Sunday, January 31, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone February 1st to 7th, 2016

Monday: Scorpio Moon

Actively focus energy on a priority matter. Scorpio Moon meets Mars and the tendency to be aggressive is there, so rather than act in anger or impatience, channel your inner warrior for a good or personal cause.  The Moon aligns with Pluto which may help if you're looking for an answer, researching or soul searching.  Mercury and Jupiter also combine forces with Scorpio Moon, intensifying communications, the will to serve others, and to improve physical and mental health. Take some steps to improve life in general, keep your heart in the right place, and avoid anything with ulterior motive or excessive need to control. Void of course Moon breaks the spell at 7:35 pm. If you're wound up and work hard all day, use this time to relax. Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Imbolc, Groundhog Day, Sagittarius Moon

Imbolc is an ancient "holiday" welcoming back daylight. Light things up today or tonight, with candles, lanterns, or your favorite strings of bulbs. The Moon starts void of course and moves officially to Sagittarius at 10:50 am ET. The Moon aspects no other heavenly bodies. It's a beautiful day for freedom, travels, and enjoyable learning experiences.  Immerse yourself in something you love. Do something to make today a bit more special and out of the ordinary. Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Mars sextile Pluto, Sun sextile Saturn

The Moon and Saturn meet as Saturn aligns with the Aquarius Sun.  Agreements of a serious nature are featured. Commit to school, a trip abroad or your own freedom. Break a habit or pattern by having a multi-faceted, versatile plan. Contracts and agreements lean more toward dissolving than creating partnerships and can include divorce, separation of assets or division of a company.  Mars and Pluto activate things that have been held back and are now ready to become public, come to the surface and be dealt with rather than hidden or ignored.  Things may settle quickly and in unusual ways as the Moon and Uranus align. Wear turquoise.

Thursday: Sagittarius to Capricorn Moon

The Moon is void of course in Sag from 5:04 am to 7:44 pm. Moon squares Jupiter in Virgo as void time begins.  Health, eduction, travel and service to others are some of the areas charged by this square. Disagreements and prompts to settle and reach decisions are likely.  Sorting out values and trying to come to consensus with another person or party is part of the process. Virgo and Sagittarius, hosting the Moon and Jupiter, are very different in nature and ways of operating in the world. However, both are mutable signs, so build in some flexibility to make agreement more appealing. Room for revision helps you forward a plan. Capricorn Moon arrives at 7:44 pm. It's a good night for organizing information or space and for studies as well. Today's color is green.

Friday: Capricorn Moon, Venus conjunct Pluto

It's a very Capricorn day as the Moon travels the same sign Venus and Pluto align in.  The Moon harmonizes with Neptune in Pisces. Be realistic, but don't give up your dream or ideal too easily.  Venus, planet of love, is in practical Capricorn. Warm someone up to an idea. Stir emotions that have been repressed out of fear. Be vulnerable and strong in combination.  For example, express your intentions or feelings in order to release the energy it requires to hold them in. Then let go of the outcome and know that you will be okay no matter how you're received.  Pluto has the power to transform, and today this influences our personal relationships and desires.  Affection may go a long way. Reassure someone who may fear that you're leaving or no longer care. This includes lovers, family and friends.  Work with the undercurrents. Activate intuition, and act. Moon and Neptune provide possibilities for romance and/or managing life better together, and appreciation for complementary styles and contributions. Team up with someone who brings a different trait or skill to your project or environment.  Beautify and organize space to function better. Spring clean early, before Monday's fresh New Moon time. Today's color is pink.

Yoga Nidra guided meditation in West Falmouth at Greener Postures is postponed due to weather.
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Saturday: Capricorn Moon, Mercury trine Jupiter, Sun sextile Uranus

This looks like a varied and eventful day.  Communication holds great importance .Be clear and go for the very best outcomes. Think of the whole picture, of how others are influenced, and of how to maximize your gifts and skills.  Sun and Uranus combine for original ideas and solutions, quick thinking, and awakenings.  With too many aspects to individually name and describe here, anticipate possibilities and work with what has great potential. Be present with what you have for resources and support while seeing beyond the here and now. What can you do today, that may seem simple, that influences your tomorrow and the experience of others greatly? That is today's mission. Today's color is black.

Sunday: Sun square Mars, Venus sextile Mars, Aquarius Moon

Mars, the warrior planet, has strong influence today. The Sun square Mars features things we're stubbornly attached to, and makes agreement difficult.  Venus, planet of love, in Capricorn, softens the picture, brings in a realistic attitude, and aims for harmony, chemistry and compatibility. Romantic and long term relationships will probably fare better than business, political, or other interactions as a result.  Chemistry is strong in the Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer realms, and new love is very pleasurable and intense.  Disagreements of personal nature, between rivals for example, will be strong and hard to work through.  Debates are not encouraged today. If you're willing to sort something out, and you go in with the intent to be flexible and to hear someone out, you could settle a tough dispute. Attitude will be everything. The Moon is in Aquarius, and on this day prior to New Moon, define your vision and next potential move. Clear clutter and obstacles. Today's color is blue.

As far as the big game Sunday, both team cities are Scorpios and during this Aquarius time, both would be in the spotlight! Denver has Capricorn Moon and there are many Capricorn influences at work the past few days.  It's a tough one to predict, but whether or not Denver wins, the impact of this Super game appears to positively influence Denver beyond this day. Perhaps the underdog will be victorious.

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