Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone July 20th to 26th, 2015

Monday: Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon aligns with Mercury, Mars and Pluto. Decisions and resolutions come. Things may fall together more easily than expected. Moon and Pluto occupy earth signs for practicality while Mars and Mercury in Cancer tap into the watery nature of emotion and sensitivity. The downside is Mars can be defensive or actively avoid while in Cancer. Muster up the courage to deal honestly and effectively.  Between New and Full Moon, this is the time to sort something out, get things started and nurture what's in progress. Virgo and Cancer have helpful, caring traits we can draw upon in ourselves or receive from others today. Wear navy blue.

Tuesday: Sun trine Saturn

The Cancer Sun and Saturn retrograde in Scorpio line up for decisions that have been long in progress. Information recently received may be part of agreements and solutions reached now. 
Void of course Moon hours are 6:07 to 9:23 am in Virgo, and then Libra Moon creates the conditions for negotiating, finalizing, and seeing another perspective.  News and announcements are probable as a result, whether this comes today, yesterday or sometimes during this week.  If there's a return to resolve "old business", Sun and Saturn lend energy to family, property related and health matters. Today's color is black. 

Wednesday: Sun in Leo, Mercury trine Saturn

A continuation of yesterday's business, Mercury aligns with Saturn for final decisions and announcements.  There's an emotional tone since both are in water signs. Topics of sensitive nature and a gentle approach go together.  Avoid harsh or insensitive comments. Saturn is retrograde so some decisions may take a bit longer to go into full effect.  Take a long term outlook and be able to see beyond the moment.  Patience might be required. The Moon is in Libra today for weighing options and dealing fairly. The Sun moves to Leo at 11:30 pm EDT for the height of summer. Today's color is yellow. 

Thursday: Mercury to Leo, Sun conjunct Mercury

More news in the forecast as the Sun and Mercury meet in an expressive conjunction.  Mercury moves to Leo at 8:14 am. Jupiter and Venus in Leo harmonize with Libra Moon, and though the Moon is out of sorts with or challenged by Pluto and Uranus, the positive energy is stronger than the heaviness. Courage and strength may be required, but the outlook is good for mustering up the energy needed.  Partnership, marriage, creative projects, and matters revolving around children are highlighted for best efforts and positive outcomes today. The Sun and Mercury in Leo favor performances, honest declarations, opening up communication, and announcing good news. Void of course Moon time begins at 2:12 pm, and Scorpio Moon moves in at 10:07 pm EDT. Today's color is gold.

Friday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon in Scorpio is quite different from Sun and Mercury in Leo. Two squares lend stubborn streaks, but sometimes being fixed is a good thing.  We won't back down or give in easily with aspects like this.  People will tend to hold their ground, their boundaries, and be tough to convince otherwise.  That may be advantageous as Neptune harmonizes with the Moon, subtly influencing and trying to soften out the sharp points.  The problem can be escapism or lack of full honesty.  Trust your instincts and don't give in too easily when you have previously decided what's best in a situation (or relationship).  Today's color is indigo blue. 

Saturday: Venus Retrograde, Mars square Uranus

Mars/Uranus action may remind us of and relates to the New Moon
of July 15th. If you were challenged about a week and a half ago, this could be a sequel.  Know what calms you, and take care of your emotional life in healthy ways.  The Moon aligns with Pluto and Mars for deep thought before responses. Effectively put energy, even anger, into creative process.  Venus retrogrades in Virgo for one week beginning at 5:29 am EDT. Venus will be back in Leo on July 31st. Virgo, notice any subtle (or louder) relationship rumblings that may include a chance to revisit love, reconsider a relationship decision or be more subtle in your desires. Possibly your relationship needs more attention and time.  Late August Virgos and Leos may notice this most now. Today's color is maroon.

Sunday: Uranus Retrograde, Sagittarius Moon

Void of course Moon 5:14 to 8:24 am EDT. The Moon meets Saturn in Scorpio and then cruises to Sagittarius. The day starts with a serious tone. Squares indicate things to be worked out, possibly scaled down or answered for.  It's a no excuses kind of morning. Sagittarius Moon lightens things as the day goes on with trines to the Sun and Mercury. Find some freedom and fun as the weekend winds down. Perhaps you can settle a dispute or difficult problem and then relax. Sunday's color is purple.

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