Friday, April 1, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Week April 4th to 10th, 2016

Monday: Pisces Moon

 Pisces Moon moves in at 1:45 am EDT, squares Mars and meets Neptune. The sensitive and subdued clash with the bold and brazen today. Find comfort in creative projects, drift from one thing to another and expect to feel.  Those out of touch with feelings or driven to a goal could unintentionally hurt feelings by overlooking something like a birthday, a pressing need or a job well done. Sharp edges can be smoothed with conscious attention and a bit of empathy.  Tone the fire down during Pisces Moon and you'll get along better with others. If you're being overly sensitive and letting unintended slights bother you too much, maybe you can put that in perspective and just do your own thing.  This is a good day to remember the phrase "never take things personally".  Care for pets, immerse in natural surroundings, and be inspired.  Work on music, art, film, landscape and gardening, and anything water related, like boats and surfboards.  Light green is today's color.

Tuesday: Void of course Moon, Sun trine Saturn

At 6:33 am EDT, the Moon begins a long void of course time in Pisces. Until 2:46 am EDT Wednesday, life is likely to feel less grounded and our minds less sharp. The Moon makes a few early morning moves including a square to Saturn, and the Sun forms a harmonious trine to Saturn which balances things out. Saturn means responsibility and wisdom along with challenge and sometimes restrictions and rules.  As today's prevalent force, Saturn is likely to bring decisions and announcements.  The Sun in Aries says 'bring on the new!'. Saturn reminds us to think twice and commit when we're sure.  On this void of course Moon day, leave room for altering your course of action as soon as tomorrow. Agree only to the right terms and resist or delay if something seems out of place. Venus moves to Aries at 12:50 pm EDT, and spring fever is here with the planet of love in the first sign. Revitalize your romantic life during April. Mercury crosses the threshold to Taurus today for strong voice and long term agreements for the next few weeks. Note that Mercury retrograde starts on April 28th. Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Aries Moon conjunct Venus, Sun square Pluto

Aries Moon time starts at 2:46 am EDT. As Venus and the Moon meet, new relationships excite and may create some anxiety too. Crushes heat up, romances refresh, and everything new is appealing.  We're more likely to act on our passions, try things, and allow for spontaneity. Also, today the Sun squares Pluto in a struggle between light and dark. This could manifest in self doubt or conflicting plans or opinions. Try not to let doubt spoil what's exciting and full of promise.  Talk yourself down if need be.  Breaking with tradition could be both attractive and difficult. Be courageous. New Moon is tomorrow, so reconsider your course and prepare for fresh starts. Today's color is red.

Thursday: New Moon in Aries

New Moon is at 7:24 am EDT, and Uranus, the revolutionary planet, is next to the Sun and Moon. Pluto squares the Moon and Saturn forms a harmonious trine.  Vibrations of last month's solar eclipse fill the air. We'll hear about or announce next moves.  Sudden and surprising opportunities present themselves. Stay in touch with sources of whatever you need or are hoping for. Pluto can pull our energy inward, and some negativity or doubt could surface. However, the fire of Sun, Moon, and other planets in fire signs is stronger. Turn down the volume on judgment, shame, or low self esteem. Reach for the brass ring, the winning situation, and clear physical and mental space.  Think of today as a blank canvas ready to be filled with color. Avoid overthinking. Say yes to that thing you really want, the one you know is right. College acceptances are definitely part of this as Saturn aspects the New Moon from Sagittarius, sign of higher learning. Void of course Moon 10:56 am EDT until Friday morning. Today's color is white.

Friday: Taurus Moon

Taurus Moon moves in at 2:10 am and meets Mercury. We'll mean what we say. It's a day for follow through, so commit if you're absolutely certain. Know the terms of agreements and pursue your goals with methodical, step by step plans.  Prosperity and comfort are Taurus Moon values. Create both to the best of your current ability. Visualize having everything you need, provide something that makes life better for yourself and someone else.  Do something rather than just talking about it. Taurus rules your voice and throat and Mercury rules words. Statements hold power today. Moon and Neptune align for taking dreams to a real, tangible level. Make something happen. It's a good night for gatherings with your closest friends. Prepare or enjoy a great meal. Today's color is green.

Saturday: Void of course Moon

It's another long void of course Moon during waking hours from 5:49 am EDT until after 1 am Sunday. Major purchases are not recommended, though if you've done your research and are just making the payment on something you ordered, you're probably safe. Save receipts and clarify return policies if you're buying. We like to shop during Taurus Moon, when abundance is celebrated and acquiring is natural. Moon trine Jupiter sets up a strong day. Exercise, spruce up your home, and enjoy being outside or otherwise engaging your senses. Pleasurable activities are favored. Live in the moment. Sun meets Uranus, pointing out all that's changing. It's a party night, though we always want to be a little bit cautious when Uranus is active. Have fun and respect limits.  Today's color is yellow.

Sunday: Gemini Moon

At 1:59 am EDT the Moon moves to Gemini. During this changeable and versatile Moon time, think differently, choose wording and negotiate terms.  It's a social day, marked by Venus in harmony with the Moon. Form new friendships, travel in groups, and surround with like minded people. Mars is opposite the Moon and can instigate arguments or maybe healthy debates. If you must debate, so it with intelligence rather than dominance. Construct support for your opinion if you are out to convince.  The Moon squares Neptune in Pisces. Avoid irrational or unrealistic thinking. Be imaginative with projects and writing.  Today's color is pink.

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