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September 23rd to 29th, 2013

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Monday: Taurus Moon

This is the first full day of autumn and the Moon is void of course from 3:18 am ET on.  Taurus Moon is good for hands on tasks and projects. Build, assemble, sort and create. Yard work, particularly weeding out and preparing for another season's harvest or picking ripe fruits is favored. Under Taurus Moon all the senses are activated and if you can take in sights, sounds, textures, and get a real feel for things, you're in harmony with the Moon.  A square to Mars can be stubborn yet blending two different equally forceful personalities, ideas or approaches could result in something one alone would not accomplish.  Mars is in expressive Leo and we will tend not to hold back ideas, even if they are controversial or opposing someone else's view.  Jupiter in Cancer works with the Moon. For Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces, friendship and romance are favored.  It's a sensual night for cooking and enjoying meals and other pleasures.  Relax or follow usual routines. It's not the best time to introduce new things. Today's color is green.

Tuesday: Gemini Moon

The Moon and Sun harmonize today. The Gemini Moon and Libra Sun are both in people oriented, communicative signs.  Impressions count  and this can come through in how we dress and present ourselves as well as in our words and messages.  Being friendly and agreeable is more likely than on some other days and may go a long way. Make a good connection in business or work if you're a Taurus or Virgo.  Aquarius, Libra, and Leo are favored for new social contacts, friendships and lucky meetings.  Neptune in Pisces squares the Moon and our ability to understand, communicate honestly and clearly and adapt to change is challenged. Some signs will feel this more than others. Gemini and Pisces host the action and may be among the more versatile as long as everything is respectful. Virgo or Sagittarius may need assurance in personal relationships where changes are happening.  The key to the day is to put your best self front and center, be willing to discuss and listen, and have a sense of humor. Today and tonight can be a lot of fun and a good time for meeting new people or connecting at conferences, in larger groups or in conversation.  Be approachable in situation where that could benefit you.  Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Gemini Moon

With Uranus & Mars actively working with the Moon today, things are bound to move fast. Be careful of fast talkers or agitated souls who won't be able to keep their tempers in check easily.  It's one of those days where one minute it's like this, and the next minute something shifts, in some cases radically. Expect most anything, and mainly avoid instigating conflict or anything too shocking that will have repercussions you don't want.  Move thoughtfully.  On one hand, you could make a great idea work or come to a surprisingly easy agreement. Gemini, Aries, and Aquarius are some signs more likely to have that occur. Sagittarius, you may like the excitement as long as you and your significant other are doing well, but if not it could be the opposite!  Virgo be cautious with business and money even if it involves friends.  Tonight is socially stimulating, possibly too much so. A lot about today depends on your mindset and tolerance for change and excitement.  Wear red today.

Thursday: Cancer Moon

The Moon is void of course from 7:21 am to 3:21 pm ET.  Those hours could be easygoing or confusing. Keep things simple and routine and skip major purchase decisions if possible.  The Moon and Mercury are in harmony but you must read, listen and keep up with communications which could be a challenge. We may tend to skim today.  It's a good day for mixing pleasure or social networking with work, gathering for lunch or a breakfast meeting, and showing appreciation and good humor.  The Moon moves at 3:21 pm and the Cancer Moon draws us to what we care about most, our personal lives and people we love.  Venus and Jupiter set us up for a very nice date night and good feelings so take the opportunity to enjoy time together, find agreement or forgiveness and improve on any relationship by reaching out with positive intention and open mindedness.  Today's color is blue.

Friday: Cancer Moon opposite Pluto

Get some pressing business done today. If possible, resolve a matter once and for all. The Moon and Saturn harmonize with Pluto across the zodiac in Capricorn. It's all meant to be very practical, methodical and "by the book". Doing the right, the responsible, the legal, and the family oriented thing is what's most favored.  With the Cancer Moon, domestic matters like moving, resolving things with family or household members, and dealing with home repairs or problems is a priority.  Don't avoid what has to be done eventually. Mercury is retrograde just weeks from now. Now is much more reliable and better for an agreement or plan to be put in place.  It's a no nonsense day. Uranus is throwing a curve ball in which may be felt by Aries personally (it could be good though, just not what you expect!), by Pisces financially or in terms of general luck, and by Libra in relationships to name a few possibilities. Stay on top of business and on your guard today and tonight, all signs.  Tonight is meant for relaxation, being with people we're closest to, and staying in the safety zone.  Today's color is black.

Saturday: Cancer Moon conjunct Jupiter, Venus square to Mars

The Cancer Moon is about growth, prosperity, investment, security and feeling protected and protective both.  Cherishing what we have and trying to improve upon it is in this weekend's forecast.  Grow from a stable foundation.  Repair things at home including feelings as well as anything in a state of disrepair. Smooth out the system. Plant or harvest.  This Moon is about abundance and appreciation, especially with family and home.  Have a family gathering.  Venus and Mars square and personalities that don't see eye to eye may face off, but if it's in the name of progress not revenge, air it out! The Cancer Moon is so pleasing with Venus and Jupiter's influence today. Make a date or a longer term commitment, express feelings, get engaged or married before Mercury retrograde begins! Let people know you love them.  Today's color is pink.

Sunday: Leo Moon

Today is meant for festivities. Gather, celebrate, indulge or get a good game going!  Try to avoid business or big purchases since Mercury moves today, an indication minds might change or information may be unreliable or in flux.  The Leo Moon signals time to play, at least in the earlier hours, and then with Saturn's influence, organize in the evening and avoid stubborn opinions that may cause conflict.  The Moon and Sun are in harmony for all social plans! Dress the part or dress to make an impression.  Mercury in Scorpio is a fact finding influence and if you have something to research or investigate, outline the questions and the plan and get ready for tomorrow and the week ahead. Today's color is purple.

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