Sunday, April 5, 2015

Weekly Astrology April 6th to 12th, 2015

Monday: Sun conjunct Uranus

Scorpio Moon relates to emotions and may feel quite intense just two days after the lunar eclipse. Loyalty will be valued and recognized.  Mercury aligns with Jupiter and the Sun and Uranus meet in Aries. The Sun conjunction brings news and developments related to the eclipse, as this happens in Aries, the opposite sign to the Full Moon we had on Saturday. Exciting, unsettling and surprising are some words you might use to describe what's going on now and during the last few days.  Strong feelings and opinions are likely to be expressed. Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon
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Scorpio Moon is void of course at 4:42 pm ET until 1:08 am Wednesday. Mercury is active again today, squaring Pluto, aiming to disclose information and secrets. A release of information could send things in a whole new direction and may allow for more movement forward. Squares are stubborn though, and you'll have to work to get the info you need. Be persistent, a Scorpio Moon trait. Evening is for relaxing and taking care of personal priorities. The Moon opposes Venus, making relationship questions and status a focus, especially for Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, and Capricorn. Today's color is black.

Wednesday: Mercury conjunct Uranus
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The Moon is in Sagittarius, a sign of movement. Mercury and Uranus meet in Aries for brilliant plans, wake up calls, and reasons to act immediately. Interesting messages and opportunities come unexpectedly. Jupiter is direct at 12:59 pm, and though you may not have noticed Jupiter retrograde, it's one more planet in favor of forward motion.  Saturn meets the Moon, saying choose wisely even if you have to move quickly.  Today's color is purple. 

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon trines
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Trines help things fall into place. They are a sign of ease, and we have four today! Sag Moon is in harmony with the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus.  Time to remove blocks, refresh what's stale, and actually accept offers or confirm plans. It's a good day for travels, field trips, and a new point of view. The void of course Moon begins at 1:45 pm. Get something settled before then. The Sun and Mercury meet just after midnight for more announcements and news. Today's color is yellow. 

Friday: Capricorn Moon
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Moon to Capricorn at 8:47 am. The Sun/Mercury conjunction overnight means word comes today. Things you anticipated during the last few weeks, effects of the eclipses that went by March 20th and April 4th, and other statements mark the end of the week. This happens in Aries, sign of leadership, initiator of change, and pioneer.  You may find yourself venturing into new things, not necessarily by choice.  The Sun and Mercury also contribute to original designs and ways of thinking and can lead to invention and creation.  Some statements will be strong, since the two meet in expressive and assertive Aries.  Capricorn Moon and Mars in Taurus favor building and bold business moves. This trine happens at 10:36 pm and will impact Saturday too. Today's color is green.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon is for getting things accomplished. The Moon is waning, and it's a favorable time for clearing old things old. Get rid of what's not useful. Capricorn is resourceful and during this Moon you could find new purpose for things you haven't been using. Do some feng shui at the home or office.  The Moon engages with 3 planets and the Sun for a variety of influences. The most notable is the square to the Sun in Aries. This can add to power struggles. Ask yourself if it's truly worth it and what you need to prove, before you go down that road.  Is the answer really that each of you have strengths to bring and neither has to dominate? Venus moves to Gemini at 11:28 am. Flirtatious, interested in people and socializing, Venus in Gemini may also inspire speakers, writers and teachers for the month ahead.  Planting and other outdoor plans are favored by the Moon. Today's color is navy blue.

Sunday: Aquarius Moon, Mars sextile Neptune
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The Moon is void of course from 4:15 am to 1:44 pm ET, and then moves to Aquarius.  Mars is in harmony with Neptune, strengthening imagination and creativity. See beyond limits today.  Artists, builders, and those who work the outdoor land or sea scapes may feel this sextile as inspiration, motivation, and ease.  Move past a mental block today. Start doing and let your process unfold. Today's color is turquoise. 

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