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Weekly Astrology August 5th to August 11th, 2013

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Monday: Moon conjunct Mercury

The Moon meets Mercury, planet of communication and news, overnight.  This morning's news and changes are most likely about family, places you've known as home, transportation and finances. Cancer is a sign of investment.  This is also a nesting time and getting home comfortable or getting ready for a move or other changes in home life is favored.  The Moon is void of course from 2:49 am to 12:58 pm and moves to Leo then.  The Leo Moon squares Saturn in Scorpio. For Aquarius this relates to career and relationship and making some thoughtful decisions or moves.  For Scorpio, personal and career matters are on the agenda. Libra and Aries have financial matters to contemplate with care.  Take today's business seriously and consider the long term implications.  The New Moon is tomorrow so reconsider anything important before new launches this week. Today's color is gold.

Tuesday: Leo Moon

The New Moon in Leo arrives at 5:51 pm ET.  This is a day of news and changes, some may come as surprises.  The Moon and Uranus in Aries combine for eventfulness. The New Moon is a great time for announcements and new starts.  All week draw upon motivation, contacts, and muster up some energy for what you need to do and what would benefit you while the conditions are right.  The Moon is void of course from 5:51 pm on and the night is social and potentially festive.  Leo Moon is great for people who perform, work in media and the arts, and educators. It's the sign of children too, so give them careful consideration in new plans.  Today's color is orange

Wednesday: Jupiter opposite Pluto

Jupiter opposes Pluto. Important conversations take place, mainly about growth and expansion though travel and other changes may also be big topics and news today.  Bring things to scale. We can have ideas or plans too complex or grand to carry out effectively.  Leo and Aquarius may come to find out about great support from behind the scenes or from an unexpected source. Cancer and Capricorn, focus on personal and relationship growth.  The Moon is void of course in Leo all day. All week long there are good aspects for beginnings, getting motivated, and engaging in things that make you more intelligent or wise about life. The day is very social and it's good to mix in fun and relaxation. It's also a great day for performances including being in the audience or on stage.  Go all out with fun and bring business and financial plans to a reasonable scale.   The Moon will move to Virgo at 11:57 pm ET. Today's color is purple.

Thurday: Virgo Moon, Mercury in Leo

Mercury moves to Leo where he's most extroverted, focused on children and education, and  inspiring for rehearsing, performing and creating art for the next few weeks. When Mercury moves, we get news. Announcements come in the wake of Leo New Moon we had on Tuesday.  There's a shift generally in the energy of work and communicating we're doing.  Listen to what's being offered. Cancer and Scorpio may find this good for career and work projects.  Capricorn, make financial decisions.  Pisces, adopt a new routine or two that are more to your benefit or fit your new schedule better.  The Moon is in Virgo.  Make health appointments and organize the calendar.  The Moon works with several planets including Jupiter in Cancer for good feelings between us and more order at home.  Move and clean.  Wear navy blue today.

Friday: Virgo Moon conjunct Venus

The Moon is aligned with Mars and meets Venus. This continues good vibes from the Venus Mars alignment last Friday. Second date, anyone?  It's a good time to work on relationships and be practical as well as romantic. Moving in together, engagements, and life decisions are favored for  couples and individuals may find dating alot of fun. It's a good time for Virgo, Taurus and Scorpio to meet people they have things in common with.  Make good people connections today. At home or work, beautify, clean and organize space.  Relax in the evening under a void of course Moon from 6:05 pm ET. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Libra Moon

The Libra Moon is geared for sorting out issues and finding agreement. With no Mercury retrograde it's a good time to negotiate and compromise or find consensus. Take a fair and impartial stance today.  Libra Moon brings in happy social times too.  The sign of the couple and partners takes over the weekend and today is nice for weddings and other events where you get dressed up and have a good time with people you know or newly meet! Today's color is lavender.

Sunday: Libra Moon

Today's Libra Moon has more aspects including an opposition to Uranus and square to Jupiter and Mars.  It will be more work to reach agreements, and fairness becomes more of an issue. How to share responsibility, space, or resources is a matter of debate today.  Also, Mercury square to Saturn instigates news and communication about long standing topics or issues.  In fixed signs, this aspect indicates the places where there's lots of work to be done and may involve our elders, property, and mental health issues.  Talk about it but try not to force decisions. If you do make one, consider it lasting.  Wear blue.

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