Saturday, February 6, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone February 8th to 14th, 2016

Monday: Aquarius New Moon

This New Moon always signals Chinese New Year, and this week Tuesday marks Fat Tuesday and Wednesday, Lent begins in the Christian tradition. New Moon in Aquarius is at 9:39 am ET and the Moon moves void of course as Moon and Sun meet. Mars, Saturn, and Uranus contact the Moon prior. Mars forms a square from Scorpio, which is challenging and requires much effort to budge a situation or opinion. Getting the final word or a piece of necessary information could be quite a process. Be persistent, but not to the point of frustration. Know whether it's worth your energy or better to step back for a day.  The Moon is void of course until 3:31 am ET, Tuesday.  This makes a nice day off or at least minimize your schedule. Do some planning, try not to force things into place before their time.  Socialize and gather for a team effort. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune

Moon is in Pisces from 3:31 am to Thursday 4:55 am. Show empathy and understanding today. Being creative and adaptable may be easier today.  Neptune and the Moon emphasize all Pisces traits including intuition and sensitivity.  Easy does it. Do something you enjoy. Be a good listener. Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon, Venus trine Jupiter

The heavens are full of activity today. Pisces Moon engages with several planets including Venus and Jupiter. Those two are in sweet harmony, in Virgo and Capricorn. The Moon also forms a trine with Mercury in Capricorn. Relationships benefit. It's a good day to reach a solid agreement you can abide by. There's a blend of feeling and doing that can be described as following the heart or acting from the heart.  Venus and Jupiter are in versatile and practical earth signs.  Back up your words and emotions with positive action.  Be in harmony, be in love. Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer, Pisces and Taurus may feel special connection to and emphasis on what happens today. Void of course Moon begins at 11:25 pm ET.  Today's color is green.

Thursday: Aries Moon

At 4:55 am ET, the Moon shifts to fiery Aries.  In this New Moon week, this is a great day to take initiative and get something in motion. There are no planetary aspects.  Get a fresh start, drum up your confidence and drive.  Take advantage of enthusiasm and energy to build, to work on relationships, and to clear the air and your space.  Even more complex situations are up for progress today. Wear red.

Friday: Aries Moon

Aries Moon is busy with many connections today. Recurring patterns surface. The Moon and Venus square and Moon and Mercury square hours later, on Saturday morning. This indicates things to be worked through and likely involves partnership, communication, and balance of power. If you're negotiating, be thoughtful and clear. Overly dominant moves will create resistance.  Where one prefers the traditional and the other something more innovative, take time to understand. Avoid being impulsive or pushy.  Orange is today's color.

Saturday: Mercury to Aquarius

Mercury spends final hours in Capricorn, squares the Aries Moon, and cruises to Aquarius at 5:43 pm ET. Mercury moves on and will leave many with a sense of accomplishment through organization and strong efforts.  Mars and Jupiter align for intense focus and action around health, service to others, growth of business, and other hands on projects.  It's a good time to train, build, and offer your talents to benefit the greater good.  From 5:32 am to 6:36 pm the Moon is void of course. Taurus Moon brings a stable feeling, increases persistence, and makes us appreciate the comforts we have. Today's color is yellow.

Sunday: Valentine's Day, Taurus Moon

Taurus is the sensualist of the zodiac, and Valentine's Day falls on Taurus Moon this year.  Whether loving or healing, today the power of touch is accentuated.  Moon aligns with Pluto and Jupiter for all sorts of release, transformation and expansion. Apply that to self, relationships, business or other priorities.  The Moon does oppose Mars in Scorpio bringing out stubborn nature in some cases. Do not fight or argue today. No one will win. Avoid anger. Expect passion in all it's forms. Today's color is pink.

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