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Astrology for March 9th to 15th, 2015

Hello and happy March! There's much to know and experience in March and April, a very active time astrologically. The first Thursday night of each month, I'm appearing on Ultrasounds on WMNF Tampa, Florida, with Eluv. Thursday, March 5th who can be heard at WMNF as a rebroadcast. The segment is about 15 minutes into the show (10:15 pm ET). I'll be back on April 2nd, same time. Here's the link.

March and April RoZoYo® Events in Maine info: I'm at Freeport Yoga Company, Riverbend Yoga Yarmouth, Enchanted Wellness Somersworth NH, and Breathing Room South Portland for events coming up. See their websites. Advance registration only.

Peace peace peace~ Robin

Monday: Scorpio Moon
Gentle Flow at Breathing Room South Portland 4 pm

The Scorpio Moon comes along at 9:10 am ET with no aspects to other planets today. Clear your mind and hone in on one or two important matters. Scorpio Moon time is geared toward acting on long term investments and decisions. Act with permanence in mind. Farmer's Almanac says it's a good day for planting and fishing, and in our culture use that as a metaphor for initiating, producing and reaping benefits from your efforts. Emotionally, Scorpio Moon holds on and is both loyal and possessive. Try not to hover or invade personal privacy even if you're outrageously curious or interested. Today's color is maroon.

Tuesday: Mars trine Jupiter
Gentle Flow at 9:30 & Baby n Me Yoga 10:45 Scarborough Yoga

Jupiter influences with a square to the Moon and harmonious aspect to Mars. Jupiter expands and opens, doors and minds. Planet of wisdom and culture aligns with active Mars. Education, learning through travel and experience, and acting on expansion plans is favored. Scorpio Moon is where some resistance comes in. This sign is not keen on quick change and there will be some convincing to do if you're involved with Scorpio type people. If you're eager to jump into something new or untried, give the more cautious folks a chance to think about it. State your case and, if you can, show evidence of how things will work or look. Jupiter and Mars are enthusiastic about applying knowledge and skill, right away. Open your own or someone else's opportunities to grow. Neptune and the Moon combine for imagination and versatility. Today's color is red.

Wednesday: Mars conjunct Uranus, Mars square Pluto 
Hot Express26 12-1 at Maine Hatha Yoga Portland

Take your time, hold your temper and don't trigger anyone else's as Mars and Uranus are an explosive combination in Aries. Mars and Pluto have repeatedly formed this square and it's not an easy pattern. On the upside, you can purge something once and for all though it may require burning a bridge, metaphorically speaking. Sometimes that bridge is all within yourself, with Pluto involved. Strong awakenings and acting in the face of fear are a couple of today's themes. Bravery and strength are called for. The Moon moves from Scorpio at 7:30 pm ET and is void from 3:46 pm to 7:30. Be especially calm and safe during those hours since judgement wanes and today is already full of possible stressors. Wear indigo blue for intuition and higher consciousness. Rise above any indiscretion or fury. Transformations are in process.

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon, Mercury in Pisces

Read Wednesday's forecast above since aspects like those last more than one hour or one day. All of that is still applicable. Mercury moves to Pisces until March 30th, at 11:30 pm tonight. Today and tomorrow are impacted. It maybe better to wait a couple of days if you're making an important final decision since Mercury rules information and thought processes. As Mercury shifts, go easy on yourself and others. People may feel sensitive or  more introverted. Sagittarius Moon and Saturn meet in a quest for truth and wisdom. Jupiter and Uranus act with this Moon, urging change and openness. Open your mind to ideas, but don't be pushed into anything too fast. Today's color is purple. 

Friday: Sagittarius Moon
RoZoYo® Flow at Breathing Room 12-1 (Melissa K will guest teach for me)

The Moon aligns with Mars, Venus and the Sun. Moon and Sun are square. Working on self confidence and deal with resistance courageously. Without squares there would be no growth, so consider the Moon and Sun as a healthy amount of stress and challenge. Mars and Venus are in harmony with the Moon helping relationships thrive and encouraging us to be active and involved. Avoid being passive or giving up. Don't rush, but also don't procrastinate. Slow, steady steps.  Void of course Moon at 7:11 pm ET until 2:40 am Saturday. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon, Saturn retrograde

Saturn is retrograde as of 11:02 am ET. Don't worry too much about Saturn retrograde since though things may move a bit slower it's usually a wise thing. Saturn will remain retrograde in Sagittarius until June 14th, then move back into Scorpio for unfinished business, and shift direct again in early August. Capricorn is Saturn's home sign, so this is a very Saturn/Capricorn day and it's also Satur-day, the natural day related. Capricorn values order and accomplishment. Saturn urges responsibility and owning your actions and words. Mercury aligns with the Moon for discussions and plans. Neptune aligns for creative thinking and a bit of softness or whimsy.  Productivity will feel necessary and/or good today. Wear green.

Sunday: Moon conjunct Pluto
Yin Yoga 10-11:30 at Maine Hatha Yoga Portland
Prenatal Yoga 3-4:15pm at Breathing Room South Portland

Capricorn Moon meets Pluto, squares Mars and Uranus and aligns with the Sun in Pisces. Mixed emotions, revisiting disagreements or strain, and trying to find some softness, forgiveness, or ease characterize these aspects if you can blend them. Try not to get too caught up in "what's wrong." Look for solutions and avoid old triggers that accomplish nothing but grief. Seek a companion or partner who complements you in skill or approach. Do something worthwhile together.  Rearrange at home or work. Today's color is gray.

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