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December 30th 2013 to January 5th 2014

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Happy New Year!

Monday: Sun square Uranus, Sagittarius Moon

The Sagittarius Moon is void of course from 6:36 am until 1:01 pm ET on Tuesday. This long void of course Moon is not suited to major decisions or anything requiring best judgment and attention to detail. Be cautious. Today is prime for a road trip where you don't have to be anywhere particular but just want to enjoy exploring.  We'll lean toward going our own way, either together or solo. Rules will be broken. Timing could be way off.  The Sun in ambitious Capricorn squares Uranus in spontaneous Aries.  Challenges and new developments that involve goals and plans is one aspect of this. News may be unexpected and random. Our reactions may not reflect long term point of view. Try to let news settle in without overreacting. Mars square Pluto has to do with out deeply ingrained ideas of justice. It may seem unfair if you've worked hard for something that you now find will not go as planned. This will bring up past injustices or things considered failures. Some people will be dealing with strong feelings today and the mood could be volatile. Another common effect will be overcompensation. Sagittarius Moon and all of this Capricorn energy are quite a contrast. Half the population may be missing and unavailable while the other half try to muddle through adjustments and responses to today's news.  Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Mercury conjunct Pluto and square Mars

Yesterday's themes continue with Pluto and Mars at work, bringing up realities we must accommodate for and challenging us not to blow up if disappointments are present as the year ends.  The Moon is void of course until 1:01 pm. The hours before that range from confusing to relaxed. Those of us not trying too hard may be faring best.  Knowing what you can and cannot control is helpful on this unpredictable morning, a follow up to Monday. With Mercury square to Mars, tempers or arguments could flare easily. Use wording wisely. Be tactful. Working through a fairness issue, something related to recognitions, promotions and anything deserved is worth the time and careful judgment.  This is also a day to reconsider plans and get ready for a new cycle. Capricorn Moon can help you detach from the emotional part and get things sorted out and prepared for moving forth confidently as soon as tomorrow. The Moon in Capricorn aligned with Neptune indicates a simple, easygoing New Years celebration is in order.  Neptune favors music and the arts as well as a spiritual spin to the night.  It's not the year to overdo it, slight someone you care about, or overspend.  Neptune often puts romance in the air. Enjoy. Today's color is green.

Wednesday: New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon on New Years Day makes this a good year to make a resolution since it's a great day to start something fresh! This coincidence is on your side if you hope to forge a different path for yourself, adopt better habits or change a relationship for the better.  Career goals are especially favored by Capricorn New Moon, and this is very relevant for Aries and Capricorn now.  Cancer, the new vibe and decisions relate to your marriage or long term relationship.  Saturn is even aligned with the Moon for longevity and strong intention to go with decisions and resolutions started this week.  It's a very strong Capricorn influence with the Sun, Pluto, Moon, Mercury and Venus playing out in this sign! That means be organized, goal oriented, practical, and reach for great heights. It may be a good time to take something you'd all but given up on and try again if your head and heart are still in it. Today's color is white.

Thursday: Moon conjunct Venus, Sun square Mars

Mars is working relentlessly and overtime in Libra from last month well into 2014.  The recognizable pattern relates to justice and balance in partnerships and families.  The Sun in Capricorn squares Mars today and working to establish balance and shared responsibilities and equal treatment is worthwhile. It may require a bit of wrestling to try and get it right. Libra and Cancer are likely to notice this is home and family life.  Capricorn, career and your reputation are worth considering. The Moon and Venus retrograde meet in Capricorn. Gong back over decisions and actions you've taken as a couple or relating to partnership and love makes sense. It's not meant to be dramatic, instead it's about realigning and reworking.  Cancer and Capricorn are central to this action. Leo, you can revamp routines with a partner or collaborator. Sagittarius, balance in employment and money are your consideration here. From 6:12 am to 12:03 pm ET the Moon is void of course and then shifts to Aquarius. Aquarius Moon further guides vision, planning, and designs that come from a logical perspective.  Figure out how to make something work better today! Wear blue.  

Friday: Mercury opposite Jupiter

The Moon is in Aquarius. All week is prime time for fresh starts due to the New Moon on New Years Day and Aquarius is a good Moon sign to assist in the design of your plans. Aim for long term decisions and results today.  The Moon is less emotional and more logical in Aquarius. This helps with anything that needs perspective. Mercury in Capricorn is also goal and planning oriented. Mercury opposes Jupiter in Cancer and finding reasonable tones and methods of family and partnership communication is one thing to aim for. Find compromises that work and are beneficial today.  The Moon is void of course from 8:47 pm to 11:58 am ET on Saturday. Stay away from online shopping or messages you might wish you hadn't communicated. It can be a very good, social night out. Wear turquoise.

Saturday: Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces

The Moon and Neptune meet in Pisces for spiritual, intuitive, imaginative and romantic effects. The early hours are void of course Moon time. At 11:58 the Moon chnages signs and before that the day may seem to just meander. We'll be sensitive to moods and feelings and tuned in to things that are subtle.  There are no other aspects and all Pisces traits and qualities are magnified today.  Show compassion. Set the tone. Create the mood. Forgiveness is favored too. Wear light blue.

Sunday: Sun opposite Jupiter

The Pisces Moon is in harmony with the heavenly bodies in Capricorn including Mercury. This bodes well for conversations even about sensitive topics. We'll tend to be more empathetic yet also realistic and it's a good balanced combination! The Sun in Capricorn opposite Jupiter in Cancer involves optimism and growth with family and/or business matters. Bring things to scale, find compromise and express your vision, requirements and hopes. The expressive nature of today can lead to great progress where agreement is needed and a sensible plan can be put in place.  Today's color is purple.

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