Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weekly December 9th to 15th, 2013

Monday: Pisces Moon

The versatility of Pisces Moon time supported by Saturn and Jupiter is good for business and decisions (more than on a usual Pisces Moon day!). Pisces Moon puts us in the introspective and spiritual zones, and is often an emotional time, but Saturn lends structure and a mature outlook and Jupiter provides the inspiration for growth, prosperity, and wisdom. It's a good day for taking care of health, both physical and emotional. Seek answers, discuss important topics, or make a good business decision. Don't give up as the Moon and Sun square for progress. Situations could seem so changeable that what to do is uncertain. Use the ever shifting energy between Pisces and Sagittarius to find alternative solutions, things to try out and experiment with, and open to new ways of doing things.  Connect, support, help out without being asked. Keep strong boundaries with people who tend to overstep or ask for too much. Saturn should help with drawing the line and holding it up even if pushed.  Romance is in the air tonight. Today's color is light blue.

Tuesday: Aries Moon

The Pisces Moon is void of course from 1:41 am to 8:06 am ET. The Moon and Venus align for good feelings, romance, and sentimentality.  The Aries Moon comes in like lightning and shifts the focus to things that need to be accomplished or confronted. Opposite Mars, the Moon is in a potentially explosive place and if an argument or worse could flare, stay out of it.  Nerves may be on edge in any tense situation.  Stay cool cause there's plenty of hot air to go around and you don't need to add yours and hit the boiling point.  Uranus fills today with speed, turns of events, changes of heart, spontaneous action.  Resist an impulsive move or word you'll wish you hadn't spoken as Mercury and Uranus align.  Our quickest thinking and best judgements are often not the same.  Take your time responding today. If you enjoy being busy, working under pressure and initiating, you'll feel at home but for some the fire energy will be over the top.  Use it well to inspire or motivate rather than complain and fight.  Doing your own thing may be easier than collaborating. Wear orange.

Wednesday: Aries Moon

Aries Moon time is full of activity. Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter and the Sun act with the Moon with a variety of influences. With Jupiter, family and home related things are likely to come up for discussion and working through. Some of that will be ongoing challenges up for resolution. Be progressive and try not to hang on to an obstacle or way of thinking that's past it's time.  Practical energy is favored. Have an attitude and approach that helps things get done and move along. Tonight the Moon and Sun combine for good feelings, social time, and anything involving travel and movement from planning a trip to leaving. It's also a good night to work on things, like college applications, that can take you new places. Refresh your outlook. Wear red.

Thursday: Jupiter trine Saturn

The Aries Moon gets us started, and with Jupiter and Saturn aligned something that's been pending could easily fall together today in a big way. If you're trying to sell a house (and maybe you're an Aries or Leo?) or land a new job (especially relevant to Libra or Gemini) or you've been trying to resolve a health issue, today has the right elements for making it happen.  Take agreements seriously. Know that the Moon is void of course from 10:37 am to 3:40 pm ET. Those hours are not good for shopping, ordering online or major conversations that need to be remembered, but if you do those things save receipts and get things in writing.  The Taurus Moon is solid for decisions and taking action and moves in and aligns with Neptune for a celebration if you do have a victory and for pleasure and creativity regardless.  Plan a nice night or let it happen with music, art, romance and good food all favored.  Today's color is green.

Friday: Taurus Moon

The Moon aligns with Pluto in earth signs. Earth energy helps us make things tangible and real. Build, create, have something to show for your work.  It's a great time for a sensible, well thought out move. Consider what you do today to be long term and challenging to alter or get out of.  Taurus rules the throat. Say what you need to say. Say what you mean. Scarves and necklaces add to your outfit or could be on your shopping list if you need a holiday idea. Simplicity and relaxing into work is the order of the day. It's a cozy date night.  Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Moon opposite Saturn

Taurus Moon opposing Saturn in Scorpio is a stubborn combination. If someone draws a line or makes a statement today with a straight face, no matter how extreme it sounds, he or she is most likely not kidding. There's not much room for jokes. Business means business. For Leo and Aquarius, some mix around home and career as well as reputation is involved. Scorpio and Taurus could find themselves in uncompromising debates or situations.  Gemini and sagittarius, really pay attention to any sign or concern about your health and at least get enough rest and hydration. You could be overdoing it or over thinking it.  Venus and Jupiter do a nice job taking some edge off and if nothing too serious is going on in your world. you can really take advantage of romance or come up with expansion plans and decisions as a couple or partners, and Capricorn and Cancer are most involved with this potential. Taurus, things are probably to the extreme either with the challenge of the opposition or the latter which is more fun and promising.   Tonight can be a good night for get togethers for al signs with Venus inspiring good times and traditions.  The void of course Moon is 9:54 pm to 1:40 am. Be extra careful to compensate for others who are less aware. Today's color is  green.

Sunday: Gemini Moon

The Moon is in Gemini, active with Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries. This may be quite the dynamic day for ideas, activity, and social events.  Gemini Moon sometimes has us running from here to there. Remind yourself to stay grounded if amidst ungrounded people and on the road. One way to do that is not to skip a meal. Remind yourself of routine things.  The mind will be abuzz with what needs to be done and what's next. Siblings are ruled by Gemini and this is a day to get in touch with them.  Today's color is yellow.

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