Saturday, July 11, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Astrology July 13th to July 19th, 2015

Monday: Gemini Moon, Mercury trine Neptune

Versatile thinking, problem solving and creative process are favored under Gemini Moon with Mercury and Neptune aligned in the water signs. This balance of intellect and emotion is great for writers.  Combine words and images or use imagery in convincing ways. This is an asset to marketing strategies. In your personal life, brainstorm and reach solutions that take feelings into strong consideration.  The Moon in Gemini and planets in Leo bring out expressive, extroverted traits.  This includes humor, friendliness and willingness to jump in. It's a great day to entertain.  Today's color is light blue. 

Tuesday: Gemini to Cancer Moon, Venus square Saturn

Venus is about to leave Leo, and today forms a square to Saturn retrograde. These planets strongly suggest we get a handle on relationships, take responsibility for our commitments and bring more balance to our interactions with those closest to us. Venus is passionate and loyal in Leo and Saturn means business in Scorpio. On this day before New Moon, consider how you want to engage in relationship. It'll be a make or break time for some. Revisit promises you've made and see if you can make good on them or must you break the contract. In fixed signs, there will be long term implications and feelings from what's decided now. The Moon is in harmony with Neptune. The potential problem here is escaping rather than dealing up front with strength and courage.  Cancer Moon from 2:14 am into Thursday morning. Pink is today's color. 

Wednesday: New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer is at 9:24 pm. The hours before that are for planning and reconsideration. This is a challenging New Moon with Mars opposite Pluto conjunct the Moon and Mercury (this is a simplified way of saying there is concentrated energy in Capricorn and Cancer). It's probable many will face shadow aspects of the self or of situations. Mars in Cancer doesn't know how to deal with anger, passion, and other strong energy and may suppress it. That rarely has a good result! Channel darkness into creativity. Communicate with spirit in whatever way makes sense to you. Look beyond the physical world for guidance if this is a difficult time.  Cancer relates to home, ancestry, family, and emotion. This is the sign of the Moon. It's likely to be a  highly emotional, sensitive time. Letting go of a suppressed secret or releasing a strong emotion in a productive, positive way could be a very healing experience. This New Moon makes way for exactly that. Move lightly and be nurturing wherever you can. Today's color is white.

Thursday: Leo Moon, Mercury conjunct Mars

Yesterday's New Moon themes ring through the week. Leo Moon moving in at 10:15 am is most likely to be helpful since Cancer is heavier and more emotional.  Void Moon is 7:24 am to 10:15 am EDT. Avoid major statements and decisions then.  The Moon and Mars connect at 12:04 am & Moon trines Saturn in Scorpio at 7:24 am EDT.  This activates us for what must be done, even if we're moving reluctantly.  Our emotional bodies, beyond the physical and mental, may be hurting or just vibrating with release.  I suspect there'll be more tears than usual this week, but hopefully they'll be tears of joy or finality that help clear us for new experiences.  Surrender and purge are two words that come to mind for this New Moon. Leo Moon encourages more playfulness, lighter hearts, and social energy. Today's color is purple. 

Friday: Leo Moon

If the week's been murky, fogging the brain, or you've been under the weather in any way, Leo Moon is freer and clearer today. Plan something fun. For the most part, the weekend ahead is meant for celebrations and festivities. Today is great for the party hosts to get caught up in fun preparations and for everyone else to pull themselves "up by the flip flop straps" since it's summer-or maybe the swimsuit straps, and do something active and fun. Or at least try to see the best in things, silver linings and shining possibilities. Today's color is orange. 

Saturday: Leo to Virgo Moon, Venus to Virgo, Moon conjunct Jupiter and Venus

It's another peak in the bold, bright Jupiter/Venus in Leo time. This period is ending soon and this weekend may be a culmination of things that were building for a year or more. It's a fine day for a wedding or other special event.  Count your blessings. Uranus is active with the Moon and Mercury which does lend a surprising, spontaneous or sudden aspect. Hopefully this will be a good turn or events, but in some cases flexibility and quick thinking will be called for. Venus moves to Virgo at 6:38 pm and the Moon shifts to that same sign at 8:47 pm.  It's a transitional day prior to Venus retrograde which begins on the 25th.  Venus will move back to Leo on the 31st, a time that may mimic or recall this particular day.  Today's color is rose (pink or a soft red will do).

Sunday: Moon opposite Neptune

Virgo Moon opposes Neptune. Try to stay realistic with expectations. If you're questioning your own judgment or someone's word, hold off on anything that requires a solid decision. Both Virgo and Pisces are mutable signs, and we may feel very changeable in mood or opinion. A fluid approach helps with versatile thinking and problem solving in alternative ways.  Enjoy the water and earth, from lakes to woods, mountains to sea. Today's color is blue.

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