Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Astrology July 29th to August 4th, 2013

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Monday: Taurus Moon opposite Saturn

The Moon is in Taurus, opposite Saturn and reaching 4th quarter at 1:43 pm ET. The last quarter of the lunar cycle is for letting go, clearing the way, preparing and rethinking.  As we get ready for a New Moon next week, unhindered by Mercury or Saturn retrograde this time around,  lay the groundwork for fresh starts. Take the time and have the patience to do things well.  Taurus Moon doesn't like to hurry or act impulsively.  It's a good day to set goals, get back on the wagon, and focus your strength toward what you want to achieve.  Work with the hands, and try methods that you may be in the learning process with.  The Moon aligns with Jupiter in Cancer and Venus in Virgo for a grounded, meticulous, and cautious approach.  It's a good night for a date as Venus and the Moon favor romance. Mars weighs in from Cancer and you might broach the topic of how to get along better with a family member, especially if you're a Taurus or Aries.  Patience is a good plan for today, with yourself as well as with work and other people.  Today's color is brown.

Tuesday: Venus trine Pluto

Venus and Pluto align in earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn. Venus is the relationship planet, and Pluto is in a sign of ambition and organization.  In love,  you might look for very practical approaches to relationship and decisions you need to make together.  There could be a glance at the past to see how you can learn as you move forward, without dwelling on things that didn't go perfectly.  Venus can be a perfectionist and so are these two signs, so try to lighten the expectations a bit and let things unfold naturally. An organic approach to relationship and partnership can lead to a breakthrough without having to push too hard today.  Important talks will take place.  The Moon is in Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus, and will be void of course from 11:59 am ET until after 11 am tomorrow.  Mercury is active with the Moon, leading to those discussions and other business, best timed for morning hours.  Solve a problem or make a decision that was elusive or unsolvable earlier in July.  Tonight is for relaxing and enjoying the good, simple things in life.  Wear pink.

Wednesday: Gemini Moon, Mars squares Uranus

Today is full of heat and hot air.  The Gemini Moon initiates this with a flurry of activity and change, especially in mood, at 11:42 am ET.  Mars is square to Uranus and that's where the unpredictable nature of communication and action really stems from.  Be careful with people who have short fuses today.  Things will take us off guard and could become confrontational.  Try to think originally.  Realizing that some things must change, see if it's possible to work with a situation you'd rather not be involved in, or leave that type of situation once and for all.  Pushing will not get us far today.  Step back. Exaggeration and deception is in the air too.  Trust cautiously.  The best part of today is the chance and need to think out of the box.  Big talkers may go too far today. Tonight, stay in the safety zone.  Today's color is yellow.

Thursday: Gemini Moon

The Moon and Sun are in harmony in Gemini and Leo, automatically activating the expressive and the extroverts.  Find a way to connect with people today, in writing or by phone, on the internet and in person.  It's a people's person's day and a good one for meeting a new friend, supporter, collaborator or date!  The Moon squares Venus in Virgo and in relationships we may be picky about another's habits or details of what needs to be accomplished together.  Try to relax a bit and not be finicky or critical.  It's just the square at work pointing out how we see things differently, especially the air and earth signs. Tonight is good for surprises, socializing and togetherness.  Wear red.

Friday: Venus sextile Mars

What's a sextile? It's when planets align harmoniously two signs apart at the same degree! Venus in Virgo and Mars in Cancer help out relationships today. The male and female energies of the zodiac organize in two domestic signs, helping smooth things out between couples or even family members in the same household.  Making decisions together might be easier.  It's a good day for a practical talk or work together, and romance might blossom or feel renewed too! The Moon is in Gemini is very social and outgoing. Business sense and work is favored for Gemini and home life is favored too.  Cancer, Virgo, Pisces, and Taurus love lives and couples are favored today. It's a good night to get out and mingle. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Moon conjunct Jupiter

The Moon is in Cancer working well with Neptune and Saturn, giving energy again to the grand trine in the water signs this summer. Creative process, finding ways to do business with flair, and organizing inspiration to build something tangible is favored this weekend.  The Moon also meets Jupiter for open mindedness, travel especially if it's somewhere you call home or have family, and sentimental, happy times.  Jupiter is good for learning and opportunity too, and Gemini and Sagittarius can work on prosperity while Taurus and Scorpio zero in on educational plans and exploring new topics as well as any marketing or travel plans.  This is a good day for family get togethers. Today's color is light blue.

Sunday: Moon conjunct Mars

The Moon and Mars meet and this can trigger family issues. It's a good chance to try and work things out though. Stop avoiding something and broach it gently with a no blame attitude.  Venus is along for the ride from Virgo helping to smooth things out, continuing the action of Venus and Mars on Friday. Resolve and forgive this weekend.  The Sun and Uranus combine for explosive energy which hopefully remains positive! Sun in Leo is optimistic and passionate and Uranus instigates originality and new things from Aries.  The New Moon on Tuesday is good for launches and changes and the reason to make them may come by surprise today.  Wear purple.

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