Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Astrology March 18th to March 24th 2013

Monday: Gemini Moon

Mercury is direct. You could feel a holding pattern today, though things are definitely in the works and about to take shape.  Take your time, but this is a decent day for a well thought out decision. Communication steps up and clarity is important as delays dissolve and we're ready for breakthrough thinking.  Brainstorm ideas, weigh them out, choose what to act on first.  Brothers and sisters are ruled by Gemini and if you need to connect on family matters or plans, today is a good day to reach out.  Intellectual work is favored. With Gemini Moon sometimes we are very much in our heads, so getting outside or to the gym helps ground you in your body too. Find some balance between mind and body. Wear white.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon, 2nd quarter Moon

Today is meant for progress. First the Moon is in Gemini square to Venus for working out something you and a partner disagree or haven't reached consensus on. Keeping some flexibility in the decision is a good idea, if possible, since Gemini and Pisces are mutable signs and new information or better plans may surface soon.  At 1:27 pm EST the Moon squares the Pisces Sun and is briefly void of course. This can shake our confidence some, but it passes by quickly as the Moon moves to Cancer at 2:55 pm. We'll be more centered on how we feel than how to take action as the Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces.  Nurturing is the key word for tonight. Take care of your self too. Wear blue.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon, Spring Equinox at 7:02 am EST

Here in New England it feels great to write the first day of spring forecast! It's not the only transition! Mercury is now direct, Venus moves to Aries tomorrow, and the cluster in Pisces we lived with for weeks during winter is breaking up. This helps us move out of mainly emotional waters and into some fire energy for making things happen.  Many re-dos are in the forecast with Mercury retracing steps this week.  Today's squares and a Moon/Pluto opposition put realities in front of us so we can get the work done.  Some of this may not be fun or welcome yet getting these things out of the way is a big assist as we move into a new season. Be willing to start fresh, respond rather than do the Cancer type sidestep. Pluto's process only recurs over and over until we "get it".  Cardinal signs, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries could feel a bit frantic or overwhelmed today (and that goes for those with rising or Moon signs there too). Stay grounded in how you feel and don't underestimate feelings of vunerability. But react and act without drama, which we could otherwise get caught up in. Lean on family and friends or be the one there for someone else. Many things are brought up from the depths today. Wear black.

Thursday: Venus to Aries

The Cancer Moon makes no aspects with other planets today. Home, family and personal matters will be priorities. Cancer Moon lets us know what may have been neglected and who or what we must take care of. That includes ourselves, and if you're a Cancer get something you need taken care of. Capricorn, relationship benefits from attention this week. Pisces, you may be busy with kids today or have plans with someone you love.  Venus makes one last Pisces impression, and Pisces you can make an impression too. This is good for Virgo forgiveness and love and for Leo and Aquarius financial matters.  Venus moves to flirtatious and action starting Aries at 11:15 pm EST. Today's color is pink.

Friday: Moon in Leo

The Moon is in Leo. This looks like a busy, active and surprising day.  Mars and Uranus combine in Aries which may be over the top with unexpected activity and possibly too much force or aggression.  Destroying to recreate is the theme here, and it can feel like chaos during reconstruction.  We'll tend to go all the way with things.  Nerves may be on edge much more than during a usual Leo Moon.  The Moon is in harmony with many planets though, including Venus in Aries and Jupiter in Gemini. Things may fall together quickly and easily.  It's too much speed, force, or agitation that creates problems, so try and slow things down just a bit.  Tonight has a serious Saturn streak. Responsibilities weigh heavily and putting extra hours in to get things done may make sense. Today's color is purple.

Saturday: Void of Course Moon in Leo

Resisting the tempation to shop til you drop might be a challenge today, but I'd recommend you keep purchases simple and scaled back! Leo Moon is playful so enjoy fun and games instead! Satisfy the need for simple, good times, be generous with love and compliments, pay attention to the kids, and take the dog for a long walk. In contrast to yesterday, serious business is best put on hold. If you didn't accomplish something all the way yesterday but everything is in place, maybe bring it to conclusion as long as it doesn't involve signing a document or initiating new business today. Wear orange.

Sunday: Virgo Moon

The Moon is still in Leo for a decadent breakfast date or good game of anything this morning. The Moon moves to Virgo before noon and looming deadlines call us to work.  Finding a sense of accomplishment with studies, cleaning, or bigger projects is most satisfying and necessary too with a Full Moon coming Wednesday. That Moon is not very easygoing or forgiving so it's also a good time to clearly understand what the teacher, boss, or significant other needs from you in the coming week and head off a potentially major disturbance on Tuesday or Wednesday. Today's color is brown.

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