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September 1st to 7th, 2014

September Day by Day Astrology Planner 

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Monday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon 
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Scorpio Moon moves void of course at 11:40 am EDT and shifts to Sagittarius at 1:17 pm. Earlier hours include a Moon and Venus square. Ease any tension in your relationship by simply being nice and gentler with each other this morning. Sagittarius Moon in harmony with Mercury encourages travels and activity. If you need to study, it's not bad either though learning through experience would be more suitable on a day/evening like this. Expect plenty of interaction and action as the day goes on. Today's color is purple. 

Tuesday: Mercury in Libra
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Mercury changes signs at 1:38 am. In Libra, Mercury sets us up for mediating, meeting new contacts or friends, and getting anything more in balance.  In October, Mercury will back track into Libra again, but that's not impacting these early days of Mercury in Libra. Make a deal, sign a contract, develop a fair and equitable plan now. Capricorn is favored for career moves, and Aries for improved communication in marriage and other close relationships.  The Sagittarius Moon is busy with aspects to Neptune, the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus, and this signals a bit of everything! Changes or possibilities may be announced unexpectedly, and rapidly become a done deal. Many distractions or pulls can take you off track. Be in the moment. Ignoring a responsibility won't make it go away. React only when you're calm and have thought things out. Under Sagittarius Moon, sometimes we're too blunt. Today's color is red.

Wednesday: Sun trine Pluto, Sagittarius to Capricorn Moon
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The Sun and Pluto harmonize in earth signs Virgo and Capricorn. Find the soul in what you're doing. Progress is due as we move toward Full Moon on the 8th, Monday. The Pluto/Sun trine helps combine realism & optimism. What you need to do may not seem as hard once you see the value, progress, and light dawning as a result.  Sagittarius Moon is void of course from 2:06 pm to 6:15 pm EDT. Capricorn Moon squares Mercury tonight. Think before you act or speak or commit. What is the most fair way to sort things out? Solve problems with a combination of action plans and actual effort. Take a step to a goal or something that comes due soon. Aim for order. Today's color is yellow.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto
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Pluto relates to deeply hidden or held parts of ourselves. Fear is one good example, and when the emotional Moon meets Pluto each month, it's a chance to conquer a fear or choose to hold onto it. Face something with courage today and transform it. Or maybe wait another month or two until it comes up again. It's always your choice. The Sun is helping though, with a confident trine from Virgo saying things align and the actual action you take can produce some results, possibly faster or smoother than you expect. Energy in the earth signs means doing. Walk the walk. Put effort into your ideas and goals. Uranus may throw a curve that requires quick response. Create some order with a sense of calm and a plan. Help, do, contribute and you will alleviate stress on your part and probably someone else's too. Today's color is black.

Friday: Venus in Virgo
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From 11:08 am to 7:59 pm EDT the Moon is void of course in Capricorn. Plan important business outside those hours. It's a good day to accomplish something early or on Pacific time maybe at the tail end of the day. Venus moves to Virgo at 1:07 pm after a glorious month in Leo. Attention to details and refining skills and projects is favored. Virgo, you're the magnet of the month as Venus attracts what you need. Mars and Saturn in Scorpio have a word with the Capricorn Moon helping finalize things. The Moon will be Full Monday and by now you may be aware of what can wait no longer. Aquarius Moon from 7:59 pm on is for gatherings. Today's color is blue.

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Saturday: Aquarius Moon

The Full Moon on Monday is just something to keep in mind, mainly because it may explain why you feel something intensely, feel out of sorts without explanation, or are under pressure to meet a due date.  The Aquarius Moon opposite Jupiter encourages us to bring things to scale, either up or down in order to reach a balanced place.  Moon and Mercury indicate a busy day of social plans, events and gatherings. Getting lost in a crowd might even feel just right.  Today's color is turquoise.

Sunday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon

The Moon is nearly Full and will peak in Pisces Monday at 9:38 pm EDT. This is a day to get things done and lower stress levels by being productive and feeling caught up.  It's also a good day for collaborating with like minded colleagues or friends, being inventive, and finding long term resolutions and plans, both personal and business related.  Saturn and Mars in Scorpio can add to tension or pressure, yet they also urge finalizing and honing in on priorities.  Act on the areas where effort and progress is most needed.  Responsibilities trump fun, all in all. From 1:19 to 7:47 pm EDT, the Moon is void of course. Pisces Moon moves in then and is opposite Venus. There will be personal and emotional overtones to everything during this September Full Moon. Be prepared to respond to other people's emotions and situations as well as for powerful waves of feeling within yourself.  Today's color is green.

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