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December 23rd to 29th, 2013

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Happy Holiday, everyone!

Monday: Virgo Moon

The Moon and Pluto align in earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn. This is productive and organizational energy. Focus on work that needs to be finished, holiday tasks and business matters. Writing, working with finances or numbers, rearranging, and building are favored. Interpersonally, there's for need for flexibility and responsibility to each other. Try not to get fixed on one way of doing things.  Virgo is a sign of service to others and it will be satisfying to take care of something for someone else, volunteer, or be neighborly.  Pluto relates to things we must put behind us. Let a problem you can't solve go, resolve a long term issue in a detached way with no emotional charge, and recycle only what's useful. That goes for relationships and feelings as well as tangible items.  It's a good day for feng shui, housecleaning, and getting rid of cobwebs in the head too. Virgo is physical, earth energy and when the Moon is in this sign, get out of your head and work the body. Yoga, a good run, dancing and working hard is favored. It's Mercury's last day and night in Sagittarius, for travel opportunities and educational things you want to line up. Get the info and fill out the application or paperwork. Today's color is brown.

Tuesday: Mercury to Capricorn

Mercury changes signs, and that is often an indication to slow down and be patient. This is not a good dday to act on impulse. You'll notice minds changing as the communication and planning planet moves to more grounded Capricorn. Ambitious and orderly here, Mercury will help take ideas to reality, may cause us to hunker down, reorganize, and deal with authority issues or roles more clearly.  If you're part of a system or administrative organization, news may be important and changing very soon. This is a very business like place for the planet that governs much of our day to day commute and communications as well as decision making process. Mercury takes some of the fire/excitement and high emotion out of it in favor of the practical/how to approach.  The shift happens at 5:12 am. It might feel good if too much has been swirling and not materializing. Aries, this is a good spot for your career and ambitions. Capricorn, Mercury sets you in personal plannng and action mode.  Cancer, you'll find that discussions with your partner/significant other are about life stuff and business you're deciding on together and soon. Virgo Moon stays with us until 1:17 am ET, 10:17 pm Pacific on Christmas Eve. This continues a grounded, task oriented influence though the void of course Moon at 10:55 pm ET signals time to relax and enjoy. A simple  night is best. The Sun and Neptune align for creativity, romance and good feelings.  Find balance and solid, reliable comfort.  Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Libra Moon

The sign of harmony rings in Christmas Day! Even if this is not your holiday, aiming for balanced interactions, fair decisions and treatment, and reserving judgment on anyone is the way of Libra Moon. There are many aspects showing possible debate, arguements, topsy turvy changes in plans, and potential for pessimism. Mars in Libra insists on justice.  You may have to go the extra mile to share work, responsibilities, and see another perspective. This is not the day for an offhand comment or intentional topic that may trigger bad feelings or extreme differences. Seek peace even if that means holding your feelings and opinions and channeling them in other ways, or at a later date.  Tread lightly, try to enjoy and smile like you mean it.  Christmas this year is meant to be social, friendly, and neutral emotionally.  Have a buddy you can text or talk to if things are difficult on the home front. Pair up before Christmas and form the plan! It may be a nice Christmas for couples with the Moon in the sign of relationship, but Libra and Aries should work extra hard to keep peace. Gemini and Sagittarius in relationships are favored by Moon in the sign of romantic love. All signs benefit by having one person they can rely on to "be there" even if not in person. Today's color is white.

Thursday: Libra Moon, Mercury sextile Neptune

Libra Moon squares Jupiter and is a challenge to make progress. Work on something from relationship to a project today. Jupiter in Cancer indicates many family relationships could benefit most from extra care and attention. It's a time of potential growth and reaching new levels, but with strong effort.  Mercury and Neptune form a highly creative and constructive sextile and it's a good day to work on your art, your business, a project like film or music or an innovative construction venture. Writers can use this energy to create too!  It's another good day to buddy up. Dates are  nicely timed. Today's color is lavender. 

Friday: Scorpio Moon

If you've been socially busy, the Scorpio Moon is suited to drawing back into personal business and things you need to focus on. After 3 void of course hours, Scorpio Moon moves in at 8:58 am ET. Neptune, Mercury, and the Sun align with the Moon for confidence, imagination, romance, passion and the right words to express yourself or engage in productive conversation. Consider actions to have long term implications and impact. Act with an air of intention and surety. Commit to a plan or a person.  Today's color is indigo blue.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon

Saturn points out places for growth and gives today a serious spin. Take others seriously and act with the best information and intention possible. Elders are ruled by Saturn and it may be a good day for a talk or visit with the older and wiser.  Jupiter and the Moon in water signs bring out the creative and romantic. Do not be tempted to wallow in emotion unless it's the most positive feelings you're experiencing.  It's a good day not to get too caught up in yourself and your problems. Look for beneficial situations and be with positive people or people who encourage you even if they take a hard stance along the way.  Think maturity and wisdom. Today's color is maroon.

Sunday: Sun conjunct Mercury

It's a day of news and conversations. Mercury and the Sun in Capricorn favor practical plans and acting on real opportunities. Overdo or pending decisions may be made now. Capricorn and Scorpio are among the most likely to break news to family or friends. Cancer is in  line for major relationship decisions. Mercury and Uranus imply that much of this may come as a surprise. Give yourself time to form an opinion, judge or adjust. Try not to react out loud too quickly to unexpected announcements.  The Moon is void from 8:54 am to 12:37 pm and then in Sagittarius, a sign of excitement and motion. It's a travel day and one way or another we're on the move! Today's color is yellow.

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