Thursday, November 20, 2014

Weekly Astrology November 24th to 30th, 2014

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Monday: Capricorn Moon

With a New Moon behind you, supporting all new adventures, make this week count! Creative ways of doing business and manifesting money, resources and goods are in favor today. Capricorn Moon is the most resourceful of all Moon signs, moving in at 11:31 am ET (before that the Moon is void of course). Neptune speaks with the Moon from versatile Pisces. Adjust your thinking, be more open to suggestions, and believe you can achieve. Attitude is most important. Capricorn can be very traditional, however it's a good day to color outside the lines, as imaginative Neptune exerts an influence.  Today's color is blue.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon, Mercury conjunct Saturn

Mercury and Saturn have one final collaboration before Mercury scoots to Sagittarius on Thursday.  It's a decisive, strong willed, vocal influence impacting a few days and continuing a strong Sun/Saturn conjunction last week. Seek the best and most wise advice. Look for the voice of experience, possibly from an older person as Saturn rules the elders.  Make decisions about health, business, family and legal matters. Put your energy toward finalizing things. With Capricorn Moon it's often about business and employment including dealings with the boss, and that's likely for Libra and Aries. Gemini and Sagittarius, prioritize health and balance work with more rest.  Cancer, relationship and partnership decisions and important conversations or news are in the forecast this week. Today's color is yellow, Mercury's color. 

Wednesday: Capricorn to Aquarius Moon, Mercury trine Neptune

A day of mixed energies, the Moon is in Capricorn, void of course from 10:30 am to 2:23 pm ET. Can you get something settled before that time? Morning is set up to be productive! Mars and the Moon instigate all kinds of activity. The key is to avoid a pointless argument about method or plans.  Void of course Moon is time to pay close attention since our focus wanes. Keep track of your stuff and your calendar. Remember where you park the car or that you turned the oven on! From 2:23 pm on, it's a social and community oriented Aquarius Moon with Neptune and Mercury aligned for music, art, and romantic times. The Sun and Neptune encourage escape from the usual routine, for more creativity, enjoyment, and willingness to adapt and change.  Today's color is turquoise.

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving USA! Aquarius Moon

Gathering is what Aquarius Moon is all about! Get together with friends, family and also with common purpose and vision. The Moon works with Venus and Uranus, providing inventive ideas and a hunger for change and adventures.  Spontaneous plans can turn out great on a day like this! Dinner may lead to interesting conversations, games, and bigger parties as families and friends converge.  Uranus always has that unexpected element, so surprises may throw some of us off. The key is not to overreact or react too quickly.  All in all, this looks like a Thanksgiving of community, collaborative efforts and travels. Today's color is purple. 

Friday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon

This appears to be the most challenging day of the week. Take it slow and don't allow yourself to be imposed on or pressured. The Moon is void of course from 12:14 to 5:03 pm ET, and opposes Jupiter first.  One issue that creates is too much spending and another is overindulgence.  Try to moderate. Saturn squares the Moon, and advises us to take care of responsibilities, especially writing and studies. Look over things and revise later if you work during void of course Moon. Also, today is ideal for just enjoying friendship and not doing any business at all, especially during void of course Moon. Pisces Moon moves in and squares Mercury. Be judicious with words to avoid sensitive reactions or misunderstandings. Mercury, now in Sagittarius, is not always the most tactful. Brutal honesty may be unnecessary.  There's a judgmental tone in the background today, and you may have to tune that out. It could come from family, management, or from within. Today's color is green.

Saturday: Pisces Moon

Pisces Moon interacts with the Sun and Venus in Sagittarius. Revisit places you have a soft spot for, but don't expect that nothing's changed.  It's a sentimental weekend. Misunderstandings between fiery and watery personalities might be triggered. Is the other person too insensitive or are feelings just on edge? More than likely it's just experiencing life from two different perspectives, however relationships may be a bit tricky today as Venus and the Sun in freedom loving Sagittarius contrast the emotional and vulnerable Pisces Moon. Movies and music provide wonderful escape time whether you're playing a part or in the audience. Today's color is light blue.

Sunday: Pisces to Aries Moon, Mercury square Neptune

Pisces Moon aligns with Mars and Saturn for getting things done, especially personal priorities.  Avoid the tendency to be lazy or ignore the mess or the problem facing you.  Mars gives the energy and organization and Saturn lends a sense of responsibility. Mercury squares Neptune and the truth is in question. Facts may be elusive, but you could dream up a great story or lyric today. Place your trust only where it's been earned. Void of course Moon from 3:47 to 8:14 pm ET. Today's color is orange. 

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