Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekly Astrology March 30th to April 5th, 2015

Monday: Mercury in Aries, Leo Moon

The Leo Moon is void of course at 9:57 am ET until 2:12 Tuesday afternoon. These hours are not ideal for major purchases or final word. It's a good catch up time though. Do the most simple, routine things, and have someone check your work if it's important not to make any errors. Have a system if you're cleaning or filing things since we often forget what we undertake during v.o.c Moons. Leo influences a fun and creative day, with a focus on children too. Mercury moves to Aries at 9:44 pm for a few weeks of quick decisions and reason to get going on things that have been put off. 
Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon, Mars in Taurus
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Void Moon starts the day and at 2:12 ET the Moon is in Virgo. Mars moves to Taurus at 12:26 pm. The first half of the day is less focused and could be less productive, but the earth sign energy influences us to make and do, figure out how, and show results this afternoon and evening.  The Virgo Moon aligns with Mars newly in Taurus. Use all your senses, take a hands on approach, and get it done your way so you'll be satisfied.  Virgo Moon is square to Saturn and details will be very important and may need clarifying. Try not to avoid what needs to be done or aired out.  Today's color is brown.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon
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The Virgo Moon favors a flexible, productive approach. Set and move on goals.  It's a good day to do taxes or other financial tasks, write, study, or cook, clean and repair things.  Detail oriented activities are favored.  Edit and go over things to make sure you understand or have done the best you can. Tomorrow Mercury and Saturn align in Aries/ Sagittarius and that impacts more than just one day. Today, enter agreements, move on things that are due or overdue, take a serious, responsible approach to personal matters and health. It's a good time to adopt a new healthier way of being. Mercury in Aries is urging people to step up as leaders and help things move forward. The Moon is opposite Neptune and aligned with Pluto. Bring creativity to your productivity. Don't run from a responsibility. Face a fear or underlying reason. Today's color is navy blue.

Thursday: Mercury trine Saturn
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Void of course Moon is from 5:01 am ET until Friday at 3:07 am. This isn't the best for scheduling, shopping or reaching a final agreement, yet those things are due. Full Moon eclipse in Libra is Saturday and we are in the midst of that energy now. Conclusions, final products, and negotiations are part of this Full Moon. Justice is called for. Respond in a new way to old problems or matters that have been cycling for a long while. Though the effects will go on and repercussions will be felt for as much as a year, agreements and partnership decisions come with this lunar eclipse. Lunar often indicates changes with the women in our lives from mothers to sisters, grandmothers and significant others or best friends.  Libra and Aries have been experiencing this eclipse pattern and may feel it most as personal changes and relationship events.  See yesterday's forecast for Mercury and Saturn alignment in place today. The goal is truth and forward momentum.  The Sun and Jupiter bring blessings on new endeavors, children, and creative, innovative projects.  Today's color is gold. 

Friday: Libra Moon

The Libra Moon is opposite Mercury in Aries and in harmony with Saturn in Sagittarius. Interactions will be strong, decisive, and ideally balanced today. Expect final outcomes, make or break, and news from couples and business partners regarding next moves. The lunar eclipse is Saturday at 8:06 am exact, though today we're just as likely to hear the news or feel the peaks as we are on Saturday and Sunday. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Libra Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse 
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Full Moon in Libra relates to partnership, equality, justice and balance. Sometimes things have to fall out of balance in order to be restored. This eclipse shakes things up as Uranus and Pluto are involved. Those two had their 7th of 7 squares nearly two weeks ago, and this eclipse continues a pattern in Libra/Aries that started in October 2013. It could be rocky and bring up questions about situations that have been weighted heavily on one side, especially in one on one relationships.  Also, the matter of self vs. couple/duo comes up. How well are you doing in your collaborations, professionally or personally? That may be indicative of how you experience this eclipse. Legal matters are also prime for peaks and conclusions.  What happens now vibrates most strongly for two weeks, wanes a bit for two, and stirs again during May's Full Moon in one month.  Jupiter is on the Moon's side, supporting from Leo for stability, creativity, and blessings on children, expansions and educational plans to name a few. With Uranus opposing the Moon, some of this may seem unorthodox, rebellious, chaotic, or entirely unexpected.  Take some time to get your footing whatever the eclipse may bring, and remember this is felt for a few days on either side so by Saturday it could be already well in progress or not quite obvious yet. Void Moon begins at 11:59 am ET. Full Moon color is white. 

Sunday: Sun square Pluto
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Pluto has been a strong, though sometimes subtle, influence these late winter/early spring weeks. Again today, Pluto in Capricorn has a say. The Sun in Aries is expressive, assertive and new while Pluto in Capricorn is more detached and deep, stirring feelings, old wounds, and emotions like fear. Pluto is the shadow side while the Sun is brazen and bright. The square between these two can create conflict within your self or with another. The quickness of Aries and mysteries of Pluto don't really match. The Moon is also opposite Mars, Aries ruling planet and there's potential conflict there as well. That one may manifest more as stubborn arguments. It's not an easy day to sway an opinion, especially among the fixed signs, as this occurs in Scorpio/Taurus.  Scorpio Moon moves in at 3:04 pm. Dealing with your self, your own priorities or problems, first may be better than trying to coerce or influence someone else. Scorpio Moon is spiritual, intuitive, and private, favoring personal intentions and processes.  The Full Moon eclipse is still playing out. Today's color is indigo. 

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