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Weekly December 16th to 22nd, 2013

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Mainers or those visiting for the holidays, I will teach two classes on December 24th and 26th, both at 9:30 am at Well Heart Yoga in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Please drop in and join me!

                                          Monday: Gemini Moon, Full Moon

The Moon will be full overnight in Gemini, at 4:28 am ET and Uranus is direct at 12:40 am. Gemini Moon fills the week with news, announcements and multiple ideas to potentially take to the next level. Resolutions at Full Moon time may involve siblings and family as well as business plans and education related things. Gemini is a sign of movement and intellect.  It will be hard to remain stagnant or still.  Do build in some calm time to balance the overabundance of activity and information. Do keep up with messages so you're informed. Moon opposite Gemini's ruling planet Mercury involves philosophy of life. People will be making decisions about how to live and what to pursue. Change isn't easy at times and this Full Moon's events will require adjustment.  Transform a situation to suit you better.  Adapt, transform and think out of the box when problem solving.  Sagittarius this is about commitment and relationships. Gemini, this Full Moon is very personal and could herald decision making time as well as self in relationship with others.  It could be very exciting to reach a culmination in something you've been involved in or it could require lots of time to adapt and restore.  Cancer and Capricorn need that restorative time and should take care of health and live by a solid routine now.  Leo and Aquarius are favored for social times, friendship and allies, wishes and good luck. Virgo, a recognition of your value and skill is due. The spotlight shines on you. Pisces, home is number one priority.  Libra and Aries, communication, learning, and travel are your keywords. Try not to be rushed and think clearly.  Scorpio and Taurus, finances are highlighted and making a decision about money or work makes sense now. This forecast really goes for the whole week and family matters will be stirred up and significant all week long.  Understanding that everyone is going through much change, have compassion. A detached point of view may also help. Don't get too caught up in overthinking, a tendency of Gemini Moon time. Brains will be full and so will the calendar and to do lists. Business will not take an early holiday break. Pace yourself. Today's color is white.

                                         Tuesday: Full Moon in Gemini

 The Moon is Full before dawn on both east and west coast and across the ocean, full during the day. Gemini Moon is about changes of mind and communication as well as movement.  Time to finalize, sign, take the test, submit what's due and put the finishing touches on things.  The Moon is void of course from 4:48 am to 12:40 pm and then in Cancer. Home and family, particularly siblings and cousins, is part of the Full Moon focus and eventfulness. Maybe you'll get happy news from a family member! Aries and Pisces, the Full Moon is placed near home and family in your chart. Stay on top of things at home and aim for agreeable interactions with family. For some it will be a very eventful time.  Full Moon pressure bears on the mind more than anywhere else, and Gemini also relates to the nervous system so feeling keyed up and with too much to think about, we can react strongly.  Do calming things and find calm places to spend time if that's the case. During void Moon, try to avoid spending money or having an important talk. Save it for evening.  The Moon and Neptune align for romance. If anything is on the table for confrontation, Mars in Libra is pushing for justice and balance and anything less will not do.  Mars and the Moon activate emotional situations, especially with family, and words are the weapon or the catalyst for positive change, depending how you use them. Negotiations and conversations are powerful tonight.  Choose wisely and stay rational in  your debate.  Today's color is light blue.

                                                    Wednesday: Cancer Moon

The Cancer Moon is just past Full, however there are peaks with hot spots in our lives as the active, recurring T square in the cardinal signs is worked up today.  Uranus, now direct, in Aries squares and Pluto opposes the Moon. Some potential awakenings and flare ups relate to sudden change, unexpected events, old ghosts, family, and larger organizations like the workplace and corporations.  Cancer, Aries, Libra and Capricorn are the cardinal signs hosting this action. For all signs, business and personal things alike are impacted and if it feels like a recurring pattern you go through once or twice a month, that's probably the T square effect at work.  Fairness is of high importance and value in negotiating these waters, as is family responsibilities.  Be progressive not regressive in any way possible. The squares look for momentum and the opposition for middle ground.  The Moon and Jupiter meet overnight which is beneficial for improvements, travelers, and optimism. Today's color is black.
                                                  Thursday: Cancer Moon

The Moon and Jupiter meet monthly in Cancer, taking some of the edge off issues that persist. Cancer gets the strongest benefit. Sagittarius may find this smooths things over with financial matters and this is the astrological reason for a lucky Pisces year (we're right in the middle of it, until July 2014). Resilience, opportunities, good fortune and positive turns in health matters are some of the effects.  Saturn is in harmony with this conjunction and gives the nod to go ahead with positive and meaningful intention.  The Moon opposes Venus activating all that needs to be worked out with couples and partners, especially Cancer and Capricorn. Venus is on the cusp of a retrograde that will start the 21st so this is a good time to get a jump on that and make a good decision together now.  The retrograde is a time of review but not such an easy time to get things going forward.  Practical things like money, work, and home issues that impact each other are the work of Venus in Capricorn. The Moon  moves void of course at 11:37 pm to 1:48 am. Today's color is pink.

                                                      Friday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon is just in time for weekend festivities. The Moon aligns with Mars in Libra and it's very social for parties and events.  Competitive athletically and intellectually both, the Moon/Mars team favor creative work, extroversion and action. Kids will need to be kept busy and entertained. Performances are well timed for high energy and extra shine!  Uranus adds that spontaneous element that says anything can happen and we may need to roll with changes at the last minute.  Be festive or increase optimism. Leo looks at the bright side. Today's color is gold. 

                                       Saturday: Winter Solstice, Venus retrograde

The Moon is in Leo for continuing the party. Find people you love being with or just get out and socialize. Events are nicely timed for good feelings and festivity. During Leo Moon time dress to impress or feel good! Up the ante a little bit with everything.  The Solstice is at 12:11 pm ET and the Sun shifts to Capricorn for the official start of winter. The Moon and Saturn square and debates may be stubborn. It will require a lot of work to compromise. Be willing to do that or leave it alone.  Venus retrograde begins at 4:53 pm in Capricorn. Capricorn, the energy is really shifting in your direction so work with it. Venus retrograde will have us revisiting ideas about relationship and what works on a day to day, practical, almost managerial level.  No matter how in love you are, the life stuff comes up for revision now.  Cancer and Capricorn may feel this most, as well as those with Capricorn or Cancer rising signs, Mars, Moon, or Venus. Today some serious things may be at the back of minds as you celebrate the holidays.  Let Leo Moon guide you to the center of things.  Wear silver.
                                           Sunday: Leo to Virgo Moon

The Moon is void of course from 8:25 am to 2:19 pm. Mercury and the Sun work with the Moon today to ease things, however during void of course Moon time, keep life simple and save any shopping receipts as well as other paperwork you might need later.  The morning appears to be full of talk, stories and plans.  The Virgo Moon moves in and aligns with the Capricorn Sun and opposes Neptune, saying keep it real.  Feel productive by cooking, wrapping, making repairs or building and working on projects. Relaxation is a good thing too, especially if you have accomplished something that will otherwise take up your thoughts.  Get a physical workout or walk into your weekend.  Today's color is navy blue.

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