Friday, September 27, 2013

September 30th to October 6th, 2013

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Monday: Leo Moon conjunct Mars

The Moon and Mars meet while Uranus plays along from Aries. This is all fire! Dynamic force and doing things up big is in the forecast today. Leo is a fixed sign so changes and actions made now should be considered long term.  Confidence, assertiveness and extra flair go a long way today. Leo Moon favors the creative, optimistic and active.  Kids may be all stirred up so keep them busy and out of "trouble".  Conditions are right for any kind of decision and the bolder the move, the more likely we'll be to dive in headfirst today. Leo rules the spine and heart so act with a strong spine and lots of good intentions.  Cancer, Capricorn and Aquarius may experience generosity. Be willing to receive what's offered if it's in your best interests. Don't be too proud to accept! Aquarius, significant others and partners may need you to sort things through with them. Communicate well and bring up a great new idea with confidence!  Leo, what can you inspire or make happen today! You are really the star and Scorpio may get a share of that spotlight too.  Today's color is gold.

Tuesday: Void of Course Moon, Sun square Pluto

The Moon is void during part of the business day so act thoughtfully, cautiously and have back up plans from 12:48 am to 2:52 pm ET.  Harmony and order may not come without some work. Yesterday's wildly active fire sign activity could leave us with many adjustments and some erratic energy today. Let things settle and do routine work. Have conversations you want to go smoothly but write it all down or it will be forgotten.  It's a good day to ask for favors or forgiveness. Mercury and Neptune create some easygoing vibes, but the question is are you being sweet talked? Look for the truth and question intentions or details so you're not misled.  The Moon moves to Virgo at 2:52 pm and is opposing Neptune tonight.  Be flexible. See things in a positive light without ignoring what can be improved upon. And again, do not trust blindly.  Ask questions! The Sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn, both cardinal signs that want progress.  Have a talk about what's fair.  Avoid hiding information or an aspect of your intentions that will come out later on.  Secrets may be revealed tonight. Being willing to go deep not skim the surface may head off a problem later on.  Be forthcoming and ask someone else to be, if that applies.  Today's color is navy blue.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon

This is meant to be a very practical day. The Virgo Moon signals service to others, work for our own benefit, and healthy routines.   See how you can help someone by applying your skills or improving theirs! Accomplish something that's been waiting in the wings.  Make a little noise with meetings, communication,  marketing or do some productive writing or study.  Find or rediscover something healthy and decide it will be part of your daily regimen now.  The Moon works with Pluto and Saturn. Something from last Friday or so may come up for final resolving and letting go once and for all. Work ethic and ethics are important today.  If you're doing alot of mental processing, remember your body needs exercise too and clearing the mind with some outdoor or workout time can help you be more mentally efficient. Efficiency is a good word for today. There's a wheel of fortune aspect at play you may notice as well. Prepare if you can since a New Moon arrives on Friday! Wear brown.

Thursday: Sun opposite Uranus

Today is a wild card. A deal maker or breaker. The Libra Sun is opposite Uranus in Aries at 10:12 am ET. The entire week is affected, but today is the peak of the opposition related to me vs we, fairness and shared finances, responsibilities and feelings, partnership in both love and business, legal matters, and things beyond our control. It's a good thing that the Virgo Moon is in fine shape with Venus and Jupiter in harmony flanking both sides.  Surround yourself with helpful or agreeable people, ask for what you need, be reasonable and aim for fair outcomes.  Negotiate things any time today, but if agreements occur from 2:57 pm to 10:59 pm ET, get some extra assurance like a document or tangible proof of what transpired. Save receipt then too as the Moon is void of course in Virgo.  Keep a practical mindset. Take emotion and drama out of matters as much as humanly possible. Try not to act rashly though you might need to make a quick decision or response. Plan ahead so you can be very diplomatic and no one can call you out as irrational or impulsive. Good luck! Today's color is lavender.

Friday: New Moon in Libra

The New Moon in Libra is tonight at 8:35 pm ET. If you're deliberating or debating a course of action or next move, this is the time to get off the fence since next month we'll be in the throes of eclipse action at New Moon time.  In fact, the Sun/Uranus opposition we had yesterday may already have signaled some of what you could be experiencing just two weeks from now.  What did you get a heads up about this week? Make your most well thought out decisions, start anything new, and plant the seeds you want to grow as soon as possible this weekend. Today, gather facts, have conversations, face problem realistically with Pluto in Capricorn involved, and air things out. Then be ready to forge your path, start your project or plan, and end the second guessing by tonight or tomorrow.  There's still that wheel of fortune, potentially chaotic or surprising aspect in the air as Uranus engages with the Moon today after opposing the Sun yesterday. This is very much about legalities, partners, legitimacy and responsibility to another party or person.  Balance and fair agreement are what's called for.  There's an Aries lunar eclipse in two weeks and a Scorpio solar eclipse in four. More than the leaves and temperatures are about to shift and change this fall!!! Today's color is white.

Saturday: Libra Moon

Everyone is trying to find harmony in some aspect of life right now! The Libra activity is putting couples, partnership and interaction with each other front and center. The New Moon last night makes it a very good time to make a plan, try working things out a new way, pitch in a little bit more or less depending which side you've been on, find order and rhythm so there's less tension or wondering. Clear something up by talking it out.  Jupiter in Cancer is urging fairness among family and household members.  Be willing to take up your share of work or responsibility to smooth things out.  Mars in Leo sets us up for exciting social time, parties, events and meeting new people.  Put your confident face on and remember that no one is better than you and someone might be as nervous or unsure as you are, if that's the case.  Today's color is pink.

Sunday: Scorpio Moon conjunct Saturn & Mercury, Mercury sextile Pluto

The hidden, the undiscovered, secrets, buried memories and mysteries are highlighted with Scorpio activity. It's an intensely Scorpio day and everything Scorpio including investigations, research, medical matters particularly surgeries, sexuality, deep secrets and passionate feelings are activated.  Saturn has a business like and at times challenging influence on our emotions when meeting with the Moon.  Define your intentions. Act accordingly. It's still a great time to initiate things, and today facing a medical decision, family business, or bringing sensitive topics up for resolving or healing is  well timed.  Mercury will be retrograde on October 21st for a few weeks, and in about 10 days you're no longer in the free and clear zone.  If you can make a well planned decision now, then go forward!  Today could feel moody or just deep and thoughtful.  Wear indigo blue.

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