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This week's forecast is on

Monday: New Moon in Virgo

Clear the path for this Virgo New Moon at 10:13 am EDT. New Moons generally are times to start fresh, initiate, and change your course. Today, Mars, Saturn and Mercury also team up for things that need final resolution (usually more of a Full Moon thing). Mars and Saturn had their retrogrades, both ended in July, and weeks later they meet in Scorpio, sign of longevity and tenacity. Mercury supports both planets, from Virgo. Be flexible in order to reach an agreement, commit to a long term plan, and solve longstanding problems or disagreements.  You must be willing to let go of something in favor of a new plan, most likely a compromise.  Neptune provides the imagination and vision from Pisces across the zodiac.  Dream a new dream today. There may well be a chance to enact it right away.  Changes in relationship status will be a topic as well. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Venus square Saturn

Yesterday Venus and Uranus combined forces in fiery Leo and Aries, and now Venus squares Saturn, one of the major planetary influences during this New Moon. It's time to sort things out in relationships and agree to disagree or put in great effort for change and progress. Some relationships will hit milestones this week. They will tend to be the ones suffering from neglect, unresolved problems and on the brink of dissolving.  Decisions between couples and other partners are in the forecast early this week.  To hold things together and go forward, be willing to listen and make step by step plans aiming for better days and more harmony. Tonight the Moon and Mercury meet in Virgo, favoring constructive conversations. Put your ideas into words, written or spoken, without any added blame, drama or sulking. Get to the point. At 10:29 pm EDT, the Moon moves void of course before transitioning to Libra at 5:54 pm tomorrow. Plan accordingly and get things in order before 10:30 tonight. Today's color is navy blue.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon, Venus square Mars

Issues between lovers, friends, spouses and other partners are in the forefront as Venus squares Mars in Leo/Scorpio. This aspect contains strong passion and conviction and will feel like an all or nothing prospect.  Loyalty is paramount. Being willing to somehow put divergent attitudes or agendas aside and look at the core of the relationship is what's needed. A square can bring progress. We'd never take initiative without the tension of squares, but in two fixed signs, persistence and lots of heart will be required to move forth.  What do you really want? Have a heart to heart. Lay it all out for honest discussion-this is not always easy for Scorpio (where Mars is). Peel away some layers in the interest of knowing rather than living uncertainly any longer.  If this isn't relevant to your life, today is meant to be very simple and is a good catch up or vacation day. Tonight's Libra Moon from 5:54 pm on, encourages us to get together. Wear indigo blue today. 

Thursday: Libra Moon

Libra Moon in harmony with Jupiter in Leo is for extroverts and big thinkers! Connecting with like minded people who share your ideals and vision is favored. Performances may be inspired and planning or rehearsing for an event is well timed too! Open options and your mind. We'll tend to do things in special ways, act generously, and attract the same. Moon also squares Pluto and the subtleties of communication and interactions will be noticed. If you're acting superficially, for example, someone will read through it. Attune to the little things that speak loudly. Trust instincts. Today's color is pink.

Friday: Sun opposite Neptune, Moon opposite Uranus

Opposing forces in 4 different signs and a void of course Moon in Libra from 12:00 pm on contribute to a potentially confusing and scattered day. Sun and Neptune in Virgo/Pisces can be distracting and less than practical. Be aware of potential illusions or giving too much credit where it's not earned. Libra Moon and Uranus in Aries are equally distracting, may be erratic and contribute to indecisiveness, sudden shifts in plans, and more that can throw us off balance.  The good news is Moon and Venus in Leo smile on social events -once you decide what to pursue. Spontaneous may work out best today and tonight.  It's a date night for Leo, Libra, Aries, and Aquarius especially. Today's color is lavender.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon moves to Scorpio at 4:53 am EDT and aligns with Neptune & the Sun. This is the romantic date of the weekend. The positive, alluring Scorpio traits of mystery, magic, intuition, creativity and passion in love activate (versus tomorrow when more of the dark influences show up). It's also a good day for organizing and redecorating. Choose a paint color or new arrangement of things. Dates and intimate gatherings are favored.  Today's color is maroon. 

Sunday: Moon conjunct Mars & Saturn

Scorpio Moon, Saturn and Mars are a formidable team. However, this dynamic instigates anger, jealousy, and unresolved feelings of all kinds too. Use this to be persistent with worthwhile goals. Avoid people with short fuses or situations that could get dangerous or uncertain. Have a healthy outlet if you feel depressed or extreme in any way that could be a detriment to you or someone else. It's still a good day to dive into organizing things at work or home or to persist in completing a project. Focus is strong today. Not everyone will be feeling social. Moon and Jupiter in Leo has the introverts and extroverts going their separate ways. No means no. Believe those who want to do their own thing and let them be. Today's color is black. 

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