be extra aware or careful), and then moves to Virgo. Mars retrograde begins Sunday. Travel, among other things, may be delayed and restricted in the next several weeks. Today's color is navy blue.

Sunday: Virgo Moon, Mercury trine Pluto

It's an earth bound, grounded day for tasks, sensibility and honesty especially with oneself. Pluto brings up issues that are often shelved or considered taboo. Those topics will be faced and discussed. This can be done productively and without excessive emotion. Avoid areas of strong disagreement as Mars retrograde begins at 8:14 am EDT until June 29th. Show sensitivity and try to act from a non judgmental place. The Moon and Jupiter meet for blessings, health and abundance. Note what you're grateful for. Today's color is brown.

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