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Full Moon Week March 2nd to 8th, 2015

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Monday: Leo Moon conjunct Jupiter

The fires of Leo Moon are fed by Saturn, Mars, Venus, Uranus and Jupiter today. Trines indicate quick developments and speedy responses. Jupiter meets the Moon for blessings on health, children, and travels. Learning opportunities and mentors or wise advisors appear. Seek what you need. Set something up for success. If there's a down side to this day, it's that sudden changes and action can be startling and require time for adjustment. Foster positive attitudes. Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Jupiter trine Uranus

A continuation of yesterday's energy and activity as Jupiter and Uranus align in Leo/Aries. Fire sign action inspires, motivates, and drives. The Moon is also opposing Mercury, and void of course after that, 3:43 am ET. That means you may be taking important measures, interviewing for or accepting opportunities, and planning travel with a void of course Moon. The one thing I'd advise against is a major purchase, particularly a spontaneous one. Keep good track of paperwork, receipts and documentation of what you engage in. It will be hard to hold back under these aspects. Invite in the luck of Jupiter. People will tend to show their true colors, express freely, and act quickly. Full Moon is close. Wear gold.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon, Venus conjunct Uranus, trine Jupiter, square Pluto, Moon square Saturn, opposite Jupiter

What a full day! Venus dominates. The planet of love meets the planet of sudden nature and surprises, Uranus. Relationships heat up and changes come or finally become public. Venus and Jupiter are in harmony and this is a blessing on love for Aquarius, Leo, and Aries.  Venus square Pluto relates to relationship with self as well as to secrets and awakenings.  Much about love and romance during this Full Moon will be unanticipated, and there's more and similar on the way with next month's lunar eclipse on April 4th. The same planets that engage today will be active then, with a Libra/Aries eclipse (minus Venus, who will then be in Taurus). 
The Moon is in Virgo from 6:58 am ET and is Full Thursday at 1:05 pm.  Moon opposite Neptune is reminder to use good judgement with entrusting personal information or your heart. Saturn also reminds us of wisdom from experience. Don't repeat something that hurt or disappointed you in the first place.  Today's color is pink.

Thursday: Full Moon in Virgo

Pluto is a player during this Virgo Full Moon. Solutions, decisions and also illuminated awareness come. Resolving something is obvious, and many will find flexible plans or complete projects, classes and tasks with Virgo's earthy sensibility. The more subtle effect is Pluto's unearthing of dreams, feelings, and what's been hidden. An opportunity to recognize something in yourself and integrate it fully is very valuable. So in simpler words, you may purge an old issue or revive part of yourself you've been stifling. The Pisces Sun also lines up with Pluto, and Pisces may realize what draws people in, Capricorn does some successful research and Leo sees reason to shift from the ordinary and use money or time differently. These are just some of the possibilities that are awakened during the Full Moon. Pisces and Virgo are relationship focused, whether in love or not, and your self and roles you take in one on one relationships are shifting now and also next month. Full Moon is at 1:05 pm and the void of course Moon begins at 1:36 pm ET. Today's color is white. 

Friday: Void of course Moon

The Full Moon lingers, void of course in Virgo and there are no other significant aspects with planets today. Libra Moon arrives at 7:53 pm ET. Be flexible. Maintaining focus could be a challenge, yet is necessary for Full Moon agreements and developments. It's a good day to clean house and get some physical energy channeled into moderate workouts, yoga, and other healthy activities. Pushing your body is not recommended during Full Moon time. Libra Moon tonight is fine for social plans, but appears quieter than the usual outgoing nature of this sign. Let things settle in and try not to push yourself too hard. Eat healthy and your Virgo related digestive system will thank you. Today's color is blue.

Saturday: Libra Moon opposite Mars

Daylight Savings time begins in the USA overnight tonight. Just a reminder that at 2 am the clock moves forward an hour. Libra Moon is here for the whole weekend, moving on Monday at 9:10 am. Justice is always a Libra theme. Mars instigates conflict where there's imbalance this weekend. If you're not being fair, prepare to answer to the other party.  Saturn in Sagittarius aims for honesty and clarity too. Chances are, there will be matters to sort out and clear up today. Wear black. 

Sunday: Libra Moon opposite Venus and Uranus

Sunday and Saturday share themes. Venus brings love and harmony more into focus as well. Disagreements could be strong and come on quickly. Mercury and Jupiter are in harmony with the Moon, easing some of that if you can be honest and have an open mind.  Injustice and unfairness are the root of this weekend's dark side.  Sunday night is a good time for a much needed talk, but do be  polite.  Take care of the skin under Libra Moon all weekend long.
Today's color is lavender. 

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